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Abbeys diary

Bye Ky.

May 27th 2009 1:35 pm
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Ky and I are no longer together.
This is my new saying: Boyfriend or girlfriend, We are friends forever!


My Leg

May 8th 2009 2:20 pm
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Today I spranged my leg and everyone noticed me limping. Mommy came home and took me to the vet. I used to be so fun and playful but now I've been lazy and tired and can't walk.


My poor little Nose

May 7th 2009 4:55 pm
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Can dogs get bloody noses? Well it IS possible!
My Mommy let me play with a bone but I always hide them. Hehe! I didn''t know where to hide it so I put it under a rocking chair. I always have to put suff on top of it so no one will see it. I started pushing the carpet by the bone. I kept trying and trying (It was regular carpet on the ground so I couldn't move it). A couple minutes later I came walking in the living room. Mommy looked and me and saw that the top of my nose was all bloddy. She got tissues and got the blood off and held me tight to make me feel better. She didn't know how I was bleeding so she went and looked for that bone. Well she saw the bone alright. What was next to it? A bunch of blood. It scared her. Now I have a piece of skin missing from my nose and it bleeds sometimes. Well what do you think mom did with the bone? Got rid of it!
So you see? Dogs CAN have bloody noses!!!!


Royal member of the day 02/20/09

February 21st 2009 8:42 am
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Yesterday I was royal member of the day on Princess Divas and Prince Charmings! Everyone was congratulating me! It was so fun! They said I could have what ever I wnated. Well I didnt have any time to go on yesterday cause mama was at a party in life which was the sad thing. Thanks everyone!! Remember, I AM a true princess!!



February 19th 2009 4:24 pm
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Ive been tagged! But this is a different kind of tag!

Two things you wore today
1. ohio state sweater
2. blue dress

Two things you did today
1. played with caden
2. slept

Two people you talked to taday
1. Mom
2. hannah

Two names you go by
1. princess abbeygail
2. abbey

Three of your favorite things to do
1. playing with friends
2. sleeping and eating
3.going outside

Two pets you have/had
1. me (dog)
2. Hermit crabs (they were mean)

Two things you ate today
1. kibbles
2. a piece of meat

Two of the longest car rides you've been on
1. From California to ohio
2. uh i forget the rest!!

Your two favorite holidays
1. Christmas
2. Birthdays

Your two favorite beverages
1. water
2. milk

The pals I am tagging are..
1. Kyoto
2. Oscar
3. Virgie
4. Corky
5. Cody
6. Baby Girl
7. Tessa

Have fun!!


7 things you dont know about me

February 19th 2009 4:13 pm
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7 things about me you don't know yet!

1 I am dating a sweetie named Oscar

2 I just moved in november

3 I love to ride in the car and stick my face out the window

4 I sometimes get in the trash

5 I beg for food until I get it

6 I am a puggle- pug/beagle

7 I am a true princess


Abbey info

February 18th 2009 3:00 pm
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Name four jobs you have had:
1. giving everyone kissys
2. having mamas daughter put clothes on me for fashion show
3. Going to puppy school and learning new things
4. sleeping wif my mommy and sissy

Name four places you have lived:
1. ohio
2. the car on a trip we had to take when we moved to ohio
3. california
4. my breeder

Name four places you have been:
1. Petco, Petsmart
2. nanna and papas house
3. dairy queen
4. the deli
Name four places you would rather be:
1. Outside
2. On a romantic date wif oscar
3. at my friends house. her name is angel my BFF!!!
4. Going for a ride in da car


My Love

February 10th 2009 6:55 pm
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My new love is named oscar. I was his brothers date at a party and so recently I asked him out but he has had some hard times with his old girl friend, so his brother sent me mail and said that he would love to take me on a date. Tomorrow we are going on a date and I will say how it went. If i goes good we will be boy friend and girl friend. If not then I guess not. Put me in your prayers that it goes well!


Recent move

January 23rd 2009 7:49 pm
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a couple months ago, I had moved. It was a BIG move, Very big move. We had drove from california to ohio. It was tough. just me and my owners. mama was driving, but i got to sit on big sissy's lap. me and sissy slept next to each other. We stayed at hotels each night. except for on night when we went to my aunties and uncles house and i got to see my cousin. she is a three legged dog. after that when we were driving mama got sick and we had to go to another hotel. mama was in bed and me and big sissy played except when they went to the pool. well we finally got to ohio. YAY!!!


Badge Code

January 23rd 2009 7:25 pm
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