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having a ball!

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January 31st 2012 12:11 pm
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and you know what that means! STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS! A few days ago she made apricot raisin cake and now she's jonesing for some banana bread. We like this trend. Cake is the best smelling stuff in the whole world! And if a crumb drops to the floor, all the better!

All joking aside, Mommy has decided to limit her facebook time considerably, cause it is so much fun she is on it WAY too much. And that won't get a thesis written! So, the best way to keep up with Mommy Sarah and us pupses is through this page right here! This dogster-fing is much less stressful than that book of faces-thing, so feel free to drop us a line or keep up with our diary right here! After all, we couldn't go off the grid entirely - Mommy would get the shakes or sumfing!

We love you!
Rudy, Izzy, Angel Ben and Mommy Sarah


Uh oh...

December 1st 2011 2:01 pm
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Mommy is getting mad cause Izzy is a jealous, jealous dog. She tackled Rudy when she got out of the tub, and was growling very loudly at her. She does this a lot lately. She is jealous whenever either Mommy or Mama give Rudy necessary attention for her skin condition. What do we do? It's getting ridiculous. Izzy sounds like a big massive rottweiler, the sounds she makes, and Rudy just lets her pounce on her.

(Mommy speaking) It looks like playing, but it seems pretty rough sometimes. I usually never hear a yelp, but today I did, and then Izzy backed off. I have tried grabbing Izzy by the neck and saying "no" firmly, but as soon as I let go, she goes right for Rudy again. If I separate them in different rooms, as soon as I let them out, Izzy bolts for Rudy again to pounce/attack. It freaks me out cause it seems like it is getting more frequent. We are both giving Izzy lots of cuddles and loves too, she is definitely not "left out" but she seems to think she is. I can't let Izzy in the tub with Rudy because it's special dermatological vet shampoo, and Izzy doesn't need to be bathed twice a week anyway. When they play, as soon as Mama gives Rudy some attention, Izzy stops what she is doing and pounces on Rudy, growling loudly and biting at her neck. It's like she HATES it when we give Rudy any attention. Now if one of us wants to play with Rudy, the other Mom has to hold Izzy and distract her! This is not a good solution. What do we do? Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated!

love Mini Mischief, emphasis on the MISCHIEF


Saying good bye to our Sonny

November 22nd 2011 9:08 am
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We all said goodbye to Mommy's family dog (he lived with Nanny and Poppy), Sonny last night. He is going to Rainbow Bridge later today. We are quite sad, Sonny was such a beautiful, kind old man, and we are going to miss him dearly. At least he will meet Angel Ben at the Rainbow Bridge. It is such a hard decision to have to make, even though he was sick and old. We love you Sonny, with all our hearts, and we don't want to see you in pain anymore. Fly free, sweet boy.


wow, thank you dogster!

October 16th 2011 8:23 am
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We woke up to a lovely email saying that we had been chosen to be a Daily Diary pick for Dogster! Yippee! We love barking in our diary to all our friends, and we are sure glad that you read it!

What has been new this week? Well, Mommy and Mama are both sick, and Mommy lost her voice completely, and they are both barking this real strange bark. Mommy can't yell at us, so she points her finger at us if we do something bad. Not that we are ever bad, mind you. Ever! Mommy has not been on dogster much this week so we may have missed a few barkdays, gotcha days, or rainbow bridge days. She is sorry if we missed them!

One of our good friends Ramona (Jiffy, Bella, Scooter's mom) got a new pup! Her name is Rosie and she is really sweet. We can't wait to see her dogster page. We just love it when our friends add dogs to their family!

It is fall now, and we are getting a lot of rain. That's no good for our walks! Mommy walks us in the rain sometimes, but not as regularly, which is bad, cause Rudy is supposed to get exercise every day to keep the weight off! Rudy has to be less than 20 lbs when we go to PEI at the end of the month, or they won't let her fly in the cabin with us! She is 20.4 lbs now! (Mommy says if they ask, it's just her fur). The dermatologist appointment for Rudy can't come soon enough, poor Rudy is scratching herself to bits, and is going to have to wear tee-shirts soon if it continues to be bad. She is not allowed her medication for 3 weeks before the appointment, so as to allow the dermatologist to see how bad she really is. It is hard on everyone, and we are trying to give Rudy extra loves because she is so uncomfortable.

That's all on this end. We will bark more soon.
love Rudy, Izzy and Angel Ben in heaven


Happy birthday mommy and Happy Thanksgiving!

October 10th 2011 10:24 am
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Mommy is SO lucky cause it's her birthday around (Canadian) Thanksgiving every year, and she almost always has a big turkey dinner on her birthday! This year we are going to Nanny and Poppy Moore's for turkey and birthday cake! Mommy is OLD (34), but Mama says she's just a spring chicken! Wait a second, I thought we were having turkey?!

Anyway, have the bestest birthday ever Mommy. WE love you! Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends and pup pals. We are thankful for our health, and all our wonderful dogster friends.

love Rudy and Izzy


Details about our upcoming trip and pink eye!

October 7th 2011 9:19 am
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We have pink eye! Nobody knows how we got it cause we haven't been around other dogs in ages, and haven't even been around any on our walks. Maybe we caught it off grass or something? Mommy had an appointment to take Rudy to the vet because her skin was bothering her a lot, and Izzy came too. The vet took one look at Rudy's eyes and determined that she had pink eye, and it was a good thing we brought Izzy in too, because the vet looked in her eyes and determined that she had it too. So eye drops for both of us, in the morning and night, for ten days. The whites of our eyes are real pink, and Mommy is hoping she or Mama Deb don't get it too. The vet said you couldn't transmit it from dogs to humans, but we have had several people say that they have gotten it from their dogs!

We are starting our preparations for our trip to Prince Edward Island to see the vet dermatological specialist. There isn't one in our province, so we have to fly to see one in another province. They are really rare, apparently, and there are only a few in Canada. Hear that, aspiring veterinarians?! Do a specialty in dermatology!!! We need more! Anyway, we will be leaving Oct 27th, and returning on Oct 30th. Rudy will go to the Atlantic Veterinary College and have skin testing and allergy tests on Friday the 27th. Mommy and Mama are flying us all to Halifax, and then we are driving to P.E.I. because only large airlines take dogs in the cabin, and we sure aren't going in cargo, Mommy says. Since the large carrier doesn't fly into Charlottetown, it is easier to fly to Halifax, and of course it is a shorter flight. Then we will drive from Halifax to Charlottetown. If we are able, on Saturday we will go see our breeders Diane and Barry, and see all of their schnauzers. They have eleven!

It is going to be a challenging three weeks for Rudy, because the dermatologist wants her off the prednisone for the next 3 weeks, and off of the omega 3 fatty acids and antihistimines for 10 days before the appointment. Since Rudy is still scratching *with* the prednisone, she is going to be quite uncomfortable this month. We are really hoping it is not too bad, but we have to put up with it to get accurate results at the specialist appointment. Mommy thinks she will be giving lots of oatmeal baths.

So, that is where we are right now. Hopefully October won't be too hard on Rudy, itchy wise, but keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We will keep you updated!
love Rudy and Izzy


Hurricane Maria came and went

September 16th 2011 7:01 pm
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Well Mommy had her panties all in a knot because we were getting another hurricane, this one was named Maria, almost exactly a year after Hurricane Igor damaged Newfoundland so badly. We got our heavy duty extension cord. We got our generator ready. We got flashlights, charged our cell phones, made ice, and had lots of food ready. The schools were closed. WE were ready. With Igor last year we lost our power for four days and we were going to be prepared.

Well, we had a bad afternoon. Lots of wind and rain, but luckily our basement didn't flood and we didn't even lose power! The worst is over now! Apparently instead of directly hitting St. John's, most of the action happened about 50 kms offshore. What a relief! We lost our internet for a little bit, so Mommy was in facebook withdrawal, but it was nothing serious, there were no reported injuries, and I think damage was minimal! Thank God! Hurricanes are nasty business, and after last year, Newfoundlanders know all too well! And Mommy had all that nervous energy and anxiety for nothin! She even ate her "anxiety chips and chocolate bar", when there wasn't even anything to worry about. We slept through most of it in our afternoon nap. Now Mommy wishes that "anxiety vegetables" were as tasty as "anxiety chips", her waist would be a LOT smaller! BOL.

Hope you are all well!
love Rudy, Izzy and Angel Ben


News on the Kirk dogsters from Joplin

May 28th 2011 10:01 am
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5-28-11 News on the Kirk Puppers (cross-posted from Minister Misty)

FEMA is coming to their property to look things over at 5 p.m. Please pray that FEMA can help in someway. Either temporary housing or help with the replacement of their home.
Bill is going through the debris with his hands (manually).
Shawna's people who deliver her oxygen, said she has to go to Freeman Hospital and have a breathing treatment.
They suspect she inhaled insulation and other debris. :(
Her bark and coughing is much worse this morning.

She found a pair of summer white shoes for church covered in something all red and black. She soaked them in clorox and laundry soap and scrubbed them up. She will be able to wear them. 2 simple dresses bought just before Easter (as she has been losing weight) were found. She soaked them and they will be wearable. When evening comes she washes out clothing in the sink.

Still no power. Have City water to be able to wash themselves off and hand wash a few pieces of clothes. They are overwhelmed by the support from here...They thank all of you. They are relieved they will be able to treat the puppers for the fleas/ticks for a short time. One less thing to worry about. Candles and all kinds of batteries C and D mostly are a real need. Because there is no power and so many people need batteries and candles, they are harder to find everyday, even to purchase in a store.

There are more and more places to go and have a meal at least, places are set up each day. Now the time waiting for something to eat doesn't take so long. The endless appts. and paperwork to fill out, go here and there to see what can be done, fills a lot of the day.

Around that they try and dig in the debris, looking for scraps of anything they can save. A small handful of old pictures were found. Most stuff like that, has been so water logged you can not identify the items at all.

The TEARS keep coming with each trip to try and find something...Bill said," he can feel our prayers and he felt stronger yesterday. Shawna, thanks everyone for all their prayers,thoughts and love shown to them."

This will be a long,long road back to anything that seems normal.....
We appreciate every single Fur that has pmailed,left a message, reached out in anyway to help the Kirk Puppers. DOGSTERS HASVE TO STICK TOGETHER!!!

Addition: I have been facebooking with Dogster Mom Alisha (Sasha and Roxy) who went down to see if she could help in the area. She has spoken to Shawna, and found out that Shawna has pneumonia. She needs flexi-leads for the dogs, and she is going to see what she can do. I have the info to wire the family money if anyone wants to make a donation, which is what we are going to do.

love Mommy Sarah (Rudy, Izzy and Angel Ben)


More info on the Kirk family in Joplin

May 26th 2011 10:38 am
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We copied this directly from Mazy's diary, Mamma Shawna's friend (Dogster ID 1122249), we thought everyone should read about her bravery in saving her pups!

"PleaZZZZZZ Pray for all the Furs and Peoples across the country who are going through all these BAD,BAD storms and tornadoes.

Our furiends the Kirk Puppers: Copper,Harley Davidson,Haro,Lucy and Ashton are O.K. but, Now Homeless! The Furs were not injured cuz their Momma Shawna laid across them and covered them with her body. Momma has cuts and bruises, but they will heal.....

We found out today that before Momma Shawna got the furs to the bathroom,they were in the hallway. The twister hit and tore the back 2 bedrooms off the house. She shoved those fur babies into the bathroom, throwed towels on them and laid on top of them.
Not a scratch on those precious furs....

The twister took the whole house away, Momma's SUV, trees and everything, nothing but rubble and debris left. We talked to Momma Shawna today.... We know it is very hard right now for them. The most important things are still with her. Her parents,son,husband,other family are O.K. Her precious fur babies...

Momma said,"The hand of God was on her, cuz the twister was trying to pull her out the back of the house, while she was pushin' furs into the bathroom." No power where they are. Have a small MP3 player for AM radio and Bill's Cell phone. Momma's phone flew right out of her hand...."

Here are the Kirk pups Dogster ids: Dogster members have been asking for the Kirk Puppers ID's. Here they are: Ashton 782176, Haro 782176, Lucy 776648, Harley Davidson 776010, Copper775999 and Angel Molly Mae 781734. You can send them messages through these ID's. We do not know how long it will be before they will have a way to see them?

The family is staying with a friend. If you would like to send a card here is their address:
Shawna Kirk
c/o Jayna Myers
4507 West 26th. Place
Joplin,MO. 64804

We can't afford to do much, but we will definitely be sending a little something for them.
love Rudy, Izzy and Angel Ben


We need POP for the Kirk pack!

May 23rd 2011 4:10 pm
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Re: Power of Prayer for Momma Shawna's pack in Joplin

A dogster family has been directly affected. Harley Davidson, Copper, Lucy, Ashton and Haro and their parents Shawna and Bill were directly hit and their house is gone. Momma Shawna saved the pets by lying on top of them in the bathroom. Only one wall of the bathroom remains. She does not know where all of her family is. It is very tragic and they could use our prayers.

Here is Harley Davidson's page:

We are very very sad to hear this, no one deserves to lose their house... :( We will be praying very hard and hoping that all of Momma Shawna's family is okay.

Rudy, Izzy and Angel Ben

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