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Tina's Diary

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Daddy’s Little Helper

January 11th 2011 2:19 pm
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We have had an unbelievable amount of snow in Georgia the last couple of days and I have taken it upon myself to be Daddy’s firewood helper. He has to go back out in the “weather” every few hours to get a new batch of firewood and I go with him, braving the elements to make sure he is safe and able to find his way back in the snow.

Mom thinks I do a wonderful job and laughs at how seriously I take my job. As soon as Daddy puts his hands on the firewood case in the living room I JUMP up from wherever I am and run to him so we can go get the wood. I ma the only one who does this in the house and I take it very seriously. I will miss my job when summer comes but I am sure I will find something else to do to make me useful to Daddy and continue to make Mommy laugh.

Stay warm my Dogsters!!


Dear Pup Pals:

December 23rd 2010 6:27 am
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Dear Pup Pals:

Our typist a/k/a Mommy has been really, really sick for s few weeks so we have been unable to keep up our diaries & keep up with all our pals’ activities. We are keeping notes fur mommy to update our pages & catch up with all our pals when she is better.
Lots of Love & Bestest Wishes to all of you fur Christmas & New Year!!


Note to self:

December 3rd 2010 9:12 am
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Note to self: DO NOT scratch mommy's face! I repeat...DO NOT SCRATCH MOMMY'S FACE. This only leads to Daddy holding me down while Mommy gives me a nail trim. In my defense, I was just waking up & her face was in the way of my "stretching".


Secret Friends

October 28th 2010 8:49 am
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I think mom and dad have figured out that Nugget and I are "Secret Friends". I do my best to hide it because it makes them feel guilty when I look so sad & don't get along with my new sisfur, Nugget. That sad face leads to more attention fur me therefore, I need to keep our friendship on the "down low". Hmmm...I need to break out a REALLY SAD, SAD face when they come home later so they think they were just "imagining" we were playing together in the yard yesterday. Gotta remember to keep my game face on at all times - BOL!


The walk

October 15th 2010 7:50 am
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Mom and Dad (fur some reason) decided to take me and Nugget for a walk without Braun, Austin and Ginger. I believe mom said she wanted to get us some alone time so we can work on getting used to one another. Phhhht! I am just fine without any assistance…Thank you very much!

The walk started out quite nice. We were all side by side enjoying the cool Fall weather as I sniffed all the interesting areas in the neighborhood when, all of a sudden, Nugget hears one of the neighbor dogs barking in their back yard. She went NUTTY! She started barking like she was a “big dog” and pulling on her leash. Mommy was trying to contain her when she started flopping around like a fish out of water & then started trying to chew through the leash to get free. Well, I hate to admit it but when mommy is panicked I am panicked so I did what any smart (panicked) dog would have done…I started whining out loud like a nervous Hyena. It was so loud and went on for so long that mommy told daddy she thought I might pass out from hyperventilation. Such an overreaction mom! I don’t pass out.

Daddy decided we needed to turn around and head back home and he thought it was best that we separate from one another because it seemed that Nugget and I were just “fueling the flames” of our obnoxiousness when we were side by side. That wasn’t the best idea either! As soon as dad and I got a little lead on mom and Nugget you could hear mom sternly telling Nugget to “stop!”, “slow down!”, “easy!”, etc. I heard Nugget talking back to mom saying “what?”, “a squirrel?”, “where?”, “you want me to go get it?”, etc. Clearly there was a lack of communication going on between the two. Dad and I just listened and laughed to ourselves. Silly girls!

By the time we got home all of us were worn out and I needed a valium.

We will try this leash walking thing again and again until we get it right. Geez!


My Birthday!!!

October 10th 2010 7:04 am
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Today is my Birthday and we are all very excited to see what the day holds. Mom and Dad always share the birthdays with everyfur and I am totally ok with long as I get more treats! BOL! I hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Family Opinion Poll on new Fursis "Chleo"

September 15th 2010 9:38 am
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I am personally not fond of her yet. I was the baby in the house until she showed up. I have been sad and depressed. Not my usual self. This is day 3.5 and she has distracted mother more than I would like. I heard Mommy tell Daddy he needs to pay special attention to me to make sure I don't feel so sad and jealous. I am not opposed to that plan. Will let you know how that works out.

p.s. NOTE TO CHLEO: Stop waking mommy in the middle of the makes her super moody the next day. BOL!


I have a new Furriend!!!

August 16th 2010 3:25 pm
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Hello all my pup pals!!! We have been out of touch for a little bit because mommy and daddy were having problems with that thing called the internet at home and we have all been in withdrawals! Once the man got it fixed I BEGGED mommy to let you guys know about my new furriend named "Alf". He has been in our home fur a long time but we were never able to play with him. Those of you who know our family know we lost our grandmother to cancer years back and grandpaw moved to Georgia to be with us. When he first moved here he stayed at our house and WE LOVED IT but, he did move into his own place and remarried. He left Alf at our home and it was hiding from us fur a while until mom decided to re-do the spare bedroom and sat Alf on the bed.

From that point forward ALF WAS MINE! I refuse to let anyone else play with him. Mommy gets a little growl every time she tries to take him away. I made a poem fur my new furriend:

I got a new furriend and his name is Alf.
He has been here a while, living in our house.
He hid in the spare room...away from danger.
Until mom decided to be a re-arranger.

She moved him up. She moved him down.
She was careful enough not to sit him on the ground.
She did make a mistake and sat him on the bed.
I saw my moment and I grabbed him by his head.

He doesn't go outside.
He has a big mouth.
He loved hanging with me.
Until our furriendship went South.

I ate his nose and a little of his face.
Now we are furriends and we share our space.


Mom posted some pics of me & Alf having a good time. She didn't want to post them on my profile pic as she finds it too hard to get rid of the one where me & dad are cuddling!

Take care!!


I got to go visit Grandpaw at his new place

August 6th 2010 8:00 am
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Mommy has been so very busy lately so she hasn’t had time to update my diary this week. I gave her a hard time last night because I wanted everyone to know about my adventure last Saturday. Mean mommy forgot the camera so we didn’t get any good picture so I will have to go again in order to preserve same with pics. Nonetheless, I did get to go see Grandpaw all by myself last weekend and it was tons of fun. He has a new place with his new wife and it was really nice. When I first got in the car I wasn’t sure what the heck was going on because I wasn’t hurt and wasn’t due for my shots so WHY WAS I BEING TAKEN TO THE VET??

I was less worried when we passed “the road” to the vet and then became a little freaked out. Where were they taking me?? This area looked so familiar…it was where I was hauled in a cage, in a car with all my other cell mates every Saturday for a long time to see if anyone wanted to take us to a furever home. There is no way they are taking me back!!! I began to hyperventilate and pressed myself as hard as I could against my Daddy in an effort to remind him how much he loves me. I even began to shed a whole bunch of my hair in the car so they would feel guilty if they did in fact take me back. I moaned and whined quite a bit too.

Imagine my surprise when we turned a different direction and when we parked…there was GRANDPAW!!!!! I was sooo happy to see him! We went in his new place and it was all clean and nice & there was this little bitty tiney winey dog there. I had heard talk of a new dog in the family. I was told (by my brother Braun) that we had a new uncle since Grandpaw got married but, I never expected to be soooooo much bigger than my uncle and I never expected my uncle to hump my leg repeatedly…to each his own I guess.

Anyway, my new uncle’s name is Taz and we hit it off pretty well, except when I had to snap at him for being “too friendly”. We visited inside for a while then we went outside to visit with the neighbors. There were two other dogs I got to meet that day. One was Brandy and the other was Opey. They were both super cute. We hung out, chatted, peed, sniffed each others butts – you know, the usual.

I did kiss Grandpaw several times while there. I miss seeing him as often as we used to but, that will be ok soon as mom & dad are going on vacation for a whole week and Grandpaw is staying with us! WHOO HOO! Can’t wait to share those adventures on here.

Mom has to go back to work now. Love to all my furriends.


The Look

July 1st 2010 6:48 pm
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I am sure most of my Dogsters are aware of this “trick”, for which we don’t get treats…BUT, for those that have no idea, I offer the “key to happiness”. We all know our people wake up really early to “go earn treats” as mommy describes it as she leaves each morning. (Funny thing is, she never says that on Saturday & Sunday!) . Nonetheless, my mommy & daddy think they own the bed in my room. They are constantly laying on it, watching TV on it, browsing web sites on it, etc.

Well, last night I jumped on the bed to show my love & appreciation for my pawrents when…all of a sudden…my (typically) sweet mother yelled at me and said “DOWN”!!

What? “Me no speak that language”! I realized my mission would not be easy, but, turns out mommy felt sooooooooooooooooooooo bad about raising her voice (at 2:00a.m ish) that I knew at this point I was in charge. I broke out the Baby Doe eyes and I was in!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out that look works fur pretty much everything. Enjoy “the look” my Dogsters!

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