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Getting to know you

January 11th 2009 4:52 pm
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I was tagged by my friend buster so here goes-

1- I am extremely possesive

2- I was attacked by a dalmation and came out ok

3- I am jealous of my brother Topper T

4- I had to have two teeth pulled

5- I like stuffed bones but don't have any because Topper T eats them

6- I love all people and protect them-

7- I can dance and half shake hands

Georgi a



October 6th 2008 6:08 pm
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It was last Halloween when I tried to help Captain Morgan, he was having seizures and I woke my mommie let her know. The vet said he would be fine, but the next night he wasn't.
We all miss him very much. It was the day after trick or treat. He was only nine. We will never forget him.
It was more scarier than the time I attacked a dalmation in my yard.
The dalmation was in my yard and I broke right through the porch screen and left a hole the shape of my butt right through the screen.
My neck was bitten very badly. Mommie didn't think I would live, but I did. Now I am not allowed on the porch by myself even though it is screened in. I am allowed in the yard because we have a fence.
Anyway, then a few months later Mommie got Topper T, she loves him, I know.

Miss Clover Louise


Past days

September 18th 2008 6:12 pm
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The big guy in the dracula suit with me and my pumpkin suit-Well that is my first brother Captain Morgan. He is gone now almost a year October 31 2007. I am good with dates, as when he got sick and passed on I remember being so lonely and I didn't play much or do much of anything for 8 months.
Then a new brother came along, called Topper. I bit at him for the first day and wouldn't let him out of his crate. He was very tiny and afraid of me. Soon our human Dad had one of us on each side of him on the big chair. Our human Mom was making dinner and was so happy to see us sitting together sort of. She knows I am very possesive of her.
Ever since then, I am lively and have fun playing with Topper even though I am the boss and put him in his place quite a bit every day.
Ah well, more to talk about later.

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