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The life of a pit

Another little rascal

April 14th 2009 12:37 pm
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Well first off, I am new to this computer blogging. So here I go
I was the first little pittie the mumz lady bought, I was so excited to go home with her. She smelled good and so did the house. Weeellll, I made it smell like me. You know the good stuff little boys go around doing to make their stand. YES! thats it. So a year and a half later I have accepted 6 other pitties into my life and none which look as stunning as me. And lo and behold mumz lady comes home the other day with another little rascal. She is small as can be and red, not like me and most of my family. See we are blue, well most of us. She is red and I did not understand. Why she look so different, I kept sniffing. But anyway, I have been taught to be "easy" and so I crouch down and am looking eye to eye with her when "CHOMP" she bitez me. OWWWIEEEE! my nose still hurts. That little rascal now has a name and she is called Bella. She is leaving her mark all over MY house and I just am getting so jealous. But I willz to a good dog and make mumz lady proud and teach her to be a good doggy like me! Thanks for taking time to read my first entry of my life. Gotta catch up to rascal, she is about to potty in mumz floor.

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