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September 29th 2009 9:46 am
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Hey dogs! Ive been SO busy! i havent been on here in ages! i miss it! i told my mommy we should finally go back on! well there's alot to update! I turned one year old! wow my mommy says im getting sooooo big but im only 7 lbs! I love going in mommys bag around the mall! mommy brings me into my favorite store where i get to get treats and clothes! my tail goes wild and i love saying hi to EVERYONE!! My summer was good. mommy never let me go in the big underground pool at my house =[. but...she let me get my own little above ground blow up pool. i didnt do much swimming because mommy thinks its a pool! but to me its one big water bowl!! YUM! well my summer was good because my family was almost always over. Once i got out and i snuck to the guest house to see my human cousins =]..mommy wasnt well...happy...but she was once she found me safe! I wasnt so happy when my mommy went on a cruise and had to leave me =[... but atleast she left me with her best friend and my "cousin" havanese Lola! We had such a great time..but i did miss mommys bed=[. I was happy to see her again when she got back and since then she hasent left again! My days have been so fun lately. I cant wait for halloween! It's my mommy's favorite holiday! and she says leaves are coming! LEAVES!!!!! ohhh my favorite
1 well i gotta go! its time for fetch! xoxo Lucy


HAPPY HOWLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 24th 2008 8:33 am
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Happy Howlidays everyone! Or as my human cousins say, happy Christmahanukwanzadan(a mixture of christmas, hannukah, kwanza, and Ramadan.) The house is crazy! Full of people =]....hope every one gets what they want from Santa Paws!--love, Lucy♥



December 17th 2008 1:43 pm
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OHMYGOD!!! SNOW!! Yesterday was like, the best day of my life! I went out into this white fluffy stuff mommy calls snow for the first time yesterday! It is yummy, wet, and cold! Mommy was afraid her Diva wouldnt like the snow because I HATE the rain, but I loved it!!!! I got my sweater on, my pink puffy jacket on and headed outside! It was so cool!!! I played outside till I was soaking wet! It was so much fun!!! After that I snuck in mommy's room and caught her wrapping my toys!! UH OH!!! she chased me out telling me I had to wait for christmas. Well i cant wait for ma to post those pics!!! I am starting to like this Christmas, snow, and lots of yummy treats! =P


Long time no write!!

December 17th 2008 1:38 pm
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Hii!!! Christmas is right around the corner!!! I'm so exciteddd!!! My mommy's computer has been a little wackadoo so we had to fix it but now its all better! Sorry about the lack of photos! We have too put the halloween pics up as well as how bad my haircut looked at first. SO happy I'm back!!!! =D



November 4th 2008 6:19 am
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so the man never ended up coming but my mommy is so tired of the hair in my face she scheduled an appointment for today!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! The hair is all in my face and my mommy says that I am starting to look like a little boy!! But i dont want to go to the groomers!!! NOO!! =/ halloween was really good! Mommy put a clip in my hair so I could see, we got dressed up in my costume and went trick or treating! It was so much fun! I greated everyone at the door! I cant wait to do it again next year! My first halloween was so much fun!!!...but anyway, my mommy will add new pictures of me after my new doo....ughhhh....well...i gotta go in the car now!! Wishh me luckk!!!!------lucy♥



October 21st 2008 3:09 pm
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sorry i forgot to write. the groomer didnt end up coming! YAY ME!! But he is coming in a week or two =(.........My costume came from Moon Doggie today!! =)...i look like a little princess (says mom) we are shopping for accessories over the weekend then my mommys going to enter me into a halloween costume contest at Petco. I got a free toy from Moon Doggie! Its a little black high heel shoe that says Jimmy Chew. I feel so grown up! I have Jimmy Choo's just like my mommy!!!



October 11th 2008 10:29 am
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OH NO!!! My mommy called to cancel my petco appointment because she didnt want me there for 4-6 hours. I was so relieved! But it got shes having a grooming van come to the house!! NOO!! SOMEONE SAVEE MEEEEEEE!! He/She is gonna have to bathe groom and trim me! NOOO its a puppies worst nightmare! They are coming in a couple of hours. I gotta find a good hiding spot where my mommy cant find me!! GRR!! I'm gonna get her for this.......I will enter another entry when I am all cut up and not furry!!! =[....well i gotta find a hiding spot!! Byee!!!!



October 4th 2008 4:34 pm
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Today I had my very first walk!!! My mommy got me a purple harness and matching leash. she also got a little bag holder if i poopy which connects on to the leash! I didnt know I was allowed to go during a walk so i waited till i got home =P. It was so much fun. I went all the way around the block! I got to play in the leaves and run! The wind felt so good going through my hair! I had a great time. My mommy brought me to petco to book my first grooming appointment. It's on thursday. I'm sort of scared but i know it will be lots of fun!



October 1st 2008 4:46 am
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Today, my mommy took me to the vet to get the rest of my puppy shots! I was a good girl. I didnt even flinch. Now I can start to meet new friends and go outside for walks! Im so excited. I got 3 shot and theyre making me pretty tired.....Bye 4 now!


cool day!

September 14th 2008 3:25 pm
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My cousins came and sleptover! I had such a good time with them! We played all day! I had a blast!

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