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Tina's Diary

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Day "3" with the Chritmas Tree = Tree "2", Dog "1"!!

December 11th 2008 5:18 am
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I know, I know, I know! Mommy, daddy and grandpaw have been telling me for days not to mess with this fantastic tree we have in our house b/c Santa Paws wants us to be good in order to get good pawresents but, I couldn't help myself! I made it through 2 whole days of just staring at the tree and then that stupid apple hanging on one of the middle branches actually taunted me! As you know from my diary entries, I am a future Marine so I wasn't about to let a stupid apple taunt me so...I took the apple down to show it a lesson.

Much to my surprise the apple was fake! Tricked again. That was soooo not worth losing my "good dog" status for Santa Paws! I will have to be extra good for the next 14 days and then I am breaking out of this shell!

p.s. Sorry Santa Paws:--(


Holiday Greetings

January 8th 2009 9:21 am
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Hello to all of our pup pals! The Holidays were so wonderful for us and we look forward to sharing our personal diaries with you soon but mommy started back to work on the 5th (after being off for two weeks) so she needs to get caught up before she can do our individual stories. We have sooo much to tell you that she will need time to take care of it. Happy New Year to all of our Dogster pals and we will update everyone soon. God Bless the Animals!



January 15th 2009 9:49 am
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OMD! This has been the greatest year of my life! I can't believe how wonderful it is to have a home and so much love! I wish every one of my old friends from the shelter could have the same thing. Everyone deserves this!

Mommy and daddy got to stay home for vacation with us over the Holidays and we had sooo much fun. Braun (my brother) and I opened the presents for everyone and it was so neat to see that each of us had one of each toy. We don't have to share if we don't want to...however, my sister Austin takes what she wants when she wants so I need to butter her up a little:-)

We even got these FABULOUS orthopedic massage and heated beds. I love the heated part (b/c my breed tends to be cold all the time) but that massage thing is for the birds. I love to lay on my heated bed while we are all watching TV or playing games but...when it comes to sleepy time I am back in the bed, under the covers with mom and dad. Huh! That's the way I roll!

All of us got these cool new leashes with new name tags. The leashes go around our body so we don’t choke ourselves with the collar that goes just around our neck. We tend to pull really hard on the leashes b/c we get sooooo excited to go anywhere – except the vet.

Mom made a bunch more food and I watched over her to make sure if anything dropped I would clean it off the floor...we were expecting company you know.

All in all, this is the best year of my life and I know it is only getting better from here. Thank you dear God for my new family. Bless everyone!

Happy New Year!


The Good, The Bad & The Ugly…

January 19th 2009 10:44 am
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Mom and I slept in pretty late on Saturday morning. I love sleeping in with her sooo much. We cuddle a lot. I think we slept in so late because it was cold and neither one of us wanted to get out of the bed where it was warm and cozy. Eventually the urge to go “potty” made me and mom get out of bed. Once out of the bed we realized dad had this fantabulous fire going in the living room and it was waaaayyyy warmer in there than it was under the covers! We had been missing out! The heat in the living room was enough to give me the strength to go out into the bitter cold back yard and do my business. I hate the cold b/c I have very short hair and I am very thin!

I got my business taken care of fairly quickly. That is highly unusual for me as I usually like to stand around in the backyard, pretending not to know my name while mom and dad do everything they can think of to get me to come in without them having to come chase me down. Usually a treat helps. That is a game we like to play; though I am not sure mom and dad enjoy it as much as I do.

Once I got back in the door mom went back to bed and daddy got back on the couch and my furry family laid on the loveseat as well as the lounge chair. I really wanted to stay in the living room with the fireplace blaring on me but I was conflicted b/c mommy kept calling my name and saying my favorite words… “Nappy Doodle”. Those are our code words for “Tina come take a nap under the covers with mommy; if we don’t go to sleep quickly I will give you rubs and hugs and kisses until we do” a.k.a. “Nappy Doodle”.

What a tough decision it turned out to be. I am not sure I like Saturdays anymore because I am faced with the “Good”, the “Bad” and the “Ugly”… (a) the good is me and mommy sleeping in late together . (b) the bad is realizing I have to go potty in the bitter cold while mom goes in the heated bathroom and (c) the ugly is the decision I have to make between mommy and daddy when she hollers “Nappy Doodle” because daddy is being sneaky and holding me hostage in the living room secretly giving me love, hugs & kisses so I wont leave him.

The Jury is still out on Saturdays but so far…I am conflicted.


What was I supposed to do??

January 21st 2009 8:14 am
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I finally caught up to a squirrel in the back yard yesterday and realized I had no idea what to do at that point. No one ever explained that to me so I decided to slap it around with my front paw and let it go. That seems the humane thing to do...Right?


Can we have rain all the time?

January 28th 2009 7:17 am
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I am sending out a special request to “the man” asking for more rain. I have several reasons behind this… (1) Georgia is still in a drought. Heard that on the news (2) Mom and dad stay indoors more when it rains (which means more time for us to cuddle & play) and (3) There is nothing as fun as rolling around in a big mud puddle in the back yard!!!!!

More rain pleeeeeeease!!!


I love cold weather!!!

February 4th 2009 3:40 pm
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Ok, ok, ok. For all of my pup pals you already know that I am a whippet and I get very cold all the time due to my little body and my thin hair. But, it has been really cold here in Atlanta lately and I have learned to love it. See, typically mom and dad come home from work and we all go out in the back yard to play for a bit. We don't stay out as long as I would like b/c mom and dad usually have "stuff" to do in the evening (cook dinner, yard work, etc.) and we get a little bored. Well, when it is really cold out mom and dad come home, start a fire in the fireplace, watch a movie and have soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.

You may ask yourself, how does this benefit me?? I will let fill you in. Mommy gets in the recliner with a blanket and I quickly join her for hours of love & cuddling while watching a movie. When mommy gets up to check the soup on the stove or go potty (so not fair they get to go inside) I go stand in front of the fireplace and warm my bofy. Winter is sooo awesome. I think God made winter for me:--)


YEAHHHH!!!! I got Diary of the Day!!!

February 9th 2009 4:32 am
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I am honored to receive this award. I have come from humble beginnings and know what it means to struggle your way to the top. For me the top is my family but second to that is my friends/family on Dogster whom I have grown to love sooo much. I love reading everyone's stories. Some make me cry and some make me laugh out loud. All of them are special to me.

Thank you so much for choosing my diary as the Diary of the Day. God bless my entire family at home and on Dogster!

I hope everyone has a great week.


New and cool hiding/sleeping area!!!

February 26th 2009 8:56 am
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I typically get up at the crack of dawn with mommy to help her get ready for work. I try to eat her shoes so she doesn’t have to leave me but she has caught on to my “little habit” and keeps all edible items out of my reach. We have a routine: (1) We wake up to daddy calling telling us to get up; (2) Mom turns the heater on in the bathroom and shuts the door (3) We let the dogs out for potty break – this includes me; (4) Mom let’s us back in and checks to make sure daddy remembered to turn off the coffee pot; (5) Mom gets her clothes together and we head into the bathroom for a shower.

I go in the bathroom with mommy every morning b/c I like to lay in front of the heater while she is getting ready for work. Sooo warm! Anyway, today mommy pokes her head out of the shower to check on me and she couldn’t find me. She was pretty confused and I heard her talking to herself, questioning her sanity as she was sure I went in the bathroom with her b/f she closed the door. She came out of the shower and toweled off, peeking out of the bathroom calling for me when I came up from behind her. See, I found the neatest place in the bathroom that I had no idea existed before today…the laundry closet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laying in there on mom and dad’s clothes all nice and warm. It was so neat. It even smells just like mommy and daddy which makes it even better.

Bad news is that when mommy gets ready to leave for work she closes all the doors to other rooms because “someone” in the house has a bad habit of playing with things they shouldn’t. When she tried to get me out of the laundry closet I resisted. If I were bigger I could’ve won that battle. Ohhhh, I miss the laundry closet. Til tomorrow morning:--)


I hate Mondays!

March 9th 2009 6:41 am
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Lately I have decided the most comfortable place to be in the mornings is in the bathroom closet on top of mom and dad’s dirty clothes. It’s so warm and smells like my two favorite people in the world. I came to a realization this morning that Monday’s aren’t so great. Turns out mom and dad do laundry every weekend and that leaves the clothes hamper area empty. I absolutely did not approve of this this morning and mom could tell I was bothered. To make me feel better she took her pajamas and daddy’s towel from earlier and put them in the floor of the closet for me. While I appreciate the gesture, I am used to much more padding.

As far as I am concerned - I hate Mondays and will do so until they decide to stop doing laundry on the weekends. Tina.

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