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November 16th 2008 11:21 am
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I was tagged!
I was "tagged" by a new friend, Paku. He is the 2 year old Basenji. The object of this game of tag is to learn some more things about your friends. You are supposed to list 7 things about yourself and post it in your diary. Then pick 7 friends to pass it on to and have them do the same thing.

Here are my 7 things.....

1. When ever my Mom leaves me I will cry and scream for a long time.

2. When mom is tired of me playing at night when she is trying to go to sleep she just grabs me lays me down on MY pillow covers me up with the blankets and I'm out.

3. Even though I pick on Daisy sometimes I really love her.

4. I love the cats that I live with even if I sometimes chew on them.

5. My 2 favorite treats in the whole world are potato chips and peanut butter sandwich cookies.

6. If given enough time I like to meet new people. But I don't like to have people just come up and try to pet me. They have to let me go up to them.

7. I'm learning 2 new games. I'm learning fetch and dancing. Fetch isn't to hard I just get lazy and don't bring the ball back and dancing is somthing mom is teaching me when I want treats. I have to stand on my back legs and turn in a full circle for her to give me te treat.

The seven friends I have tagged are:

1. Loki 390485
2. Skipper akc MP 314123
3. Levis 611383
4.Savannah 126091
5.Buddy 594131
6. Reno, Shadow, and Bella SDB 550945
7. Presley 806741

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