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October 14th 2008 12:09 pm
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Look, Zack - Now I have my OWN Dogster page!!! And I didn't even try to steal yours!

I love my buddy Zack, but I think everything he has is really cool . . . his chewies, his food, his treats . . . usually I'd rather have what he has. I wait until he's finished (well, most of the time) and then I take it. But I'm getting tired of waiting for him to abandon his Dogster page, so I made my own.

Welcome to my Dogster page. Here are some FAQ's about me:

1. Why do people call you Moose?

Because I have the grace and elegance of a moose. If you don't know what I'm talking about, Animal Planet has a great documentary about moose that will show you just how graceful and elegant they are.

2. How did you get that scar?

I'm not sure. When the animal shelter found me, I already had it. It might have been from sleeping under cars to stay warm, since it was winter when they found me.

3. Do you like kids?

I LOVE kids! My favorite two kids come to visit on days they don' t have school. They take me for walks while my owners are working. I let them play with my toys, dress me up, and give me treats. I like to play with other kids too. Sometimes my adult owners get mad because I pull really hard on my leash to get to where the kids are.

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