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Busy Week

June 4th 2005 1:49 pm
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Boy, have I been busy lately! Last week I got to go to work. An 18-yr-old girl fell off of a boat and drowned. I got called in to look for her. I know that I smelled her in the water, and dad tried to tell the people where she was, but no one believed us. Friday they called us out again. I got to ride on the boat and look for her again. Once again, I told dad right where she was. They brought out something that dad called "sonar". I think they look underwater with it. Sure enough, I was right! I love working. It is so much fun riding on the boat with my ears flapping. Mom and dad were so proud of me. I was even on the news again. People are starting to know me and I hear "Hey P dog!", and "There's the P!" Some people like driving the boat now so they can watch me work. Maybe I should start a fan club!

I am resting today. Yesterday mom took me to work with her. I was having a lot of fun giving everyone kisses and hanging out. Then dad showed up and looked worried. Mom said that the doctor was going to do some surgery on me. My hips are really bad and hurt me all of the time. Mom said that this surgery would make me feel better. I don't know if I feel better or not right now. They gave me some great drugs and I am sleepy most of the time. Mom said I had to camp out at the clinic for a couple of days so I could rest. I sure am sleepy....


Dallas is in BIG trouble.

March 5th 2005 11:46 am
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Well, Dallas strikes again. She ate a bottle of aspirin, advil, and tylenol out of mom's search and rescue bag. Mom didn't know who did it so we all were made to vomit. Everyone is ok now, but I was not happy last night. I felt so bad! I may have to steal Dallas's crab for a while for this!


I passed a test and didn't even study!

February 10th 2005 4:41 pm
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Mom took my sister and I to work with her yesterday at the vet clinic. I normally have a lot of fun there, but this time was different. She said that we were going to take a test at Dog Day Cafe where we do our SAR training. Well, I thought it was going to be a beauty contest the way she was acting. I got my toenails cut, a bath, and a brushing. I worked hard for that dirt!

Well, it ended up being a Canine Good Citizen test. Of course, I passed. Are you kidding? It was easy. Sit, stay, down, come... that is all puppy stuff. Give me something a little harder, like algebra.

Well, anyway, I guess I am a "good citizen" now. Hurray for me!


I was a bad dog today

December 30th 2004 9:29 am
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I was out playing in the yard and having all kinds of fun. Some dogs came running by the fence and invited me to play. They looked like they were having so much fun so I decided to join them. By the time I found a way out of the fence, they were gone and left me all alone. So I decided to go find them. I guess my mom got really scared when she realized I left and called the neighbor to help look for me. She found me a couple roads over. She didn't even let me find my friends! When mom saw me she told me I was a bad dog for leaving. She didn't say it too mean because she was so happy to see me. I forgot that my sister Dixie was lost last year and it really made mom and dad sad. I promise I will not run away again!

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