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A new home

July 31st 2005 5:14 am
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I am living in a new home with a new family now. I am much happier now that I get all of the attention. Sometimes I miss teasing my sister, but I get lots of frisbee throws and I get to go boating and swimming here. Here is a letter that my new dad wrote:

We love her very much, and are thankful that you matched us with her. I don't know what I would do without her. She is being exercised very well by swimming, frisbee catching, and Wal-Mart runs in the truck with me. When we are at the lake she is so funny swimming with the kids. Will not jump off the dock unless you give go command. You really did a good job training her. She has recently started her yodeling so she must be getting settled in?

Isn't that great?



Listen up everyone!

March 6th 2005 9:41 am
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All of my sisters AND mom and dad owe me an apology. Mom got her search bag out to fix it up after I rummaged through it and low and behold... she found the missing pills! See! I told everyone that I didn't eat them! I just moved them to another pocket in her bag. I am not a druggie! Ha!


Bad Day

March 5th 2005 11:32 am
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I had a bad day yesterday. Well, we all did. One of us, (I am not telling who), got into mom's SAR backpack and ate an entire bottle of aspirin, advil, and tylenol PM. Mom did not know which of us did it, so we all got punished. No, she didn't scream and yell, instead, we all had to eat salt until we puked! I was so sick. Mom kept us all on the screened in deck so she could watch us and make sure we puked. All five of us were wandering aroung barfing. It was kind of sad.

Then mom took me to her work and made me drink this charcol stuff. It was awful!!!! I had to sleep in my crate because I like to sleep under the bed and mom was scared that I might vomit the black stuff up under there.

I got to go to work with her today, though. That was fun. Mom is still making a fuss over me. I think she thinks that I am the one who ate that stuff. I'm not talking about it....


I got to go for a ride!

March 2nd 2005 7:44 pm
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Mom and dad took Dixie and I to Home Depot today. Dixie stayed in the car because mom could not handle both of us at once and dad was shopping. Ha Ha!!! You should have seen the look on her face!

I had a good time. I was really good and did not bother anyone. There was one guy that I woofed at just a little tiny bit because he just stopped and staired at me. He didn't even say hi! He was so rude! He staired right in my eyes! He kinda freaked me out!

Well anyway, I had a good time. I had some wonderful gas. Oh, it was the best. It would have made flies fall off the wall. I wish I could have rolled in it. I was so proud of myself. Mom and dad had to roll the windows down several times even though it was freezing outside! Dixie was mortified. Of course, her butt smells like roses. NOT!!!! Trust me, I've sniffed it!

Well, enough for now, I have to go eat and go to bed. Ain't life grand? (Yeah, Dixie, I said AIN'T!!!!)


What a great day!

February 27th 2005 3:29 pm
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Mom got up early this morning and went to Long Hunter State Park. I was kind of upset when she took Pele and Zyp and left me home. But she came back a little while later and I heard her tell dad that she put the smelly stuff out for me to find there. Zyp and Pele were just along for the ride and didn't even get to work! Ha Ha!

So dad got out my special working clothes (harness and SAR cape) and off I went. I got so excited on the way there that I couldn't help but to whine a little. It was just mom, dad, and me! My stupid sister, Dixie, wasn't even invited!

When we got there dad told me to get to work and find the smelly stuff. It didn't take me long at all! I did really good and mom and dad were proud of me!

After I found all the smellies, mom and dad let me play in the lake for a little while. What a great day!!!


A new job!

February 25th 2005 3:14 pm
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Since I am doing so well with my anger management classes, mom and dad are thinking about trying me out again for search and rescue! I t has been a long time since I picked a fight with another dog. I promise to be good!

Mom got the smelly stuff out today and told me to go find it. It has been a long time since I did any cadaver work, but I never forget anything! I zoomed across the yard and went straight to it. It was really stinking up the place, so I don't see why she wanted me to find it. I am sure that she could have used that inferior human nose of her to find it. Whooo Wheee!!! Good stuff. Ripe!!!!

I really hope that I can join the team. I love working. Mom is using my frisbee for a reward. I will find stinky stuff all day long for a frisbee. Hurray!!!


The best week

February 16th 2005 3:04 pm
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This has been the best week ever! Mom took me to the park yesterday and Dad took me again today! It was great! There was so much to sniff! Dixie got really upset with me last time because I wanted to roll in stuff, so this time I didn't get into anything. I decided to be a nice sister for a change. Mom took lots of pictures of us while we were there. I think she put some new ones on our dogster pages. I love dogster!



February 8th 2005 7:05 am
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Mom went to some frisbee seminar the other day and now she has been trying to teach me new things with the frisbee. I have utterly refused to do any of them. I like playing frisbee just the way we have always done it. JUST TROW IT!!!!! I don't want to do silly tricks to get the frisbee. Just run and jump. That is it. The basics! If I didn't love frisbee so much I would go on strike! That stupid do-good, brown-nosing sister of mine will do all of the tricks, though. She just never sees the big picture. I think I will steal her bone later. HA!



February 3rd 2005 5:42 am
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Yesterday I got to play frisbee in the yard for a while. I love frisbee. I try to see how high I can jump to catch it. Well, I got really tired from all the fun I was having, so dad let me in to rest. I was thirsty! I figured that the frisbee had to have been thirsty, too, since it did all that flying, so I put it in my water bucket. Well, that frisbee was greedy because it laid on top of the water and would not let me have a drink. After I stared at my humans long enough for them to figure out I wanted something, they came and took it out. It must have been a bad frisbee because they gave it a bath in the sink. It was as dirty as I am! I don't like those plastic frisbees, they fall apart. I use a canvas frisbee called a Hover Craft. It sure was dirty!


Yea! A walk!

January 25th 2005 5:07 pm
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We went to my favorite place today! Longhunter State Park! I found all kinds of things to sniff. I found a dead fish the size of mom's arm, but she wouldn't let me roll in it. Moms are no fun. My sister, Dixie, came too. She was a weenie. She doen't like swimming like I do. She hates getting her belly wet unless she is wearing that stupid looking life vest. I wanted to swim more than I did but the water was sooooo cold. So I played on the beach instead. I even found a teddy bear that someone left. It was too dirty for me to carry for too long. My tongue got all dusty. I was busy keeping track of my mom. I had to keep coming back to her to make sure she was ok. Sometimes mom hides behind trees or rocks and I have to go find her. She just disappears. So I am always looking over my shoulder for her. Silly human.

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