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"Thank you, Bambi."

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Thank you, Angel Girls.

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"Thank you, Angel Girls."

Thank you, Pookie.

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"Thank you, Pookie."

I went to Bark in the Park last fall and had a great time. I caught the eye of the photographer!

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"I went to Bark in the Park last fall and had a great time. I caught the eye of the photographer!"

Here's my second professional pic from Bark in the Park! Mom only brought me that day because I was the best behaved in public.

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"Here's my second professional pic from Bark in the Park! Mom only brought me that day because I was the best behaved in public."


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Want me to sit?

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"Want me to sit?"

Or lay down?

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"Or lay down?"

I can beg for those treats, too!!

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"I can beg for those treats, too!!"

Or simply jump!!!

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"Or simply jump!!!"

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Max, Buddy Boy, Budso, Maxy Boy, Maxer, Big Boy, Maxell, Maxer Waxer, Maxer D. Boy, Budder

Doggie Dynamics:
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Quick Bio:
-mutt-pound dog

July 21st 1997

Being a couch potato and bed warmer, helping with the yard work, destroying plastic stuff, when my L-E-A-S-H takes me for a W-A-L-K, getting my butt scratched, chewing on bones, napping in the sun, and chasing Jasmine when she gets on my last nerve!

Jasmine (does she have to nibble at me 24/7?), the vacuum cleaner, tight spaces and my crate.

Favorite Toy:
I love to poke holes in tennis balls... not too fond of chasing 'em, I just want to chew on 'em! I like to chase and chew sticks. I like to destuff the stuffed toys, and to play tug sometimes. My Kong is only interesting when it has peanut butter in it!

Favorite Food:
Whatever you are eating, and bones. I like baby carrots, but only when they are chopped up. And I like yogurt and peanut butter and any kind of yummy treat.

Favorite Walk:
Through the woods at the park... a lot of good sniffs there! But I'll settle for pretty much anywhere.

Best Tricks:
I can find my bone if you ask me where it is. I can also sit, down, leave it, shake etc. I'm a bit stubborn and not crazily eager to learn... I need motivation! ;-)

Arrival Story:
I was born to be a great hunting dog. I lived with my entire family of siblings for the first ten months of my life. I guess we weren't good enough for our breeder's hunting plans (they were "experimenting" with different breeds to see what they could come up with, or at least that's what my momma was told) so they sent us out for adoption. Me and my sister Bridgette (I was formerly known as Roger) were together at a pet store to be adopted out. We never did much barking and we were very well behaved. One day I got to leave the store and go home to a new family and live with one other dog. On the first day at my new home, I spent about 3 hours playing in my new backyard. I was so happy to have a home! Bein' at a shelter was really boring!

When I got adopted and was walking out to the car so I could go home, I tried to turn around and go back! I wasn't gonna leave my sister, Bridgette! I heard she got adopted out too, though. And I still like to turn around and try to go back the way I want to go... I don't wanna stop having fun! I've even been known to walk backwards, looking the direction I want to go ("No, mom, I wanna go THIS way, see?). I'm a very tolerant doggie. I like all new people and dogs. I'm not pesky when I meet a new person or dog, I always behave. :-) I try my bestest to banish squirrels from our yard but they just keep on comin'! It's a never ending job, I tell you. I learned right away that there are boundaries and I can be trusted off leash in my own front yard. I always watch out for where my people are. I've never run away. Once I just had to chase a squirrel that was across the street, that was the only time I ran off! My momma came and found me in a neighbor's backyard, looking up the tree where the squirrel was, and I followed her back home. Oh, but I have two great "hunting" stories. Once I was in my front yard, and a bird was right in front of me and tried to take flight, but I snatched it right outta the air! I held it in my mouth without chomping on it. The alpha male 2-legger had to come and get me to drop it. The bird seemed quite dazed and hopped off into our garden, where I left it alone. The second story is that it was early in the morning and I was out for my potty break when a racoon was in my yard! I chased it into a corner of the yard and I kept it at bay. It eventually managed to climb a telephone pole and then climb onto the roof of the shed. I watched it the entire time. It wasn't moving too fast so the 2-leggers think I might've bitten it, but I didn't have any scratches on me. It took awhile, but they eventually convinced me to stop "guarding" the racoon and come inside. I whined the whole time I was inside and tried to look out the windows. I made such a ruckus that they gave up and let me out again. The darn racoon had gotten away, though.

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The thing I miss most...

June 26th 2007 5:14 pm
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... and whenever I think about this it just makes my heart ache. I wish I had one more opportunity to do this.

I loved giving Max hugs. He had just a lovely, round, barrel chest that was perfect to wrap your arms around. I'd kneel on the floor and just squeeze him real tight, pet his soft head. He'd smile and then turn so I could scratch his butt.

When I get to thinking about him, this is the first thing I try to remember. The satisfying feeling of hugging my big ol' Maxie boy. It's not quite the same as the real thing, but it's nice to remember.

Today is, of course, the one month anniversary of that fateful, awful day. It was the worst feeling of hopelessness that I've ever experienced. I would like to soon forget it, but I still occasionally cry myself to sleep when I can't stop playing the events of that day over and over and over again in my head.

I still haven't walked back to where he is buried. Jasmine avoided the area for about a week, too. I've also tried to get her to eat out of Max's old dish since it's a raised feeder. She was very reluctant at first. She would refuse, as if she knew it was still Max's and she knows the rules about eating out of another dog's bowl.

I hate to think of the "last time" he ever did anything. But Max's full "last day" was a very good one. We had a BBQ. That was one of Max's favorite things in the world. We invited over a friend that has a host of health problems in order to cheer him up a little bit. He's a dog lover. Max loyally hung out with him and was his usual well-behaved self. He couldn't have asked for a more fun time.

I miss him so, so, so much. There will be plenty of other dogs in my life. I live and breathe dogs. I will never "replace" a dog, for they are all unique. I also will never forget a dog. Especially not my bestest boy.


It would make me very sad to see this...

May 31st 2007 2:30 pm
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I have read about another perfect Catahoula named Shadow. The one thing is that he doesn't get along with other dogs. It seems like he is OK with other dogs as play buddies, but doesn't like to share a house with them. So he couldn't be kept in his foster home. He's currently being boarded at a pet resort, but on June 26, the money for him to stay there will be gone. He'll be at the end of his road -- he will be put to sleep.

Just read that description in his petfinder page. Doesn't he sound like a perfect dog?

It would make me very sad to see a perfect dog not have a chance to have a good life, like my Maxwell enjoyed, just because he ran out of time. PLEASE HELP SHADOW.

He needs:
A FOSTER HOME (without other dogs)
A FUREVER HOME (without other dogs)
FUNDS (to prolong the time that he can stay boarded)

Shadow is also a hero. He was in a care accident with his first foster mom, but helped her walk more than two miles through the snow to a house for safety.

He's been in 4 different homes.

He can be flown anywhere in the US, but is currently located in Sacramento, CA.

He doesn't deserve ANYTHING BUT THE BEST!


Thank You

May 27th 2007 9:51 am
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Thank you for all the kind words. It's overwhelming, but in a good way. I've read every rosette, star, candle, p-mail, pal request, etc. and they all mean a lot. I don't know when I will get around to individually thanking everyone. I'm still trying to digest it myself.

It's very weird to come home & not have those bright eyes right at the door and the nubby tail wagging a greeting.

We think he lived with bone cancer for almost a year, but we all thought his hesitations or whines on the steps and climbing the furniture was just arthritis -- that's what he'd been treated for. Bone cancer apparently spreads rapidly and aggressively, and must have weakened his bones so much that they could not hold him up any longer. His leg broke on two bones, just above the hock joint. If it really was cancer (and it's the most likely answer), it would not have been an easy road. We knew Max had a weak rear-end, but would have never guessed this. He would not have found it easy to get by on 3 legs, especially while steadily getting weaker. So to put a stop to the suffering, we let him go. He's such a brave boy.

His body rests in our own backyard, next to my first dog ever ( a cocker spaniel) and our late cat Smokey, who passed about a year ago in her sleep. It is so hard to bury one of your best friends.

Max was going to turn 10 on July 21. He lived a good life and brought me a lot of joy. He was a steady rock in the current. We all miss him so much.

Love him always, and never forget.

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