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Christmas card count

December 9th 2010 12:04 pm
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Well, we have received 8 cards from our dogster pals for Christmas! Mommy and Mama have only gotten 3! What can we say? We are much more outgoing and sociable than they are!

Thank you Shakey and Lacey, Zoe and Drover and Tux, Bella, Dixie and Sniffers, Jelly, Sabrina and Abigale June, Uno and Mickey and Reece, Bailey and Oliver!!!! We can't wait for you all to get ours!

love Rudy, Izzy and Ben


Please vote for us!

October 10th 2010 5:46 am
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Mommy entered us in the "Best Friends" and "Sleeper" categories of the dogster photo contest! She is using pics of just Rudy and Izzy, because Ben is still very skittish and she hasn't gotten a good pic of the three of us yet!

Vote for Mini Mischief

thanks everyone!
love Mini Mischief


September 21st 2010 6:53 am
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Hello! As you know, Mommy and Mama are fostering me (and probably adopting me) and it is their first foster. I am 10 years old, have 6 teeth, a collapsing trachea, slightly elevated kidney function and possible arthritis. I LOVE to eat. I can't wait to get as much food in me as possible! I am still a trim 16 lbs. though.

Mommy's question is this. You see, I have been here two weeks, and I still cry at night. I whimper at around 2, then again at 4, and then I get up at around 5 or 6. Mom wonders if I am in pain? She took me to the vet, and I had a full check up. The only place I wouldn't let her touch was my mouth. I am on antibiotics for a jaw infection, but I am already 5 days into them, so Mommy doesn't think that is it. Maybe I have arthritis which is making me stiff? Either way, Mommy is really tired, because my whining makes her wake up. She doesn't know what to do. I also whine a LOT when I am hungry, which is about an hour before feeding time, and I don't quit until I get food!

Mommy had never fostered or adopted before, and she knows she has to be patient, but she doesn't know what to do. Do you have any ideas? Mommy is getting ready to start an IV drip of caffeine for her, as Mama said Ben is "her" dog since she was the one who the foster people called!
love always,
Ben and Mommy Sarah


TAGGED by Zaidie!

July 22nd 2010 6:39 am
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We haven't been tagged in a game for a long time either, so we are playin' dis here game!! Answer the questions, and then tag yourself if you want!

1)Du yu EBER wake yur pawents in da nite??
Yes! We both wake up Mommy and Mama if we want our backs scratched, and if we need to get more comfy. Mommy says we like doin' somersaults in da bed, whatever dat means.

2)Du yu eber tear up stuff???
Oh yes, kleenex are our favoritest eber, but we also like receipts, Canadian Tire money, or anyfing paper, or soft cardboard, like paper towel rolls. Mommy even saves them for us! Mommy says she is very careful not to leave REAL money around, cause we'd probably try to rip that up too.

3)Whut r yur FABOURITE tweet???
Oh, we love CHEESE, chicken, popcorn, and real doggie treats, like liver, lamb, and salmon based treats. We usually get grain-free stuff.

4)Can yu fetch sumfing when askded??
Sometimes. If it is a toy, there is a better chance we will fetch it, as it are relevant to our interests!

5)Hab yu eber wiveded anywhere else, 'sides where yu wive now??
We were both born in P.E.I. at the Ykelenstam's schnauzer breeding house. It was a great place, so big and fun. We stayed there till 8 weeks each.

6)Say yur cwush an' du NOD be shy!!
We has LOTS ob crushes on dogsters all over! You all mean so much to us! We pawticularly like those who write in diaries!

As Zaidie says, "if yu wead dis an' yu wanna pway, consider yurselb taggded!!!"


Our friend Ernie George

June 27th 2010 7:30 am
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Our Scottie friend Ernie George has just been diagnosed with Large Cell Lymphoma. :( We are so upset about this! Ernie is such a special dog, and his momma is so sweet. We don't know why this stuff happens and there is no point in trying to figure it out cause it will make you crazy. We just haf to try and be there for Ernie, and his momma, as best as we can. Every day with our pups is a blessing. We love you Ernie George, and we will do everything and anything we can for you, and we will light daily candles for you. We hope you are not in too much pain, and we love you.

Rudy and Izzy


Diary of the Day and update on PJ

June 26th 2010 4:41 am
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Thanks DOGSTER for making us Diary of the Day, we are honoured!

For those of you who read our last entry on applying to foster PJ, we have excellent news. It turns out that the lady who got him is a friend of Mommy's from university! She is a totally loving person, and PJ has got a great foster home. And she is hoping to adopt him too! Mommy found out this by accident, when her friend posted pics of her new foster on the people-dogster-fing, called facebook. HOORAY for PJ!!/photo.php?pid=6484705&id=6292 56814

Isn't that the most fabulous news ever? What a great ending to PJ's journey.

love Rudy and Izzy
p.s. Yesterday we got baths. It was no fun.


OMD, Mommy applied to foster!

June 25th 2010 6:23 am
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Little PJ

Message Body:
Mommy applied to foster!!! OMD!!! OMD!!! OMD!!! There is a little dog, PJ, who has suffered a tremendous amount, was left outside, with no food or healthcare, and he had a huge tumour on his backside. He is about ten years old. A really great organization here (Heavenly Creatures) found him at a shelter, where they were about to euthanize him. Well Heavenly Creatures got him out of there, and even paid for his surgery (with lots of public donations). Now PJ is doing okay, they didn't have to amputate his tail, like they first thought, and he is ready to go to a foster home. Well, Mommy applied! She was not first pick because there are two other dogs in the house (us!!!), and they were concerned that PJ might need a sedate environment for now, but if anything falls through, then we will get a call! OMD!!!

Here is a link to PJ's facebook page if you want to see. Some of the pics show his horrible tumour, and there are after surgery pics and video to show how well he is doing now!!/group.php?gid=12 4938907545155

OMD! Even if Mommy doesn't end up fostering him, (and it looks like the first lady who doesn't have any other pets is a nice lady), she feels good about volunteering, and her and Mama Deb are going to donate money for his food and vet bill.
love Rudy and Izzy


It's time for the mutt hutt!

June 18th 2010 6:17 am
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Wahoo!!! We are going on our first trip of the year in our new trailer! Mommy and Mama are very excited, and we are too, because we always get to go too! We are staying in a few parks, Terra Nova National Park, and Pippy Park, for 6 nights. We will get to see squirrels, and rabbits, and maybe moose, bears or other animals! Izzy will get to eat ants if she wants, (BOL - she did last year anyway!) and we will both get to bark at all the birds. Mommy and Mama are going to have sweet relaxation, away from law firms, and universities, and cell phones and email. It's gonna be great.

Bark to you all next week!
Rudy and the Izz


To Mommy, from our dogsitter

May 4th 2010 4:26 pm
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Mommy had access to her email while they were away, and our lovely dogsitter lady Stacy wrote her a message to assuage her fears while they were gone; Stacy and her dog Oz came to our house for a week. Here it is!

"Everyone is wonderful!! Few mishaps: Oz had an accident on the tile the first day and one of the ladies, not sure which one, had an accident in the living room last night while I was asleep-not sure why b/c they had been out in the yard for 20 minutes before we went to sleep-unfortunately I am a heavy sleeper so I did not hear her go to the door. Don’t worry, I found a natural stain remover in the cupboard and the rug looks good as new!!!

Other than that everyone is getting along perfect!! Izzy is now totally comfortable with Oz and actually couldn’t be bothered bossing him around anymore…she finds bossing Rudy around much more entertaining! Watching them in the garden is hilarious they run and run and run and I have the darnedest time getting Miss Izzy in, lol. Oz actually tripped up in his own feet while running with the ladies Wednesday afternoon and skinned out his snout. He was a bit fretful so he spent the night at mom and dads and the ladies and I had a night to ourselves. Back again last night and everyone was back out in the yard running laps, so he is no worse for wear. Everyone is sleeping wonderfully, and actually it is Izzy who gets down in the middle of the night to sleep out in her chair. Sleeping with three dogs is a crazy scene let me tell you…I am the least of their worries…I have to strategically place myself around the three of them lol! Rudy sits like a perfect lady for me to clean her eyes in the morning and Izzy is the first to jump up for morning kisses.

So generally everything is great; everyone is eating perfectly, sleeping perfectly, playing perfectly and the house is still standing, albeit it a bit messy with three dogs and all their toys!! So, go, enjoy the trip, don’t worry about things back here, we got it all under control. "

I'd say we had it all under control! We had a blast with Stacy and Oz. Still glad to have Mommy and Mama home though.

love Rudy and Izzy


Goin' on vacation and we're not invited! HUMPH.

April 25th 2010 11:38 am
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Mommy and Mama are going to some tropical island called Cuba where there are coconuts on trees and strange birds and flowers, and this weird thing in the sky called the SUN. They say it is a sanity vacation on account of it's been such a miserable spring here. Rain, drizzle and lots of fog. So they are going south for a week and we haf to stay home. We have a sweet deal though. We get to stay home in our own house, sleep in our own bed, and do all the regular stuff we always do. We have a dog/house-sitter coming! She is real nice, and she is bringing her dog Ozzy over, and staying for the week in our house to take care of us! Mommy interviewed her extensively and deemed her suitable (of course she was already a friend, or Mommy never would have even considered it!) to take care of us. She is going to take us on walks, and even though she works in the day, she is going to come back home lunchtime to let us out. We think it will work out just fine!

We will miss you, but we will fill you all in on our adventures when Mommy gets back and resumes her typing responsibilities!

love to you all!
Rudy and Izzy

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