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Riley"s Big Adventure

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Road Trip

October 12th 2008 4:25 am
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Hi Pup Pals!

I'm on my very first road trip. Yesterday we left Oakville and traveled south-west to Windsor. Mom and Dad were very worried that I would have trouble at the border. Although I am up-to-date on my shots, they were administered within the last 30 days. Good news! The border was a breeze.

Now, I've been to the U.S. before, but not through Detroit. Good thing our car has GPS because there was construction on the highway and we were driving in some areas that I wouldn't want to be out walking in. The GPS lead the way and within no time we were heading towards Toledo.

The plan was to spend the night in Toledo, but when we got there my parents weren't tired, nor was I since my Dad made the backseat very comfortable with several pillows and blankets. Onward we went!

As we approached Fort Wayne, I heard my folks say that we should stop there or we'd have to go the entire way. The first hotel was not good. My folks were worried that it would be like that movie, Vacancy, when the couple gets stocked and attacked--poor Canadians they just don't get out much. The second hotel was great and very cheap. I'm laying next to Dad, dictating my tale or should I say, tail BOL! It's early morning and the second leg (BOL) is about to begin. We have only a few more hours until we get to Lafayette, where my Mom is going to visit her old horse. I'm not really sure what a horse is, but I guess it's good since my Mom loves it. Later this afternoon, my folks said they have a great surprise for me. I can't wait.


The Road Trip: Part 2

October 14th 2008 5:09 am
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Hi pup pals!

What a great road trip I'm having! On Sunday I met my first horse. I didn't even know what a horse was. It's like a big dog. My folks thought I would be scared but I wasn't. I wanted to play, but she didn't want to. My Mom had a good time seeing her former horse, Daune. She spent a long time grooming her and grazing her . Daune is 24 years old but still working. Mom wanted to make sure that she had an enjoyable day and didn't have to have someone riding her. I walked with them, just off to the side.

Later that afternoon, I was presented with my surprise. My folks adopted a 9-year old pointer, named Rosie from Illinois Birddog Rescue. Rosie and I hit it off right away. Rosie has had a hard life. She lived outside for 7 years until she was rescued. She's very sweet and likes to cuddle. She does need some meat on her bones.

On Monday we went back to see Daune. This time I stayed with Rosie and kept her company. In the early afternoon we started our trip back. We stopped in Toledo and my folks had another surprise for me. We were walking in a large field near a school and my pup pals Holden and Lucy joined us. It was great to see them. Both are very good-looking pointers. Lucy is very friendly and sweet. Holden was shy in the field but we went back to their house and Holden and I chased each other in the backyard. It was great fun. Holden is a great dog to chase and play with. This has been a great trip!


Diary of the Day

October 21st 2008 7:10 pm
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Hi everyone!

I was so excited to learn that my diary was selected as diary of the day. Thanks to all my pup pals for the messages and pup pal requests. I also want to thank my best buddy Winston for his message on his page. You're the best Winston! It was all the more special because my entry highlighted our road trip to pick up my new friend, Rosie.

Guess what? Dad finally got Rosie's dogster page up! We had a little photo shot on Monday while walking the trails. Let me tell you, that Rosie made herself at home right away. She's a great friend. It's nice having a partner on the trails to sniff out all sorts of things. Just on Saturday, Rosie caught a bird. Dad told her to drop it right away and she listened. She doesn't have any teeth, you know, but that doesn't stop her. She had a pig's ear yesterday and eats liver treats with ease. She chases me around and plays, goes up and down the stairs and jumps up onto the bed, all with a bad hip. Aside from a little grey in the face you'd never know that she was 9.

If you get a chance, send her a pup pal request. I know she'd love to be pals.


My Vacation -- no sun or beach!

December 21st 2008 11:33 am
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So there is this thing called a vacation. Seems strange since my days all seem like a vacation, full of fun! Dad has been going on for the last several weeks about going away and last Friday my Mom and Dad did just that. Off to Mexico they went, leaving me and Rosie behind.

Rosie went to stay with grandpa. He likes a more mellow companion and thinks I'm still too full of beans. So I went on my own vacation.

No, I didn't pack a bag and set off on a cross province adventure hitting the bright lights of Toronto or the thunderous roar of Niagara Falls. Instead I went and stayed at a doggie daycare.

Let me tell you, I now know what a vacation is all about. All-you-can-play-with doggie toys, a special Friday to Saturday romance with my new friend Mocha, unlimited water bowl, raw hides galore, soft, warm beds and all the pets and love (to make up for my pawrents being gone) that you can receive.

True paradise!

Sure, I was happy to see my pawrents when they came to get me, although I didn't recognize Dad at first. He was all brown and his grey beard had grown in. From over his shoulder I could see my Mom and I let out a little cry of excitement. The cry gave way to full out joy as my behind twisted and shock.
I eagerly encouraged them to come into the house so I could show them all of the fun things that I had done over the past week. Quickly I relived everything, showing them my toys, my beds, everything!

I now know what a true vacation really is . . . maybe next time my entire family can go to a doggie daycare for a week.


The Big Surprise!

January 2nd 2009 11:59 am
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With the haze of too many treats and way too much Christmas food filling my belly, I heard the rumble of a large truck in the distance. My ears went up, my pointer-sense putting me on alert. In a dash I rushed up the stairs and jumped up into the window. As I looked out I saw the very thing that had stirred me from my sleep and it was pulling into the driveway.

Before I get ahead of myself, I should describe a few events that lead up to the start of my tale. Starting a few days before Christmas and continuing the days after, my folks were running around the house putting things in boxes and tapping them up. Items from the basement were being brought up to the dining room. Dishes were being removed from the cupboards. A series of unusual activities were taking place and I couldn't put my paw on it. It seemed familiar, but at the same time different.

Now, as I gazed out the window that overlooked the driveway, I saw it and it all made sense. Scampering up beside me was Rosie. She, too, jumped up into the window and looked from side to side but her shorter stature didn't allow her to view what was in the driveway as well as I could. Even if she could have, I don't think she would have known the significance.

"Rosie!" I barked. "We're going camping." I told her. She looked at me with a puzzled stare. I could clearly see she had no idea what I was talking about. "That truck, the one in the driveway." I continued. "The last time I saw a truck like that, oh maybe a year and a half ago, we all went camping. It was great fun and the truck was there with us and all of our stuff was in it."

I jumped down and made tight little circles as I do when I get really excited. A year and a half ago, my folks, Cookie and I went camping for several days. We had been living in a townhouse, removed everything from it and put it in the truck; just like one now sitting in our driveway and we went camping with everything. When we were finished camping, we unpacked the truck and were living in our current house. I can't believe we're going camping again. It's certainly much colder than when we went a year and a half ago, but oh boy is this going to be fun. I quickly described everything to Rosie. I didn't leave out a single detail. "There's nothing like sleeping under the stars," I told her.

Then, one box at a time, each went onto the truck. I danced with anticipation and excitement. Camping, an open fire, the smell of nature. I couldn't wait!

When the truck was packed, Dad put Rosie and I in the car. "This is it, Rosie," I said. "We're off to the camp site." The car started up and slowly pulled away from the curb. A few minutes later it stopped and Dad put the leashes back on us. The door opened and we jumped out. "This doesn't look as you described," Rosie said. I just turned my head at an angle and looked. It doesn't, does it? I thought.

Dad started off towards the house in front of us. To one side was another house clearly still under construction, while on the other side was a vacant lot. Into the house we went. The smell of new was everywhere. That same smell I soaked up a year and a half ago after we returned from camping.

I dashed around smelling, searching, checking out every inch. Beside me was Rosie, she also was checking out the new surroundings. When I went upstairs I paused in the upstairs family room. Strange I thought. Very strange. I continued to explore. I went into every room. When done I made my way back downstairs and stopped just outside of the kitchen. I looked at Dad. A large smile, or should I saw smirk stretched across his face. I tilted my head to one side as I often do. Then, like a blaze of lightning it all came to me. This was our new house . . . but it seemed strangely the same.

Dad let out a laugh. He clearly found something very amusing. I looked around again. Yeah, this place is very familiar. It's the same house as we lived in, but everything was reversed. Who buys the exact same house but reversed, I thought. That's just crazy, but true.

Dad let out an even bigger laugh as he was very amused by the fact that he thought I was confused by the house being the same but reversed. Yeah, very funny, Dad.

Rosie came up beside me. "So are we going camping or not?" she asked.


Speed Dating . . . Kinda

January 15th 2009 5:33 am
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My pal Tanner recently provided 7 very interesting facts about himself and offered up to his pals the same opportunity. So I haven't been offically tagged, but I'm going to share anyway.

7. Every day I drive with Mom to drop Dad off at the train station. At night we pick him up. I sit with my head out the window watching each person until I see Dad. Then my tail wags!

6. Although it is most common for male dogs to pee by raising their leg, I pee like a girl. I learned this from my grandma, Cookie. Some habits are hard to break.

5. I sometimes get very upset when my folks go out and leave me at home. I stand at the window and just state out, waiting for them to return. I've even got Rosie doing it.

4. When my folks are out I love to tear things up. I might look cute but sometimes I just need to bring the house down. I have two favourites. One is cardboard. That means boxes, including tissue boxes. It also includes hard-bound books. I destroyed my Dad's real estate text book. I also repeatedly went for the Pointer coffee table book. The other favourite is electronics. I've destroyed a Blackberry, several phones, and a few remote controls.

3. I sleep every night in between my Mom and Dad. Instead of being curled up, I'm stretched out length wise, just like a person. I always try to steal Dad's spot but he moves me. I don't make it east for him. I go all limp just like a bag of bones. Every time he moves me I give out a little groon.

2. I love to run and explore. We live on the banks of a Provincial Park and my folks take me there. When off leash I'm gone. My folks are left calling out to me. After several mintues I always return. I don't see why they get so worked up, I need my alone time.

1. I miss my grandma, Cookie. When we watch videos of her I sit right next to Dad and I don't take my eyes off of the TV except to nudge Dad and comfort him as he gets sad.

Here are a few bonus ones.

Dad and I love to watch Lost together and share a pizza. I get all of the pepperoni. This started with me, Cookie and Dad. At that time Cookie got most of the pepperoni. Next week we'll start again with the season premier. I'll share with Rosie, but Dad has already told me that I will get most of them.

I have a new friend named Rosie. She's been with us for three months. Sometimes she can be grumpy, but most of the we get along great. We snuggle next to the fire and despite being almost ten years old, she loves to play. It's nice having a friend.

Well I guess that's all for now. I hope you enjoy reading a little about me.

Talk to you soon, pals


My stage name is . . .

January 30th 2009 11:41 am
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Boobie Gizzard Hump

1. Use the third letter of your FIRST NAME to
determine your new first name:
A = snickle
B = doombah
C = goober
D = cheesey
E = crusty
F = greasy
G = dumbo
H = farcus
I = dorky
J = doofus
K = funky
L = boobie
M = sleezy
N = sloopy
O = fluffy
P = stinky
Q = slimy
R = dorfus
S = snooty
T = tootsie
U = dipsy
V = sneezy
W = liver
X = skippy
Y = dinky
Z = zippy

2. Use the second letter of your LAST NAME to determine the first half of your new last name:
A = dippin
B = feather
C = B batty
D = burger
E = chicken
F = barffy
G = lizard
H = waffle
I = farkle
J = monkey
K = flippin
L = fricken
M = bubble
N = rhino
O = potty
P = hamster
Q = buckle
R = gizzard
S = lickin
T = snickle
U = chuckle
V = pickle
W = Hubble
X = dingle
Y = gorilla
Z = girdle

3. Use the third letter of your LAST NAME to determine the second half of your new last name:
A = butt
B = boobhump
C = face
D = nose
E = hump
F = breath
G = pants
H = shorts
I = lips
J = honker
K = head
L = tush
M = chunks
N = dunkin
O = brains
P = biscuits
Q = toes
R = doodle
S = fanny
T = sniffer
U = sprinkles
V = frack
W = squirt
X = humperdinck
Y = hiney
Z = juice


Paw-shaking, tail-wagging, dog-barking, earth-quaking,- house-rocking . . .

February 2nd 2009 10:32 am
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Half-time show of all time!!!!

For a young pup like me, seeing what all the hype-making, video-playing, music-ringing deal was with what Dad calls "The Greatest Roll and Roll Star " was proven in a mere 12 minutes.



February 3rd 2009 10:24 am
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I just noticed that I have over 130 bones.

Thank you for the bones. I'm going to go and hide them in the snow so Rosie doesn't get them. You might think that her lack of teeth would discourage her, but no way. Anything I can do, she can do better. That's her motto.

Thanks for the bones pup pals!


Did you know?

February 4th 2009 6:50 am
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Welcome to the new edition of 2009 get to know your pals.... Copy this diary entry and paste into your diary and delete my answers - then you can fill in your own.. We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette to 4 pals and ask them to post in their diary!!!!

1. What color is your collar?

My collar is a brown leather to match my liver spots. I've had this one for a long time now. My folks like to stick with one. Cookie had the same black leather collar for her entire life with my folks. It now hangs next to her photo.

2. What kind of food do you eat?

Purina Pro Plan -- Chicken and Rice

3. What are your favorite treats?

Oh boy, this list is beyond just one item. I love to share pepperoni with my Dad while we watch Lost together. That means tonight I will get some pepperoni! I also love pig's ears. Mom has started to buy me them regularly. Dad thinks that they're gross. He says I have started to ooze the smell of bacon through my pores. A good frozen kong with peanut butter is always a favourite, although it seems we have lost the kong in our most recent move. I think it's time for a new one!

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other??

No, but between me and you I think Maya is simply breath-taking. Don't tell her I said that. Unless she tells you that she feels the same.

5. Do you get Table Scraps?

Table scraps! Mom and Dad order out to this place called Swiss Chalet, I think it's only in Canada. Anyway, they get a half-chicken for me and Rosie to split. My Mom's folks are always sending meat our way. Lamb, chicken, turkey, ham, beef -- all the good stuff! They are always thinking of me. In the summer Dad does a BBQ and puts meat on it just for us. I love my meat, as well as French fries, potato chips, bread, ice cream sandwiches. I'm not crazy about veggies. That I leave to Rosie. She eats everything!

6. What is your favorite toy?

This might seem funny, because my favourite toy isn't really a toy at all. I love socks! I find them in my Mom's closet and proceed to take them all over the house. In the morning I sit by Mom's draw and when she picks out a pair, so do I. When my folks arrive home, the first thing I do is run and find a sock and bring it to them for a tug-of-war. Dad's socks are off limits. He doesn't find it as funny as Mom.

7. When is your Birthday?

May 6, 2006

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?

Twice, unless Mom has feed us and Dad comes home and Rosie and I pretend like we haven't been feed. Then we get a third. It seems Dad has caught onto our ways and when he comes home now and we fake the hunger, he calls Mom to make sure we haven't been feed.

9. Do you have a favorite color?

Liver and white of course:)

10. Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary?

Of Course!!

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