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The Sweet Grump

Update On Chi-Chi

February 18th 2009 4:35 pm
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Well, Chi-Chi has gotten a whole lot grumpier!! But she dosen't sleep like most older dogs, she is very hyper-active! She has also been demanding lots of attention lately. Like when I was petting Sparky and growled at him, and bit him, and she put her paws on my leg. Poor Sparky ran away, but a few minutes later when I was petting her, he came around and chased her for about an hour around the house. Even upstairs! Well, finally they got tired, and they slept in my office, (where they like sleeping) and were so cute together!! But she snores at night, that's her biggest problem! It takes forevere to get her to be quiet, she is a LOUD snorer. I mean LOUD!!

Great hugs to you all and enjoy Dogster,

Chi-Chi's Human



December 27th 2008 8:00 am
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Mommy's leavin for 2 whole days and overnight!! Although I will be with my pup friends, still I don't want her to leave! Their are some people comin to our house to walk us and feed us, and all that stuff. But, MOMMY DON'T GO PLEASE!!! She's visiting some relatives in Pleasenton, TX.


5 things I would tell someone if they wanted a Chihuahua

November 16th 2008 8:54 am
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These are the five things about Chihuahuas that you should know:

1) They can be VERY aggressive towards other dogs
2) They bark A LOT!
3) They are a lovely companion though
4)Very loyal to their owners
5)Protective, alert, but sweet

Whoever is considering a chihuahua should do some research first. They may seem like easy to take care of dogs, but NO their not easy AT ALL. These are the things to look after.


The vaccum cleaner.

September 12th 2008 2:26 pm
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I HATE HATE HATE the vaccum cleaner! I bark and growl at it! I will ask my owner to post a video of me doing that! It might take some time, because my owner's video camera is broken, and we had to get it fixed at this other house that fixes things. ugh... Whatever.. I could care less...

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