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Tina's Diary

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Thanksgiving with Family

November 27th 2011 5:24 pm
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We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family. For all those out there that didn’t have a forever family; we thought of you and prayed for you. We know that many, many of us are still out there in a cage with concrete floors, warm/hot water, bars as a door, pee on our floor and a person passing by on occasion to make sure we are still breathing. We know that your Thanksgiving was not one of celebration, thanks and love. We know you cried yourself to sleep the night prior and the night of. Our wish on our Thanksgiving was for YOU! Not US! YOU! We want everyone to realize that while they had the warm surroundings of comfort, family, friends and great food…you were in hell. A cold, careless H E L L! Bless all of your sweet souls for holding on to hope and understand we are doing EVERYTHING WE CAN to get you and yours out of the hell you are in. WE LOVE YOU AND WILL NEVER FORGET EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! There will be no peace until there is PEACE FOR ALL!


Happy Birthday to Me!!

October 10th 2011 7:07 am
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Today is my birthday and I have everything I need...mommy, daddy, Ginger, Austin, Nugget, Braun, Human-sis Morgan, Human-bro Michael, furever home, furever family. Life is good. Now, let's eat:-)


Is it October yet?

September 19th 2011 10:49 am
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We send prezzies to all our pup pals saying "Happy October" and wonder just how many will notice and reply! BOL! We do however wish everyone a Happy Every Month of the Year!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! p.s. If this is found not to be funny by anyone, I blame Mommy! BOL!


Christmas is here already!

August 15th 2011 8:47 am
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Man! I can't believe Christmas is here already! It seems like it just snuck up on us this year. Typically we know it is coming months in advance because mommy starts her “shopping frenzy” which typically involves lots of online ordering for us pups! Then, she takes the entire living room floor up with bags & wraps and tissue paper, etc. to get everything “hidden” before the big day.

Every year we get new dog beds and this is how I figured out Christmas snuck up on us! Mom and dad came home Saturday and had all new dog beds in our room. WHAT? I absolutely can't believe Christmas is here already. Hey, where are all the other millions of awesome things we get every year? And, what happened to our special “Doggy Christmas Day” which is specifically set for just us pups and Grandpaw always comes over to celebrate and brings us even more fabulous stuff??? Pawlease don’t tell me you got rid of our special day!!! OMD! I CAN'T HANDLE IT! Where oh where did the love go???

BREAKING NEWS: this just in via Austin, apparently Christmas is not here yet. Mom and dad got new beds early because when Nugget first moved in back in she chewed holes in all of them.

Panic attack is over. Whew! Sorry for the interruption!!


Hidden Video Cameras…

June 28th 2011 4:03 pm
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Mom has decided to put up cameras to watch what we do during the day when she and dad are gone. Funny she calls them “hidden” video cameras because we are watching her check the angle of the camera and hit the “record” button before she leaves for work.

Turns out, I seem to be the only one to notice mommy setting up said camera. I say this because every time mom leaves Braun immediately runs to the kitchen and “counter surfs”, Nugget starts tearing toys up as if they have offended her in some way, Austin starts a lengthy howling routine which makes me think maybe she thinks the camera is for American Idol…Dog Edition and Ginger will climb up on the back of the loveseat forcing the curtains out of her way with her claws to watch the front of the house all day.

I on the other hand sit there like a really, really good girl. I cuddle with myself and the blankets on the couch, occasionally giving an “I’m so adorable” glance toward the camera…careful not to look directly into the camera otherwise THEY would know I know! BOL!

So far this “hidden’ video camera is working quite well fur me. Mom and dad come home, watch the video and tell me what a good little girl I am. Teheheheehee! I know, I know…I am a little rotten!!


Cleanliness is next to Dogliness

May 26th 2011 4:45 am
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Mom and Dad are so bad at removing things from their nightstands in the morning. Daddy usually has a couple of plastic cups, one for water or some kind of drink and the other is usually left from a late night snack. He also tends to leave empty cigarette packs and other items over there. Mommy leaves tons of water bottles and the occasional snack bowl because she likes to eat a little Italian Ice (cherry flavor) while watching shows before sleep. And she wonders why she isn’t losing weight! BOL!

Back to the subject at hand. I am well aware that Cleanliness is next to Dogliness so I have taken it upon myself to peruse the nightstands in the mornings and remove any items that would be considered “trash”. Since we are locked out of the actual trash can I try to devour the items myself…kinda like a shredder. I take the bottles of water and chew on them until the water is all the way out and try to shred those too.

Do I get a thanks for this??? NO! Mom pretended like she was already in the shower this morning and snuck back in the room to watch me “do my thing”. Didn’t even let me know she was there…just stood there watching me. Needless to say I was surprised when I turned and say her and even more surprised I didn’t get a “thank you” for helping clean. Jeez!



April 15th 2011 7:05 pm
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This afternoon, in Georgia, we had one of many recent “violent” thunderstorms. It hit just after dinner fur the pups and, of course, we had to go “poo” about a ½ hour afterward. The storms were so bad that when Mom opened the back sliding glass door to let us out we all shrugged it off.

Mom was concerned that none of us went out and told Daddy. Daddy said “if they can’t go outside we will just clean it up”.

We were all showing signs of “thunderstorm anxiety”. We never ever had fear of storms before my sister Nugget showed up but, since her arrival, she has shown us that sometimes storms should be feared.

Nugget is so scared of storms that she cries all night when we are having one. She has awakened us on so many “stormy” evenings that we are now equally anxious fur her.
Apparently Mom is ready as well:

Tonight we had a REALLY bad storm and we were all afraid to go outside for hours. Mom was concerned about our “potty business” and decided to open the back door to see if we would go out in the rain/storms to “relieve” ourselves. WE DID NOT GO!

Suddenly Mom walked out in the lightning, hard rain, and thunderstorms & asked us to join her. She stood out there in the bad weather with us!!! WAY TO GO MOM!! We all ran did our “business” and each stood next to her while the other finished.

Next thing we knew Daddy was at the door with the “pool towels” drying Mom, Me, Nugget, Braun, Austin, Ginger.

Mom is OUR HERO!


Plea to Winnie...tell your Mom, Annette:

April 8th 2011 6:12 pm
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WINNIE: I need you to tell your mom Annette what is happening here in my house! I think you know that your mom is AWESOME! Therefore, I am asking your AWESOME mom to pawlease tell my mom that she is acting a little "rude" lately.

History: My mom was having some heart problems. She described them as "palpitations". They had been going on for about 6 months before she decided to tell her Primary Care Physician that she was concerned about same. Well, the PCP sent her, by referral, to a cardiologist to deal with it. She was given a lot of was wearing a monitor for a whole month. During that entire month she found it uncomfortable to wear the machine overnight so she asked all of us furbabies to get off the bed during "sleepy time". I was understanding of that.

Now that mom has finished her testing and was told by her doc she had PVC (an additional heart beat that happens on occasion and feels much like a missing beat) she has been making all of us (INCLUDING ME!!) get off the bed at "sleepy time". I overheard her telling dad that her cardiologist said lack of sleep and stress would set off her PVC. I think she is using that as an excuse. I mean, he also said cocaine & alcohol abuse can cause it. I am not pointing paws at anyone but, she could be doing drugs or drinking too much alcohol behind our tails. Apparently she is very good at hiding the aforementioned criminal acts because we have not seen her doing it. However, she does enjoy red Gatorade and body powder...could she be disguising them??? BOL!

Nonetheless, I am asking that your mom tell my mom that letting me sleep IN THE HUMAN BED versus THE DOG BED is great for her health. I mean, studies have been prove that petting a furbaby can reduce stress as well as blood pressure. That translates into letting me in the bed all the time so she has instant access to the stress receiving process of petting me whenever she needs to.

Let me know what your mom says. I am pretty sure her opinion will ring in my favor...after all, I am TINA WINA! BOL!!!

Thank you in advance for your participation in this blackmail. Teheheheheee! I mean, BOL!


I Ran Away From Home.

March 27th 2011 2:40 pm
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Today mommy and daddy were doing lots of cleaning. They call it “Spring Cleaning”. I call it, hours with the sliding glass door open & all of us furbabies running free to play in the back yard. I was out there for a while and started wondering about what was on the other side of the fence. I used to jump the fence when I first moved in and Mom would quickly catch my and get me back. Afterwards Mom & Dad “Tina Proofed” the yard and I would not be able to get out again afterwards…until today.

I was gone for a while & found myself in an area I wasn’t familiar with. There used to be a dog named “Red” that lived next door and I would run & play with him. But, Red isn’t there anymore so I wandered further than usual. Before I knew it I was lost. LOST like all those furbabies on those signs. I tried to find my way home but didn’t know where home was. I wandered for a while. There were these huge cars going past me that seemed to have no idea I was there. They scared me. Suddenly I wanted my Daddy but, he wasn’t there. This was bad. I was truly lost. Would they hang signs for me? Would they give treats for my return? Would someone else dognap me and I never get to see Mom & Dad again?? This was in fact the worst decision I have ever made. Way worse than the decision to eat the couch. Far worse than my decision to east the coffee table. EVEN WORSE than my decision to eat Daddy’s Ronald Reagan boon. This was BAD.

Suddenly I find myself hearing Mommy and Daddy yelling my name. I look, I look, I look and I can’t find them. Then I was at a place called “QuikTrip” which I KNOW mommy loves this place because she gets gas for her car here and her and Daddy come here for coffee, soda, etc. when they are out running errands on the weekend. Will they run another errand on a Sunday afternoon and find me?? OMD! I WAS SOOO SCARED!

After what seemed a lifetime my Daddy pulls up and sees me. He didn’t even have to ask me to come to him…I SAW HIM AND RAN AS FAST AS I COULD TO HIM! We drove home in the car. Dad passed our house and I wasn’t sure why. Was I in more trouble than I imagined?? No, he was driving to find Mommy in another car looking for me to. We pulled up to her at a person’s house way down the road…she was telling them about me. When Dad honked the horn I could see the relief in her eyes.

When we all pulled back in our driveway Daddy was ticked. Mommy jumped out of the truck and ran over to the Jeep and cried while holding me. I licked her face to tell her I was sorry. It didn’t help. She was so devastated!

Once I was back in the house I was scolded & loved at the same time. I am sorry Mom & Dad. I Love you SOO MUCH. I will try my best to never hurt you like that again. It was scary fur me too!


Mommy ate a bear and a bird flew up her nose!!

February 19th 2011 7:52 am
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Last night I awoke to the sound of a grizzly bear. I crawled out from under the covers (between mom & dad) towards the noise. I was truly scared but knew it was close & had to try to save mom & dad. As I peeked my head out from the top of the covers I was in shock! It seemed the bear climbed into mom’s mouth and left her mouth open as he crawled down her throat into her tummy. I could hear the bear growling from inside her mouth and knew by then I was too late, there was no way to get it out. Soon therafter Daddy woke up (he heard the bear too) and saw me standing over mommy. He told me mommy was snoring which I guess is some code word for “bear in mouth” and tapped her until she rolled over. Apparently that made the bear go all the way down to her toes because I could no longer hear it. Daddy rolled back over and returned to sleep so I assumed all was good and I did the same.

About an hour later I was awakened by the sound of a bird. Once again, I crawled up through the covers and peeked my head out only to find that it was mommy’s nose!! A bird had now flown down mommy’s nose and was making a squeaking sound which resonated throughout the room. Oh my! What a bad night mommy had. This time Daddy was no longer in the room (he gets up really early) so I had to figure out what to do myself. I stood over mommy listening to the bird in her nose and began to ponder what I should do. It sounded like the bird was just inside her nostrils so I decided I could probably get it out quickly by licking her nose. Once I licked her nose mom came out of her sleep and looked right at me asking “what are you doing silly?” and I told her “saving your life silly!”. It must have worked because the bird stopped making noise in her nose.

Whew! What a crazy night. I wonder what the bear and the bird are doing now?

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