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Tina's Diary

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10 Ways My Pups Will Know it is Me

January 29th 2010 6:53 am
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1. When I come home, I let tater (Austin) come out front to do her excited pee before going in the house. I tell teeny weeny (Tina) “hold on- I can’t walk that fast to the back door to get you out”, I reassure my boo boy (Braun) that he was loved and missed all day and I tell blondie (Ginger) “no treats until you go out and do your business”

2. I will ask my pups if they want to go for a walk. Why I bother asking, I don't know. The answer will always be From Ginger "only if it is in the back yard because you know how creeped out I am about going through the front door!!". From Austin “will there be food involved?”. From Braun “only if you let me off y leash to roam free about the neighborhood whilst you look for me” and from Tina “YES YES YES YES YES YES! *hyperventilating*”

3. Rather than being the Pack Leader and insisting my dogs make room for me on the couch. Loveseat, bed, spot in front of stove in kitchen, etc. I simply work around them, trying not to disturb their peace.

4. When I tell Tina it is time to go to bed (in other words get off our bed and into her dog bed) she looks at me as if I have beaten her with ears down, eyes bugged out and shivering so I inevitably say “Awwww! It is ok honey. You had such a bad life before us so you can stay in the bed”. Making me so uncomfortable all night long but – so worth it! Thank God the other three dogs prefer to sleep in their dog beds!

5. When I am done with a roll of toilet paper I will throw it in the middle of all the dog toys and see who finds it first. That dog gets to chew it to shreds and then I clean it up for them.

6. I think nothing of my dogs sniffing my butt or my hair or even my clothing. Humans on the other hand – psycho comes to mind!

7. I pull dog hair from my food and try to guess which dog it came from. Human hair will make me throw a steak away!

8. When I wake up from a nap on the weekends and Daddy is in the living room while the dogs are still in the bedroom with me. I stir them up quietly by saying things like “whose here?” or knocking on the wall by the bed in order to get Daddy to run down the hall and let them outside to potty – trying to keep them from waking me! LOL! This works every time!!

9. I come home from the grocery store with five bags for dogs and two bags for humans. Needless to say there is no room on the top of my fridge or the bread box for anything but dog treats!

10. I think nothing of picking up their puke. Even when it is full of food, grass and unknown substances. I have been known to stand behind my dogs while they throw up – petting them to make them relax. Never did that for my husband but think I recall a story (before marriage) of him holding me in the truck while I threw up. LOL!


Oh yeah...I have my say!

January 29th 2010 5:06 pm
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I have to keep an eye on mommy to make sure she portrays my daily events accurately. As you can see from the photo Mommy added today, I keep an eye on her when she is on Dogster working my page. Love to all my Dogsters! Keepin it Real!


Daddy told me to get in my bed! Call the ASPCA!!

February 8th 2010 4:47 pm
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I was laying in the bed tonight...all comfy and warm when Daddy said "everybody down." Normally that means everyone but me but tonight that meant me too! I was not happy, as you can tell from my recently added photo. Look at that picture and tell me...wouldn't you let me back in the bed immediately?? CALL THE ASPCA!! This is the face of abuse! Just kidding...I was back in the bed in a matter of minutes! But lesson be learned...look at my sad face! Very convincing.


New Favorite Day!!

February 16th 2010 6:50 am
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I am now a lover of Valentine’s Day. Mommy and Daddy have never mentioned this occasion to me nor have I ever seen them celebrate it – could be one of those days where they leave for a long dinner and do not bring leftovers home. Anyway, this year Daddy gave Mommy a super-duper-massively-huge teddy bear for this special day. I immediately fell in love with the bear a/k/a “MINE”. Mommy has tried on several occasions to take the bear from me but I chase her down the hall holding onto “Mine’s” foot until she gives in and I drag “MINE” back to my doggy bed. Mommy decided it was better to let me have it and she took some pictures of me and “MINE” for all to see. We are cute together! I hope to get another “MINE” next year. I love this Holiday!!


Pillows are supposed to be big and full of padding!

March 5th 2010 10:05 am
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Pillows are supposed to be big and full of padding! So why is my sister Austin using me for a pillow? I am lean, and got no meat on my bones. Think it is cuz she loves me so much. Oh well, as long as my bony elbows don't bother her (like they do mom and dad) I think we will survive. Mommy added a new photo of Austin laying on me. We are adorable:-)


The Bear turned on ME!

March 9th 2010 6:51 pm
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As you are all aware, Daddy got me (and mommy) a HUGE bear for Valentine's Day. I spent a lot of time with this bear trying to teach it the "ropes" and would you believe it turned on me?? I had no choice but to defend myself!!!! It all started when I told her she needed to lose a few pounds - after all, I didn't want her to be forced to eat diet food like my fursis Austin when she gained too many pounds. Well, bear was obviously offended and without warning she jumped me. She had me in a headlock at first but my Military training came into play. After about 30 minutes of wrestling I had (1) pulled some of her stuffing out (2) gave her the doggie elbow and (3) pinned her to the ground! To celebrate my victory I layed on top of her and had dad take a photo. I have a feeling this is not the end of our dispute. But, as it stands now...Tina score 1...Bear score 0. I hate to embarrass her but I needed mommy to poet my picture to sho this actually happened. I am a little ashamed that I have such a big smile on my face but "it is what it is". To be continued.


I am injured and mommy doesn't know what to think.

March 18th 2010 4:38 am
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Several days ago when I was playing around I yelped really loud and, as always, mommy and daddy came running to my rescue. They thought I had injured my right leg as I was favoring it afterwards but it became clear it was my dew claw (I have two per paw) when mommy touched it and I yelped again. Mommy has been doing "daily inspections" of my dew claw and knew it was swollen but this morning she told me she was really worried about me. Turns out the swelling is worse and the redness is worse. She told daddy that if this did not look better by tomorrow evening we have to go to the vet Saturday morning. I asked her to PLEASE come on here and ask all my buddies if they have ever had an experience like this or ever heard of an experience like this and if so, do they have any advise. I ask for your help b/c I am VERY scared of the vet. I literally have a panic attack and hyperventilate and it breaks mom's heart. If I have to go...I have to go. But, we just thought we would ask on here first. Love - Tina.


Please send POTP to our friend Hartie who is going to the- vet today!

March 19th 2010 5:26 am
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Hartie's mom is off to the vet today to have a lump checked out that she fears is lipoma. Let's show some love and POTP! Thank you to all who care! Hartie's page can be found by clicking the link below!


Update on my Dew Claw

March 20th 2010 10:52 pm
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Though I didn't accept the idea of going to the vet well, turns out it was a good idea. Mom and Dad know best! Anyway, we took the dreaded visit and turns out there was no tear and no break!!!!!!!!!! Doc told Mom and Dad to continue the epsom salt soaks and all should be fine in a week or so! Mom and Dad were so glad things turned out so well they went o Cracker Barrel for breakfast and brought FANTABULOUS leftovers to us! I think my other paw hurts now...will that get me more Cracker Barrel????????????


The paw took a turn for the worst!

March 26th 2010 4:18 pm
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Well my furriends, I was all full of good news last weekend when we went to the vet to check my dew claw but...turns out things got worse. Mommy and Daddy came home today and we all went out for a yard run and when I came back in I had blood on all of my paws. Mom freaked out and started checking all my paws. When she got to the source of the blood it was the dew claw that was swollen last week. Vet didn't find a tear or a break last week so we were very excited but when mom and dad soaked me in epsom salt in the tub and got a better look it seems the nail is separated from the pad at the bottom area. Mom is upset!

Mom and Dad cleaned it up and put the cream on it. After than they wrapped it up so I would not mess with it tonight (and to keep the blood from flowing) so we can rest and head to the scary doc first thing tomorrow morning. BUMMER! Mom is worried I will have to be a "conehead" for a while but if that is the worst part...I guess we will be ok with that.

Will keep you updated. Love to all my Dogsters!

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