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Bryce`s busy days!

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MY BIRFDAY! 6/17/2012

June 17th 2012 4:59 pm
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I turned 4 today, holey cat! how did that happen? I dont know where the time went! I had a great day. both mom & dad were home to spend it with my. my OMD friends made me feel special. life is good.



April 11th 2010 4:23 am
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~snif snif~
I dont like this chain, its been 2 weeks sence I was taken from my mom and litter mates ,and its been spent chained to this porch.I am only 10 weeks old, I want to run, play, smell things! the "kids" stop and pet me sometimes , and "her" brings my food once a day.
oh theres a car!! and a woman getting out, here comes the her, she is letting me off the chain!!! I wonder if the new woman will scratch my belly??? I like that . I`ll run over and see.

oh yes she is, and picking me up!!! she and her are talking, now I am going to the car!!we are getting in. theres a him, he is scratching my ears and says" thats something your never going to see again" "what" she asked "a chain" he said
it seemed like we road for ever before we stopped.she carries me into the yard, he goes and opens the door and out come 2 dogs. after some sniffing, I realize, I am free! I can run!!! so I do, till I just cant run anymore, mom and dad open the door and I follow Grace and Dilly inside. dad looks at me and says" your in your forver home now Bryce"Bryce"??? I have a name now too??? I am not just "the dog"?

its been 1 1/2 years sence I was taken off that chain, I have good food, a big yard to run in , Grace and Dylan to play with , and a king sized bed to sleep in.
and mom & dad who love me
what does "adoption" mean to me???


thank you mom & dad, for seeing the ad on craigs list, and taking me off that chain



August 28th 2009 3:10 am
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well this has been an intersting week
first off, the vet did something to moms elbow. its all wrapped up and smells really odd, but she wont let me near it. I cant smell it, root it or paw it.I was going to help her chew off the wrap like I tried to do my foots when the vet wrapped them up.
she says she will be home for a few more weeks so thats a good thing

but the bestest thing about this week is I have graced this home with my wonderful self for a year!
yuppers 1 year ago, mom & dad pulled in the driveway took me off the chain and brought me home,and the good times havent stopped!
I love my home,I love my friends, and I love dogster!!!



June 16th 2009 4:56 pm
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this is my last night as a puppy
tomorrow is the day mom picked as my birfday.
I will be 1

the "lady" didnt say much about me to mom. and mom was tring hard not to tell her off, so all mom knew was I was 10 weeks so mom counted back and came to the 17th.

any way, the happy news, Roscoe the trucker dog will be here for supper!!! hes comming for my birfday!!! how cool is that!!!!
happy birfday to mehappy birfday to mehappy birfday to me
happy birfday to mehappy birfday to mehappy birfday to me



May 24th 2009 5:52 am
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my name is Bryce, and I have an addiction.

I try to stop myself, but I just cant. something in side me just takes over and I just have to.its so much fun!!!!

mom loves to plant flowers, I love to rip them out of the ground and tear them to peices.
you would think this would make mom happy, she can plant more.
but it is not working out that way.

she put a fence around the new bed she is working on,
I thought yay! a jumping hurdle! she really was not happy with that.

and this thing she calls an urn has now been planted 3 times.
I`m giving her something to do! I should be getting praised!
I`m giving her a reason to plant shop. she said thats what gets her thru the long winter.

humans, do they ever make sence?



May 14th 2009 2:02 pm
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I`m in the dog house. and wait till daddy gets home, hes in trouble too.
yesterday he got home around 11 am cuz of all the rain, well he let us outside and never checked on us. well, mom knew yesterday I had torn up one of the urns she had flowers in but she didnt know till today I had also gotten into the new bed she is starting this year
I distroyed over 1/2 of what she planted in it. 1 lily and her tree peony may be saved but her azalia and a few other things are not.

mom is not at all happy with me.



May 14th 2009 1:27 pm
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a poem!! about me!!! thanks gigi

There is a puppy, his name is Bryce
who can be naughty, but also is nice

I heard that he ate up his Daddy's old shoe
I suppose that is something that puppies can do

Maybe thats why they call him Termite
perhpas he nibbles most of the night.

The nickname Moose though has me confused
but Bryceironi sounds like something my mommy would use.

It will be fun to watch him grow
I bet that will be one really great show.



May 3rd 2009 4:21 am
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ok, so now I know what a "doings" is
lotsa people telling me how pretty I am,
petting me, throwing toys.
but the best part is the food! lots and lots of food!

and dogster roscoe and his dad were here!!!

it was fun, but very tireing we all fell over and slept like rocks last night.
guess mom and dad do this a few times a year for 1 reason or another
I can get used to it with no problem



April 30th 2009 2:54 am
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somethings happening, Dylan and Grace say moms getting ready for a gathering.

not sure what that is, but they say lots of people and FOOD!

sounds good to me
mom spent all day yesterday digging in the dirt.
she can do that but I get grumbled at.and she picked up all the broken toys, put them in that can that she lets those strange men take every week.we try and stop them, but the road is to far away, they dont hear us.
and daddy is home today this must be something big!



April 29th 2009 3:39 am
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life is sure a learning experince!!! who knows what can attack you!

I was walking under the kitchen table when suddenly one of the chairs
took a dive at me!!!!! and tried to squash me!!! I ran as fast as I could to the hidey hole under moms desk. but it has shrunk, I dont fit under it like I used to.and the whole time the nasty chair was grabbing at my tail!
mom said it was retrabution for me chewing on the legs what ever that means.

just when you think your a big dog, and have it all figured out, something new jumps at ya

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