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Adventures of a Good Dog

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The thing I miss most...

June 26th 2007 5:14 pm
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... and whenever I think about this it just makes my heart ache. I wish I had one more opportunity to do this.

I loved giving Max hugs. He had just a lovely, round, barrel chest that was perfect to wrap your arms around. I'd kneel on the floor and just squeeze him real tight, pet his soft head. He'd smile and then turn so I could scratch his butt.

When I get to thinking about him, this is the first thing I try to remember. The satisfying feeling of hugging my big ol' Maxie boy. It's not quite the same as the real thing, but it's nice to remember.

Today is, of course, the one month anniversary of that fateful, awful day. It was the worst feeling of hopelessness that I've ever experienced. I would like to soon forget it, but I still occasionally cry myself to sleep when I can't stop playing the events of that day over and over and over again in my head.

I still haven't walked back to where he is buried. Jasmine avoided the area for about a week, too. I've also tried to get her to eat out of Max's old dish since it's a raised feeder. She was very reluctant at first. She would refuse, as if she knew it was still Max's and she knows the rules about eating out of another dog's bowl.

I hate to think of the "last time" he ever did anything. But Max's full "last day" was a very good one. We had a BBQ. That was one of Max's favorite things in the world. We invited over a friend that has a host of health problems in order to cheer him up a little bit. He's a dog lover. Max loyally hung out with him and was his usual well-behaved self. He couldn't have asked for a more fun time.

I miss him so, so, so much. There will be plenty of other dogs in my life. I live and breathe dogs. I will never "replace" a dog, for they are all unique. I also will never forget a dog. Especially not my bestest boy.


It would make me very sad to see this...

May 31st 2007 2:30 pm
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I have read about another perfect Catahoula named Shadow. The one thing is that he doesn't get along with other dogs. It seems like he is OK with other dogs as play buddies, but doesn't like to share a house with them. So he couldn't be kept in his foster home. He's currently being boarded at a pet resort, but on June 26, the money for him to stay there will be gone. He'll be at the end of his road -- he will be put to sleep.

Just read that description in his petfinder page. Doesn't he sound like a perfect dog?

It would make me very sad to see a perfect dog not have a chance to have a good life, like my Maxwell enjoyed, just because he ran out of time. PLEASE HELP SHADOW.

He needs:
A FOSTER HOME (without other dogs)
A FUREVER HOME (without other dogs)
FUNDS (to prolong the time that he can stay boarded)

Shadow is also a hero. He was in a care accident with his first foster mom, but helped her walk more than two miles through the snow to a house for safety.

He's been in 4 different homes.

He can be flown anywhere in the US, but is currently located in Sacramento, CA.

He doesn't deserve ANYTHING BUT THE BEST!


Thank You

May 27th 2007 9:51 am
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Thank you for all the kind words. It's overwhelming, but in a good way. I've read every rosette, star, candle, p-mail, pal request, etc. and they all mean a lot. I don't know when I will get around to individually thanking everyone. I'm still trying to digest it myself.

It's very weird to come home & not have those bright eyes right at the door and the nubby tail wagging a greeting.

We think he lived with bone cancer for almost a year, but we all thought his hesitations or whines on the steps and climbing the furniture was just arthritis -- that's what he'd been treated for. Bone cancer apparently spreads rapidly and aggressively, and must have weakened his bones so much that they could not hold him up any longer. His leg broke on two bones, just above the hock joint. If it really was cancer (and it's the most likely answer), it would not have been an easy road. We knew Max had a weak rear-end, but would have never guessed this. He would not have found it easy to get by on 3 legs, especially while steadily getting weaker. So to put a stop to the suffering, we let him go. He's such a brave boy.

His body rests in our own backyard, next to my first dog ever ( a cocker spaniel) and our late cat Smokey, who passed about a year ago in her sleep. It is so hard to bury one of your best friends.

Max was going to turn 10 on July 21. He lived a good life and brought me a lot of joy. He was a steady rock in the current. We all miss him so much.

Love him always, and never forget.


Maxwell's at the Bridge

May 26th 2007 1:59 pm
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Max severely broke his back left leg today while just simply walking in the backyard. The options weren't good, the vets said it looked like he had bone cancer, which weakened his bones (it explains a lot of his past ailments, too). We did the best thing for him and let him go.

I still can't believe it. It was so sudden. Like some horrible nightmare gone wrong. Everyone says this about their dogs, but for Max it was especially true: he was perfect. The best dog ever. I'm not sure I will ever meet another dog as gentle, trusting, and loyal as him.

I miss him so much already. It's surreal.


Training Jasmine

August 13th 2006 8:50 am
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I feel so used. Mom put me on a leash, let me out of the backyard, but DID NOT take me for a walk!! She said that would be "counterproductive" because we were "desensitizing Jasmine". Hmph!!

So we had to walk a couple steps away from the gate (Jas was on the other side) and then stop. A couple more steps. Stop. A few more steps. Stop. Turn and face Jasmine, take a couple steps towards her. And repeat.

Sooo boring. I was on the long leash, thankfully, so I could dash ahead of mom a bit, but I didn't get to go very far. Eventually, we got about 25 feet away from Jasmine and she snapped. She could see us the whole time, of course. But she started bar-rar-kin' her "Oh my dog! They are leaving without me! I'm gonna diiiie!" bark. Then she ran to the back door, expecting someone to let her in. Mom and I eventually moseyed back towards the gate. This wasn't going to work unless Jasmine was watching us. She came bolting back towards the gate when she realized we were still over there. Duh. So then we started over. I got within 5 feet of the sidewalk and layed in the grass. That's my stubborn way of saying "No way, I'm staying right HERE... unless we get to go for a real walk!" And every time mom would try to get me to go back towards the house, I'd roll over in the grass and wait for my collar to pop off my head. And every time mom would take a step in the right direction, I'd leap up, ready to go for my walk!! See, I'm training her. Teehehehehehe... ;oP

Well eventually Jasmine calmed down. Mom and I got real close to the gate again without her barking her "They came back! Yipee yipee yipee!" bark. But every once in awhile Jasmine would give a bark while mum was opening the gate, and so mom would shut it real fast and we'd walk a few steps away again. I always took this oppurtunity to dash forward in hopes of going for a REAL walk.

We had a minor set back when the dog across the street was in his backyard. Our fences line up perfectly and we can see eachother and bark at eachother to stay away, from the safety of our own backyards... Well Jasmine saw the doggie and took that as a good oppurtunity to start barking again. So we had to wait for her to stop...

Finally Mom opened the gate and walked inside without Jasmine having a cow. I, however, remained dutifully on the other side, leash taut, boo-tay to the gate, facing the sidewalk. Mom had to coax me through, without letting Jasmine escape in the meantime. I almost pulled out of my collar right next to the gate, I was so close! But then I slipped inside like a good boy (Sigh) and immediately turned to see if I could go back out again. No such luck. Jasmine started nipping my nubby tail and my ankles and my neck, trying to get me to chase her. Grrr. Mom took off my leash and then we went inside. Mom went straight to the bag of treats and I got soo many treats, it was awesome! I got more than Jasmine and Socks combined! Woohoo! :o)


Looking to adopt a doggie in Texas?

August 9th 2006 2:36 pm
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Please check out Max!

He's a 'houla mix, just like me! He's in San Antonio, TX. He's four years old and would LOVE to settle down with a furever family! Here's what his petfinder page says about him:

"Max has a beautiful brindle coat. He knows the sit command very well, likes children, and Max is very good on a leash. Max is friendly and playful, and he likes to play with his ball. Max loves to play fetch and will never tire of the game. Max brings back the ball, too, so he makes the game easy for you. Max can even catch sometimes, and he has a nice temperament. There is even a video of Max playing fetch on the website at He would love to show off for you in person, too. We guarantee smiles all around. If you rub Max's chin, you may make a friend for life. That's OK with him and us, too. Max is strong, but gentle, so children would be great for Max. Max may do best as an only pet."

Oh we have so much in common! Please help Max find a home. Remember that adult dogs need love too!



My woofday song from Oliver Louis!

August 3rd 2006 10:10 am
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The spotted and dotted singing sensation, aka Oliver Louis wrote me my very own woofday song in celebration of my ninth woofday!! :o) Here it is:

To the tune of Hot, Hot, Hot - by Buster Poindexter -

"His name is Maxie -
and it's his Woofday -
and he's HOT, HOT HOT!

His sister Jasmine -
she drives him crazy - and
she's Hot Hot Hot!

The treats that he received......
made me swwwooooon with dog ennnvyyyyyy

Sing a - da da da -
Sing it - la la la -
Maxie had a birthday! HOT HOT HOT!
Maxie's cuter every day - HOT HOT HOT!

We know he's spotted -
and yes he's dotted and he's
And since he's nine now - he's in his prime now
and he's HOT HOT HOT!

We see heeee'ssss grooooovvvyyyy
and say hey! He's a pal to meeeeeeee.
Max is HOT HOT HOT!"

I love it!! :o)

Ya know, I've been getting lots of compliments about how I don't look like an old fertin' nine year old pooch. So I'm going to attempt to dig up my 10-month-old pics so you all can see just how handsomer I was! But... yes I won't deny that I still remain dashingly handsome even to this day. ;oP Hehehehehe...



My 9th Woofday!

July 19th 2006 6:43 am
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Is in 2 days!!!! It's this Friday! I can't wait! This is extra exciting because mom has been making me woofday treats all week long! There'll be...

-- Peanut Butter Crunch Balls
-- Spinach Bones (a healthy treat for Socks, really)
-- Cream Cheese Biscuits
-- Cheddar Cheese Biscuits
-- Apple Biscuits
-- Frosty Paws
... and possibly some kind of Muffins!!

See why I can't wait?!

Plus, I think I overheard mom saying something about me getting my own KONG ball! Yay! That way me and Jasmine can play with Kongs at the same time!!

I think mom is also planning on taking me on a lovely walk in the morning -- maybe to the park. Perhaps we'll get to go to the pet store (erm... NOT Petsmart because mom is a bit upset with them) just for kicks and to see what there is to see. And who knows what else! :o)

So mark your calenders, pups! This Friday, July 21, is my NINTH woofday!! Yay-hoo!!



Why Spaying and Neutering is so Important

July 8th 2006 1:10 pm
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Copying from my sister Jas' diary once again! Read this please, pups!


This is not a fun topic. Why? Because it involves the needless deaths of innocent animals. They are victims of understaffed and underfunded shelters all across the nation -- scratch that, all across the world. Although you can't deny that it's a big problem in North America. Right in your own city/town/county/state/region. It's a big, big, big problem. "How big?", you say? Let me show you...

-- A female cat is fertile at 4 months of age. If left unspayed, she has the potential to be responsible for (with the help of an intact male cat, of course. This doesn't happen spontaneously, I hope you know) over 420,000 cats in seven years, considering if none of the litters are ever spayed.

-- If the same thing above happens with dogs, they have the potential to produce over 67,000 puppies in six years.

-- Every day about 10,000 human babies are born. And every day about 70,000 puppies and kittens are born. These birth rates are the reason why...

-- ... About 4 to 6 million dogs and cats are euthanized each year in the US alone, simply because there are not enough homes for them.

-- Last year alone, 5 million pets were destroyed. That's 13,800 every day, 575 every hour.

-- To empty the cages at every shelter in the US alone, each household in the country would have to adopt 6 cats and 2 dogs.

...Are you convinced yet? Maybe you are, but are sitting in front of your computer thinking "Well, that's unfortunate, but it's not like I can do anything about it!" ... What's unfortunate is that you are thinking that way. You CAN do something! Don't sit around and try to leave this problem sitting in the dust!

What you can do to help:

1. Spay and neuter your own pets! Leave breeding to the professionals. Even if you think you are a professional, think twice. Do your homework. Recognize the fact that you will not be doing much to help pet overpopulation if you keep bringing several litters of puppies into the world every year. Don't be blind to this issue.

2. Adopt a shelter animal! "Shelter animal" does not always equal "mutt". Purebred dogs account for 30% of shelter animals. So if you have your heart set on a purebred dog, check out rescue groups and shelters first!

3. Train your pet! 95% of animals are turned into shelters because of behavior problems. Before you get a dog or any other animal, realize that this is a lifetime commitment and you WILL get behavioral help when you need it, and do your homework. Behavioral issues can be worked through if only you take the initiative to get some help and make changs. You wouldn't give up on your own kid for acting out, would you?

4. Alter a stray or feral cat! Barn cats included. I've been to way too many farms that have had over 3 litters of kittens each year. They spread out to surrounding neighborhoods and cause overpopulation issues there, too. If you really need a barn cat, find a good independant cat or two from the shelter that has been altered. Most cities have agencies that provide trap/neuter/release programs for stray and feral cats. If your city does not have one, get crackin' on getting one!

5. Volunteer! Animal shelters and welfare groups are notoriously understaffed. They can use your talents and all the spare time you'd like to give them, and it makes a huge difference.

...Are you still thinking that this is a lost cause? Or maybe you recognize that it's a worthy cause, but you don't want to include your animals in it. You think you could never be a part of the problem, but the fact is, you don't know what could happen in the future. Being part of the solution is way better than "maybe" being part of the problem. Need more convincing?

The bottom line is that, if you help with the spay and neuter cause, you are ultimately saving lives. Think about it.

A final thing you can do: Copy and paste this entry in your own Dogster diary or link to this entry. Spreading the word and educating people is something everyone can do. It only takes maybe 2 minutes, if that, of your time. If you can't take that much time out to do something good, it's a bit sad. I hope this entry fullfilled it's purpose, which was to educate it's readers or to further strengthen their feelings on supporting spay and neuter causes.

In the amount of time it took you to read this entry, over 9 dogs and cats were euthanized because there was no where left for them to go. They "ran out of time". At that same amount of time, over 48 more puppies and kittens have been brought into the world. It does not matter if it was intentional or accidental. The fact of the matter is, those numbers need to go down. Way, way down. And you can do something about it.

And that's all I have to say about that.

The Pound Puppy Project


The PPP'- s Action List

June 1st 2006 7:42 am
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Hi Everywoof!

A lot of pups out there are wondering, "What can I do to help those pound puppies?" and we want to answer that question for them. So we're putting together an action list to help get the word out and help the doggies and kitties in animal shelters safely find a furever home!

Increase Awareness
An important first step is to increase awareness about the animals in need -- they can never be forgotten.

-- Encourage news media (television news stations, local radios, newspapers, etc.) to feature an "Adoptable Pet of the Day/Week".
-- Write to city offcials (such as the mayor) about increasing support or funding for city-operated shelters.
-- Put a flashy ad in the Pet Classifieds section of the newspaper for your local humane society or shelter.
-- Encourage your shelter or humane society to create a website or make pages for it's pets on to increase awareness and to keep in touch with the community.
-- Find out if your shelter has any flyers that need to be distributed, and pass them out at pet stores or on your work's bulletein board to let people know of the need for adoptive homes and shelter volunteers.
-- Talk to your shelter about organizing a fundraising event. This would not only increase awareness, but the shelter would benefit immensely also! Or, simply participating in an existing fundraising event is just as much help.

For all of you who like to be right where the action is in supporting a good cause, volunteer work is for you. You can see the difference you make everyday!

-- Take care of the basic tasks for the comfort of the poochies and kitties. This can include: cleaning cages or pens, feeding and watering, grooming, exercising, and playing!
-- Offer to put your training skills to work with the older dogs at the shelter -- they often do not catch people's eye easily, but if they are well behaved it makes such a difference!
-- Offer to jazz up the kennels of the dogs that have been there for awhile -- find them a fresh collar or bandana to wear that is a bright color. Make them laminated signs to hang on their kennel door that highlights their best features. Give them an extra special grooming to make them shine, and give their kennel a fresh cleaning from top to bottom.
-- Put your vet skills to work -- even if you work at a practice already, the shelter would be very appreciative if you volunteered your time and skill on your days off to help the homeless pups. And plus, it's good public relations for your "real" vet practice!
-- Volunteer to help with the shelter website. You could take awesome, eye-catching pictures of the animals and come up with good descriptions for their adoption profiles.
-- Talk to your shelter about scheduling a "Meet N' Greet" day at your local pet store or park, where people can meet available animals and learn more about shelter programs. This is a great way to "rein in" possible adopters!
-- Offer to foster an animal or two. This frees up space in the shelters, and gives those animals that have a hard time finding a suitable home a chance to relax.


If you haven't seen our "Shelter Item Wishlist", here it is! Donating items is a great way to immediatly help the shelter.

-Litter pans
-Bags of Litter
-Litter Scoopers
-Cat toys
-Soft Cat treats
-Small blankets
-Cat Brushes
-Cat Shampoo
-Flea Spray
-Cat Collars
-Metal Food Bowls
-Canned or dry cat food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)

-Collars (all sizes, no choke collars please)
-Leashes (all sizes)
-Dog Brushes
-Dog Nail Clippers
-Dog Shampoo
-Flea Spray/Shampoo
-Bath Brushes
-Dog Grooming Clippers
-Dog toys
-Hard rubber chew toys (i.e. Kongs)
-Soft dog treats
-Canned or dry dog food (check with shelter to see what kind of food they feed)
-Crates (all sizes)
-Big and small Blankets
-Dog Beds
-Metal Food Bowls
-Dog houses
-Small dog sweaters

-Dishwashing Liquid
-Window Cleaner
-All purpose Cleaner
-Large Latex Gloves
-Rubber Boots
-Laundry Detergent
-Plastic Spray bottles
-Paper Towels
-Dust pans
-Disinfecting Spray
-Digital Cameras
-Camera Film
-Air purifier

-Trach Tubes (size 3.0 FR to 10.0 FR)
-Chlorahexaderm Scrub & Solution
-Surgical Instruments (Scissors, Scalpel Handles & Forceps)
-Disposable Scalpels
-Gauze (3x3, 4x4)
-IV Fluids (LRS, 0.9% NaCl, Dextrose)
-IV Lines
-Urine Test Strips
-Resuscitation Bags (1L/3L)
-Suture Material
-Bandaging Material
-Microhematocrit Ttubes, Sealer & Reader Card
-IV Butterfly Catheters
-Dip Quick Stain

-- Many of the non-medical items can be purchased cheaply or in bulk at stores such as the Dollar Tree, or in clearance sections of pet stores or chain stores such as Target.
-- Donate money. They can put this towards large, long-term projects that will likely have a big impact on the shelter.
-- Use for all your searching needs -- choose your local shelter or humane society if they are listed, or support a national group. Money goes towards whatever cause you choose for every single search you make using this website.


-- Be a spay and neuter advocate to help prevent unwanted litters.
-- Say No to puppy mills -- let everyone (even the media! Especially the media!) know the horrors of these puppy mills. They have an effect on shelters as well.
-- Encourage and support no-kill shelters, as well as open-door shelters.
-- Help your shelter set up a Spay and Neuter campaign -- low-cost procedures done by volunteer vets can greatly reduce the amount of unwanted strays.

So there you have it pups, no reason why you can't find something, even just one thing, on that list that you can participate in. Have you thought of something else that should be on our Action List? Join the Pound Puppy Project and let us know, or send me a p-mail! Or both!


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