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dog of the day

December 28th 2012 8:10 am
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Hey, Shadow is dog of the day, cool!


Sheltie rescue picnic

September 26th 2011 6:18 am
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The picnic was on Sat but the mud limited the things we could do. But everyone who met Shadow mentioned how handsome he was and they were surprised to see how playful a 12 year old was. He and only one other Sheltie were running after balls during the picnic.


Happy Birthday

June 9th 2011 2:15 pm
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Happy b-day Shadow boy. Wish I could have spent more time with you today.


Happy Birthday!

June 9th 2010 1:29 am
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Happy 11th Birthday buddy boy.


!@#$%^& DIET!

February 2nd 2010 3:07 pm
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Oh boy, Kasey and Shadow had their checkup yesterday and they are even more overweight than I thought. Shadow needs to lose at least five pounds! I once again got on the wife to stop giving them so much food and treats. I wrote down the amount of food the Vet said to give them each day. Already Shadow is not liking it. Last night he got into the trash, which he almost never did before and today I had to chase him away from the bird feeder where he went to eat the bread I threw out there. I see many grumpy days ahead.


where have you been?

January 14th 2010 8:40 pm
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Been a long time since last entry. Not much about Shadow has changed except his weight. He got so heavy that he had trouble going up the stairs. He'd then want me to carry him up them. I have tried to stress to the wife to cut way back on his and Kasey's food. She is cutting back some, but not as much as I'd like. Shadow does seem to be getting a little more active and is climbing the stairs a little better lately. Vet check is next month. Then we'll see how much he needs to lose.



June 27th 2009 4:42 am
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Our foster Maggie was adopted yesterday. Shadow and Kasey sure are glad of that. She must have been the queen of her castle at her previous home because she really bossed our boys around. She also tried to boss the humans around when food was involved. Besides pushing the boys out of the way to eat their food and treats, she would try to force them to play with her. When they wouldn't cooperate, she'd push their fur out of the way and nip them. While they would sometimes snarl at her, mostly they just tried to stay away from her. The past few weeks they spent most of their time upstairs where she won't go. Last night Shadow was back to his old love bug ways which we haven't seen since Maggie has been here. Bows on the other hand is still feisty in her old age and wouldn't take any crap off of Maggie. Maggie learned not to mess with Bow's food or she'd have Bows all in her face. She should do good at the community home where she won't have any other dogs to compete with or boss around.



June 9th 2009 12:53 am
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Happy Birthday Shadow!!!!



February 23rd 2009 11:35 am
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On Sat, Feb 21 after 20 days on the lam, we finally caught Kasey. We had around a dozen people, a tracking team, and a herding team, all looking for him. It wasn't until 1 PM when we got a sighting. Good thing since we were considering calling off the search. We converged on the area but the tracking team couldn't go through the thick woods that Kasey went into. They came out of the woods and some were thinking we'll never get him this way. But we redeployed our teams to areas that he might go to.

Dad stayed behind in the last area he was sighted, and then walked to an treeline that he thought Kasey might use to double back. Dad walked half way down the treeline when he saw Kasey coming straight for him. He called in to report his location. But when Kasey was about 75 yards away he spotted Dad and after figuring out what was happening, he took off running into the field. Everyone tried to close in on him, he stopped a couple times to figure out what to do. He then made a break for the woods again. Dad walked into the woods, but didn't see him. Dad came out and saw a guy and his son who were helping out and walked over to talk with them. Soon the guy pointed, Kasey was running down the field away from the teams we had on the other side of the woods.

Suddenly, one woman took her SUV into the field to keep Kasey from breaking through our line. She pushed him back toward the farm where we had other people. Dad and the other guys saw Kasey run toward the farm, but lost sight of him as he ran on the other side of the buildings. Kasey ended up getting stopped by the farmers electric fence and was then grabbed by the farmer son. His big adventure was over.

It only took Kasey a couple hours to calm down and become once again, a good Sheltie dog. He's been cleaned up real good and is going to the vet today. He'll be added to Dogster once he's groomed and we get some better pictures of him. Here he is an hour after capture.

A big thanks to Anne & Heidi of

Ericka of Grandmas House for Pets (almost our next door neighbor) ts.717-993-6336

Don R, who saw Kasey one day, but didn't see our flyer until a couple days later. From that day onward, he looked for Kasey everyday and helped us in any way possible. We are deeply indebted to Don.

And all those who helped us catch him. Almost all of these people never met us before, but decided to help when they read Kaseys story on the local forums.


Kasey- Day 18

February 19th 2009 12:20 pm
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Kasey is still out there. My wife saw him yesterday, he looks sad, wet, and muddy. She managed to move the trap into the area Kasey was heading in, but so far, he hasn't taken the bait. If by Sat. we don't trap him, I have organized a search team. A group that helps people find their lost dogs will come up and I have around a dozen people coming to help. Most of these people have never met me before. They read my posts on the local forums about Kasey and have voluneered to assist. There is even a 10 year old girl who wishes to skip a childrens play in order to help in the search. It's so wonderful that there are still people out there that care this much. I just hope it works.

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