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new leg..

December 6th 2012 8:37 pm
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I got a new leg today.
My Achilles Tendon tore a little. Since an Achilles Tendon surgery only has a very low success rate, our vet told us that we should look into the braces. We did, since I don't want to have another surgery, and we liked them!
It will help me heal. Mom has done lots of physical therapy with me, which is helping the Tendon heal. It's doing very well, actually. So we hope that this thing can come off in a few months.
Well, not too bad ;o)
Other than that I am doing ok. Got to keep moving :o)
Happy woofs to you all and lots of love from me to you..


Chief is diary pick :o)

July 11th 2012 8:19 am
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oh, wow.... Chief is a diary pick today!



new entry!

June 9th 2012 1:14 pm
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check out Chief's new entry! He posted all the photos again :o)



May 29th 2012 7:17 pm
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please, come visit Chief and/or pup pal us :o)
He likes to share his photos with you.. He is kind of lazy with the writing, you know ;o)
Happy woofs from all of us!


test results are in

February 8th 2012 12:47 pm
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*hmpf*.. it's confirmed. I have Cushing's. The test results were cut and dried. On the plus side I get to live another 3 years instead of only a year. That is the good thing. I have to go in for testing on a regular basis now to see whether my new medication is always at the right level for me.
We are all hopeful, that the meds will help me. Maybe my hair even grows back? That would be nice :o)
Jetta is doing very well. She is not afraid of anything. The typical small dog carefulness, but otherwise fine.
Mom taught her stay for a few seconds, down, come, off, and go pee! She is ultra smart. She likes sitting on the rim of the bathtub when the humans shower to make sure they clean themselves thoroughly. She is a neatfreak, just like Jolanda. *sigh* these momma dogs. I am telling you. She even comes and licks my eyes when they have gunk in them? Like she has not enough to do with her pups..
Right now mom and dad are working on not walking through the open entrance door without permission. She and Jolanda are hanging out in the sun in the kitchen right at the threshold ;o) Good girl.
The pups are doing well, their eyes are open and they start to communicate with all of us. Nice.
Ok, we got to go now.. Happy woofs from all of us ((kisses))


lots of fun stuff

January 2nd 2012 9:56 am
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We spent lots of time at beaches, meeting up with friends and in cafes. Dad had to work from home once in a while, but that was ok :o)
Yesterday was a great day. We went to the cafe first to hang out and start the day slow. Then we all got in the car and drove for a while. We ended up at the Black Diamonds park!! It's a regional park in the east bay and we love it. It has really awesome trails. I know them all..
We wanted to go on one of the short loops, because we were invited for dinner at a friend's house in the area. Well....... Mom found a "shortcut", which the humans decided to take. As beautiful as the shortcut was - it took us nowhere. It took us to a very beautiful area, but it was so steep and rocky, the humans could not get down those "cliffs". It was late already and somehow we had to find our way out again. That was challenging for the humans, because all rocks look similar when it starts to get dark..... In the sunlight they don't, though ;o) Then mom and dad had no idea which way to go. They knew the direction and stuff, but picking a way that goes up a rocky wall, seems hard for them. Mom told me to go find the car. That is one of my easiest skills. I picked a nice trail, invisible to humans, and took them safely back to the trail. Trust me, I know every single trail in every single area we have ever been to :o)
We got back to the car and I got loads of yummy treats.
Then we drove over to our friends house. He just got a dog. His dog is quite unruly, because she has not training nor does she know boundaries. She tried to challenge Jolanda and me a few times - she is a pup and we are seniors. We tried to tell her off, but she is assertive. Jolanda and I decided to hang out on a carpet and not care. She was really annoyed about our ignorance, but we don't pick fights...... Eventually she gave up. The evening was really nice nevertheless.
We got home late and went to bed quickly.
Here a few pictures:


Today will be a lame day. Mom and dad and Jolanda have to run errands.

Some of you have sent me pawmails asking when mom starts her hospitalization. Tomorrow mom will have her MRI and then go to the hospital from Jan 9 - 16. She is still thinking about not going. We will see.. More later.
Thank you for caring..


fort funston, dad leaving, our days with muf and fritz,- union square, shelter..

December 22nd 2011 10:42 am
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well, you all know that mom and dad missed their flight on Sunday and that they could not get any other til Tuesday.
We drove back home, picked up Muf and Fritz, spent our day at the Point Isabel and had a great time.
Next day we went to the cafe first to pick up the mandatory treats. Fritz and Muf really liked the idea :o) We got two treats each this time! Nice nice.. We had to wait outside, though.
Then later we met up with a friend for a walk at the Fort Funston. That was very nice. Jolanda was so excited! She needed to let everyone know that we were there.......... *yackyackyack*. I had a good time with my ball and the ocean :o) Fritz, Muf and Jolanda ran and played in the water.
The walk was very nice.
Once we were done we drove back home to get dad's suitcase packed. That was fast, because he only packed a few things. Our evening was very nice. Dad cuddled me a lot, which is always good, we went on a night walk and had a very yummy dinner.

Next day we made it to the airport in time. We better.. Dad ended up flying by himself, because he was invited from a university for a talk and a colloquium. No idea what that is, but sounds interesting. Dad thinks it is :o)
Dad took off, which was very sad, and we headed over to the Crissy Field!
We spent three hours there! That was amazing. Mom really likes going places with us, because we behave and listen well. As a bonus we get to be off leash, pretty much all the time. Well, except in the city - 4 dogs off leash is not so smart.
After the beach we had to do a quick stop so Fritz could get a new collar. They had non when we picked them up from the boarding place on Sunday.. mh.
Fritz picked a very pretty one and mom got a discount, because Fritz is so cute........ yeah. How about us?? Lucky guy ;o)
Later that day, mom and Fritz drove into the city to see the menorah and the christmas tree on Union Square. It was beautiful they said! Fritz had never been in the "big city" with all these people and music and lights and the busy. But he liked it, he said. Lots of people said hi to him :o) He likes children especially. We met a little girl in a wheelchair and Fritz poked his nose into her tummy, which made her laugh and giggle really loud. Her mom was really happy about this. Then Fritz put his big old head into her lap, so she could cuddle him better. She held on to his head and hugged him a lot. Her mom said that we made the child's year..... wow. Good boy Fritz. Can you imagine? A 7 year old child with MS? How awful. She is special girl..
Mom and Fritz also went to Macy's to get something. Fritz had big, big eyes when he saw all the lights and the shelves. Mom said he looked like a little child in awwww..... We met another dog there, who he said hi to, we met nice staff, who had beef jerky treats! Yum.. I wish I were there..
Then they went to check out the SPCA Macy's window and went to the Yerba Buena park so Fritz could run around a little.
Fritz said he had a fabulous time :o) Good for him.

Our days were wonderful so far - lots of beach, city and Marina.
Yesterday we went to the shelter, so mom could work with a dog, with whom not many people like to work. She is too much, too mouthy and too assertive.. She is smart, which makes it interesting at least. But well, every dog deserves a chance, right? One day at a time.. She learns, though.
After the shelter we went on a night walk with mom, which was so nice.
We clung to mom's legs, because she was sad. Seeing the dogs at the shelter makes her sad often time. Especially the ones no one wants. The ones like the girl she worked with that day. Being at the shelter for a long time is not a good situation. At least they are not being euthanized.. Thanks dog. On the other hand it makes mom happy to see how many dogs go back home or find a new home.
Also mom was sad, because dad isn't here and we have not lit one Hanukkah candle yet. Not one! Hanukkah without dad does not feel right.
We tried to cheer mom up, which worked :o) Back home then, really late, mom built our own menorah (our old one broke) and lit the candles!! We all sat in front of it and gazed into the flames. They looked very pretty.
It felt nice and warm. Mom did some praying and wishing and blessing and then we took the menorah and moved over to our beds. We had the lights on all night! It was beautiful. Mom could not sleep. Many things went through her head. Once the candles were out, mom fell asleep.
Dad is coming back tomorrow morning. We are all very happy about that :o) Can't wait. We will all go to pick him up! All four of us and mom.
I collected a few pictures from the week for you:


Hope you like them.
Happy woofs and happy Hanukkah from all of us..


that Jolanda!!

December 2nd 2011 10:59 pm
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I forgot what we did yesterday morning.. ah, I think we all went to our cafe and had some tea. As always they stuffed us full with yummy treats! Boy do I love my retirement!! Mom said that I have to watch my weight, though, because of my leg. That's ok. Mom can watch all she wants, but I eat :o) Then we went on a walk around the Embarcadero to collect a few more goodies.. It's our goody route.
Then we drove back home. Mom was tired.
Back home then, we did some housework and spend some time watching a movie! Can you imagine? Watching a movie during the day? That is special.
Later we got up, had our dinner and got ready for some more walking. When we went outside, Jolanda was trying to get into the car and somehow her hind leg did not support her!
I think mom wrote about it in Jolanda's diary. Mom was horrified. We went back inside and mom did some crying action. *sigh*..
Our friend Flicka called us and Becker, too. They gave us support.
Mom got herself together again, sent the little video she took to one of our vets. He said that it is likely a pinched nerve, or she might have twisted something a few days ago. Mom did some chiropractor moves with Jolanda, which lead to a very nice sound in her rear spinal area. Then she shook it off, wagged her butt and tail, which she hardly did for the last few days! Finally she jumped on the sofa and acted like her silly old self. Again, mom cried - mohooommm. So, the whole scare was for nothing and it was nothing super bad. Just needed some readjustment, apparently. Janda is perfectly fine now! Man, what a scare! She needs a few days rest, meaning leash walks, no jumping, no running, no chasing me, no chasing balls and no swimming. Well, we are all getting older, apparently *double sigh*
Later, we drove to pick up dad and went on a short, but really nice walk on campus.
Back home then, mom said that there is no, absolute no more tolerance for scares in this household!!
Mom asked me to thank you all for being here and for offering your support and help. It helped mom to calm down again and made Jolanda better. Kind words always help to soothe one's worries, heal one's soul and calm one's mind..

Today we went to the cafe first to pick up our mandatory treats. They were yummy :o) Then we drove across the bridge to pick up meds for Jojo and the cd with her x-ray. Somehow the Mac does not support this vet program *huff*. The PC used to open it. Well, we let dad figure it out ;o)
We also met up with our pal, Figaro at the dog park. We met even more of our pals. That was neat. Jolanda had to be on leash and lay next to mom in the sun, because she needs to "sit it out". Jolanda does no necessarily agree, but she has no choice. I in the mean time made friends with one of the Guide Dogs, who come to the park for playtime. Altogether we had a nice and relaxing time. The humans talked about dogs the entire time pretty much.
After the dog park we went to get lunch for the humans. Our friend went to catch a movie later. Mom was tired, Jolanda can't work, so we headed to 4th Street in Berkeley. It's beautiful around Christmas time! All the pretty lights! I wish it could always be like that. This time of year is so nice. We like it when it gets dark earlier and all the lights and candles are on.
Finally we made it home and into bed. Dad came home a little after we did :o) Altogether our day was very nice.
Have a lovely night and wonderful day - *kisses*


the vet, my leg, the meds, the visitors :o)

November 30th 2011 11:30 pm
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As you might know from Jolanda already, I had to go see my vet. I have been limping on and off for a few months and it has gotten worse to the point, where I did not feel like going on walk! This is emergency level 100!! Me not on a walk? Sleeping all day or stalling while walking? That is kind of un-me-ish.
The vet checked me out first - all good. Then she manipulated my leg, which I did not mind at all! I am so tired of the pain, I let her do whatever she wanted. Well, it hurt, but I did not really tell her. Just a little pulling my leg back.
Then she took me and Jolanda - she is a good sister and went to the x-ray machine with me. Got to love her..
Apparently I have nasty arthritis in my elbow! The vet says that with all the miles I have walked in my life, it's not a surprise. She is right. I have walked many many miles. But you know mom, she will check the x-ray, too. Somehow she can't imagine that this is really happening..
Now I am on Neurontin and Rimadyl. Mom had a little freak out over it, because it's not that Neurontin are candies, you know?
We will see what happens. I am walking a little better, though and seem happier with it. Hope it'll stay that way.
Then we had several visitors over.
Our friend Becker and his family were here the day after Thanksgiving for a post Thanksgiving day. That was really nice! He even brought all his non furry siblings!! Neat. We went on a walk and had food and played Monopoly, too.. Well, I walked over the board a few times to go share some love. You got to do what you got to do, right?
Then yesterday we met up with another pal of ours, Max, who was at the airport with his mom. They had a short layover, so we could say hi. But the short layover turned into an overnight and full day stay! How cool is that? The airline messed things up, so our pal had tom stay. That was a fabulous thing.
We had some dinner at our place and then went to the Marina for a night and stretch the legs walk for Max and us.
Once we were back home, we all went to bed.
Today we got up early, because mom had her appt at the Neuro Clinic. Long story short, the news weren't good. Later more.
Here comes the good part. We took our friend to the Fort Funston, which he loved!! He could run and run and run and play with many dogs.
After that we went to eat some and then back home. Unfortunately they had to leave this evening. So we took them to the airport and said good bye til next time. I hope there will be a next time, soon!
Here are a few photos:


Happy woofs to you all..


for you all in the area

November 15th 2011 11:53 am
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Guarding Dogs is an upcoming documentary film that strives to raise awareness of all of the wonderful dogs that are waiting to find their forever homes, and the rescuers who devote their time and energy to reaching that goal. It is the film's mission to not only emphasize the importance of rescue and adoption, but to also influence the way people think about animal companionship; not as an owner/property relationship but rather as a guardian/companion dynamic that encourages respect and reduces abuse and neglect." •
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I think the showing will be at their store.. check out the webpage..

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