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Life as a Standard Poodle

My great Pup Pals!!

February 20th 2009 1:19 pm
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I must say everypup is great on Dogster, but these people are just so sweet to me.

Chuppy- He has been a great friend and I enjoy to IM him, because his mom is so funny, and very kind. He is such a great friend of mine!!

Peanutty-Oh where can I start, you are too funny!! You have cheered mom up when she felt awful, because of your humor. And you are a very good friend!

Sadie- Her mom may have some bad times right now, but she is the most sincere lady I have met. (in real life and internet) She is an amazing woman, and I hope people see that in her.

Murphy- You are a funny pup too!! Amazingly, all your pictures just make mom laugh, and she felt completely better from her icky flu after laughing at one of your pics!

Shandi- You are one cute pup, Shandi, and you are a very sweet pup too. Your mom takes stunning pictures as well. Well, because they are of a stunning dog!

I really wish I could include everypup on Dogster here!! :)

♥ ♥

Jett ♥


What I am doing right now...

December 29th 2008 8:34 pm
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Uh, just another night... Of course I am not sleeping you silly! I am trying to play with the other dogs, but they're tired. Uh, what's up with that?? Seriously, even the puppy is out. Well, we did play a lot today, and he is sleeping on my mommy's bed, um, hello? My name's Jett how are you? I am right here you have had me for 6 years. Although I didn't care if I got on or not, I still begged. I jumped right off though right when I got on. That bed is not comfortable. I hate Temper Pedic beds. So exactly now, I am kind of winding down. I have to get my beauty sleep to play some more tomorrow!

See you later pals!! Enjoy Dogster!!

Jett ♥



December 27th 2008 7:59 am
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Mommy's leavin for 2 whole days and overnight!! Although I will be with my pup friends, still I don't want her to leave! Their are some people comin to our house to walk us and feed us, and all that stuff. But, MOMMY DON'T GO PLEASE!!! She's visiting some relatives in Pleasenton, TX.


Update on meeee!!!!!!!!

November 14th 2008 9:13 pm
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Hello my Dogster pals!! I just though my human should give me an update on me so I made her. Anyway, the little chihuahuas are getting more and more annyoing ever day! (Well, to me that is.) AND we got a new puppy, that likes to jump, but NO, you don't do that with me. Nuh uh! Whenever he tries to jump and bite me, and bat him away with my paw, and I prance elegantly like I always do. My human says that I am never going to get a boypup with me acting to prissy, but you know what, a poodle is what poodle does. Ok, got to go priss around some more and show the others who's boss!

(Ooh my human must be real excited!)



I went to the Barktober fest!

October 9th 2008 2:48 pm
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I had to drive from Dallas to Fort Worth for a fun event they were having hosted bte the Ticket, a sports radio station. They were TONS of dogs! Pointers, beagles, labs, stnadard poodles like me, you name the type of dog, and I guarentee it was there! Anyway, I learned agility there too! And boy, I hated it at first, I was like, "Mom! I don't wanna do the teetor totter, or the tunnel, or the hoops. But she got me interested and I thought it wasn't so bad. So I did it. I had tons of fun!!!


My fun day at the park!

October 4th 2008 6:44 am
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Me and Brownie, (my doggy friend) went over to the park with Brownie's owner and my owner! I chased an Airdale terrier named Max, for quite a while! He was A LOT of fun! We also played in the sprinklers, but I didn't like it as much as Brownie did. I am a more Obedient well trained dog, and Brownie? Let's just say, she has a lot of energy, and can't be trained as well as me. Check out Brownie's page! You can see what I am talking about! Bye,
Enjoy Dogster!


"What I'm all about!"

September 9th 2008 8:08 pm
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Hi, my name's Jett, and I love to play! I'm in great shape for a 5 year old dog. My momma calls me puppy, though. I play and lick like a puppy, and at night I like to snuggle with my momma. I liked getting stroked on the back, and when I get praised, I get real excited. I am very easy going, I love car rides, and like to meet new friends. (human or dog.) I just basically have the life of a puppy, but instead i'm 5 years old! Hey, it's not THAT old!

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