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lucky day

October 14th 2008 6:28 pm
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Today is my lucky day.
I got a BIG surprise,20 new tennis balls!WOW.My familly droped them all at my feet,all 20 of them.A dream come true!My eyes open so big that i almost droped my eyeballs on the floor!It's true!
I'm so lucky!


I was tagged

November 7th 2008 10:56 am
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I was tagged by Jet
The seven thing about me are:

1-my familly say that i'm crazy,they call me "crazy puppy"
2-when my humans are asleep,i love to crawl in the bed to sleep.
3-i play all day long,no time for sleep.I wake up at 5am and i go to bed at 10pm .no afternoon sleep for me.
4-I love apple,everything with apple.I even drink apple juice with a straw.
5-I love bubble bath.I really love taking my bath.
6-I do everything my dad Moss do,he is my idole.
7-Everybody love me.It's all about me!

now i tag Islay


Tag again!

November 12th 2008 4:04 pm
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I think a lots of pups like me,i was tag again!

4 jobs that i have:

1-Keep my family happy
2-Help my dad watch the house
3-Herd my tennis ball
4-eat everything i can get my paws on

4 places i have lived at

1-i have just 1 because i live in the house i was born in.

4 places i have been

1-the vet
2-the market
3-toys store
4-another vet

4 places i'd rather be
i really dont want to go anywhere
1-tennis balls manufacture
2-the toys store
3-a place with all my Dogster furiends
4-with a tennis balls luncher

7 things about me are

1-I watch the tv
2-I really did not want to leave my birth home
3-I love to wrestle my mom tessy
4-I break 1 tennis ball everyday
5-I love to make furiends
6-I have more energy then most BC
7-I'm very big for a 1 year old BC,i weight 58 pounds

i will let you know who i tag in another entry.


Now i tag......

November 12th 2008 4:23 pm
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Now i tag:









The vet.

November 22nd 2008 2:11 pm
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Today was my annual visite to the vet.It was mom Tessy and dad Moss visite to the vet too.

First of all,we have to get in the car.All 3 of us in the back seat of a compact car!!!!!We always make sure that humanmom as a hard time to secure us in place!!!BOL

We go to a big animal hospital,so there is always many other dogs and there family in the waiting room.So,being very polite,we always want to say hello to everybody.The waiting time is always very long so why not play to pass time.We made furiends with a Great Dane,very nice fellow.We almost made him fall because we did turn our leash around is legs.We had fun in the waiting room and we made people laugh.

Next was the exam.I'm happy to say that i'm very healthy.I was very nice and very helpful to the vet.That was until he took that long glass tube that he call a thermometer.Do you know where he wanted to put it??????in my ***!!!!!!!!!!!I really did not want it there.Things are suppose to come out of there,not in there!!!!!!I told the vet that i was not happy but he only laugh at me.I was so humiliated!!!!!!

Trust me,next year, that Thermometer will not come near me.


I'm NOT happy

November 26th 2008 4:59 am
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About a week and a half ago,i got a new toy,Mr.Octopus.I love Mr.Octopus,i play with him all day.I run around with him in my mouth and i make noise with the squeeker.So much fun.But i annoy my dad Moss.When i annoy him with a toy he site on the toy so i'm not able to play with it.Yesterday he did it to Mr.Octopus.A very loud distressful sound came out of Mr.Octopus!!!!!!!!!!!!!=(=(=(.Now Mr.Octopus is broken,no more lovely squeeker,no sound at all.=(.I'm so sad and mad.I don't want anybody else but ME to touch MY Mr.Octopus(ok,just Ellie and me).Now i'm not happy.



January 8th 2009 8:14 am
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I got a snowstorm,i'm so happy!!!!!!!!
I love snow ,play in it,dig tunnels and eat it!!!!!
I really LOVE my pretty snow

What i don't understand is why humans say big bad words to my lovely snow?????????????????????????????????????????



January 10th 2009 7:27 pm
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I was tag by the very nice Desirae

Here are the 7 things about me:

1-I'm spoiled

2-I have more energy then you can imagine

3-I need a new tennis ball everyday

4-I talk all the time

5-I love bath day

6-I watch tv

7-I love to learn tricks

Now i tag:
Oliv er


I was tag again!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 11th 2009 11:41 am
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I was tag by the very pretty Duchess,so here is 7 things about me

1-I love to annoy Dad Moss.BOL.

2-My true name is Theodore

3-I don't look like it but i come from a line of great herding champs.

4-I'm very creative for new games

5-Everynight,when humanmom goes to bed,i go kiss her good night

6-In the backyard,i pickup all the fallen branchs and i do a pile,i'm so very helpful.BOL.

7-I love to sleep in my humans arms

Now ,because i have been tag so many time,if you read this YOU'RE TAG.BOL.


Tag Again!!!!!!!!

January 26th 2009 4:35 am
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I was tag again,pups must really like me.BOL.

This time it was by my furiend Cody and it's Football

You caught the football pass, so here's the next "play" - hurry and pass the ball to 5 of your teammates so they can make a touch down. Write down 5 funny things about yourself. Also, please leave me a bone and ask those who visit your diary to leave you a bone so you will know they have been there! That's the "huddle"message, so let's line up and have some fun!!!

1- I eat every kleenex that i see
2- I steal food that is not for me
3-I love to play with my Rubber Ducky in a bath with bubbles
4-I jump on humanmom's back when she's not expecting it
5-I talk all the time,i sound like Chewbacca

Now i'm of to do a pass to my DC furiends:
Millie DC
Teddy(what a great name)

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