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Tina's Diary

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Dogster Closing Down our Pup Pages

January 17th 2014 10:04 am
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Our crew is saddened to learn that Dogster will be closing all of our pet pages by March, 2014. We have made so many wonderful furriends on here and, without Dogster we would not have made it through many dark days. Our Pup Pals have laughed, cried, worried and celebrated with us for many years. This has been a place fur us to let our voices be heard, seek advice on medical issues from pup pals who may have been through the same experience, share our special days and photos to accompany same.

We love all of you so very much and have anxiety over losing touch with many of you!! As such, mommy has asked us to let everyone know how to find us once we are gone from Dogster.

Mommy has a Facebook page and her name on there is “ Deanna End Bsl Coleman Smith”. She set up a new email address to keep up with all of you and it is
Please keep in touch with us…we love all of you!!!



December 17th 2013 12:10 pm
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Mommy is sad as she prepares for our first Christmas without Grandpaw. As most of you know, Grandpaw celebrated Pupmas with us every year. The humans had their Christmas and then Grandpaw would head to our home for Pupmas. He always had so much good stuff fur all of us but nothing made us happier than him just being there. This year will be different. He will not warming up that spot on the couch whilst drinking a hot cup of coffee and petting my bootay. I think we will all be sad for a while. But, I just know Grandpaw would want us to continue on with love in our hearts and celebrate the reason for the season…TREATS! BOL!

In all seriousness, I love you Grandpaw & wish I could get one more pet behind the ear from you.


I almost lost my life Saturday

October 14th 2013 6:54 am
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Mommy gets teary eyed while typing this for me but wanted to let everyone know what happened to me this past Saturday.

As most of my pup pals know, I have been known to climb our back fence when I see another dog in the area (running free) so I can play with it. Mommy and Daddy have done all they can do to proof the fence short of replacing it with a wood fence but I am a climber; I can climb the fence like it is a ladder.

Saturday we had such beautiful weather. Daddy was working and mommy was getting her stuff together to run household errands that day. Given the fact I haven’t jumped in a long, long time mom let her guard down and opened the back door to let us run and play for while before she had to leave. When it came time to leave, I was gone.

Mom started to panic but thought I might just be distracted by something way back in the yard…we have a HUGE back yard. So, mommy walked the yard looking for me only to realize I was not there. She told me her heart sank at that moment.

Mom immediately tries to grab a bag of treats and jump in the car to get me. She accidentally grabbed croutons but that would work. Her first thought was to hit the main road versus our residential street since that would be the place I could lose my life to a car. She had her windows down calling to me and shaking the {crouton} bag, her heart sinking and a lump building in her throat. She pulled into a residential drive located behind our fence line where other yards meet up with ours and saw a lady on her porch. She started to tell the lady about me missing and before she could finish the lady said “I saw that dog and a little black Chihuahua running together a little while ago, they almost got hit by a car in front of my house.”

At this moment mom lost all control and started crying. She called Daddy and could barely get the information out before Daddy said “I am coming home now!”. They love me so very much.

Mom continued to drive while trying to fight the tears and her intense fear of never seeing me again or finding me dead. She tells me it was one of the worst moments of her life. Suddenly she saw me running through someone’s back yard just a few houses up from the lady who said she saw me. She pulled into their drive and jumped out to go in the back yard but hesitated because she didn’t want to be considered an intruder and get shot. She went to the door and banged as loud as she could then ran back to the yard to call me but I was gone again. The person answered the door and mommy ran to the man and said “my dog is somewhere in your back yard I think. Can I please go back there and look?” When the man said yes she ran back to go back into the yard and I was standing beside the house.

WOW! Mom was suddenly in a pile of tears and grabbed me falling on the ground during the process. The man ran over to us and was trying to calm mommy down; it was not an easy task. The man started introducing himself to me and mommy and made her feel better enough so she could get me to the car and get me home.

Mom called Daddy and told her I was ok and Daddy scolded me over the speaker in the car…that was slightly confusing for me since I could not see him.

Once I was home Mommy pulled my collar off and headed to PetSmart to update it, making it much bigger and updating Daddy’s phone number, even though all others were updated. She even added our address on the backside so they can get me home if possible. (I WILL POST PIC OF ME WEARING IT, I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL!)

Needless to say, all is well now but I am on a very strict yard schedule now. Mom and dad are trying to figure out their options when it comes to our fence since they cannot afford to put a wood fence around the back yard.

Sorry to worry my Mommy and Daddy so much. It was terrible of me to break their hearts like that. I will try to be better…



October 10th 2013 5:11 am
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Another Birthday goes by and the only thing I want is every lonely dog in the world to have the love of a family, the warmth of a comfy bed inside a cozy home, food to nourish them throughout their days and belly rubs for a lifetime. I know how this love feels because I have it and it breaks my heart thinking of those that don’t.




May 23rd 2013 7:53 am
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I am sorry it has been a long time since mommy has shared my story on here. She has been so busy and, not to mention, the Book of Faces is where she likes to share all of our stories & pictures. But, I demanded she come back on here to let my pup pals, who are not on the Book of Faces, know how I have been doing.

To begin with, I am healthy and happy as ever. We are having summer here in Georgia so I LOVE getting to go out in our HUGE back yard and run & play for hours on end. Mommy & Daddy have to monitor my playtime lately because I started climbing the fence again. Our neighbor has unaltered cats and they have spread all over the place lately. Every time I see on in another yard I can’t control my urge to climb on over and chase them. Not sure what I would do if I actually caught up to one but, the chase if fun. Think I am going to have to stop climbing the fence though; I don’t get to go out and play as much as my brofur & sisfurs as a result.

Mom and Dad are still cheating on us. They come home every Saturday smelling like other dogs. I know they are volunteering for a furbaby rescue place but prefer they not let them get all my lovey dovey time. Just sayin’.

I hope everyone on here is doing well & that all of you know how much I love and appreciate our camaraderie on Dogster. This site has given us so many awesome friends and endless useful information when it comes to our pawrents caring for us. BIG HUGS FROM ME TO YOU!!!


My Birthday was amazing!

October 18th 2012 9:55 am
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Mommy, Daddy and I loaded up in the car and headed to Top Dogs Pet Boutique in Kennesaw, Georgia so I could pick out my own toys and birthday cake/treats. I went a little crazy and made mommy spend $85 but, she didn’t care. She just loved watching me and Daddy walk all around the store sniffing, licking, rubbing, everything in sight (I was doing that…not daddy! BOL!) and when I was done, I did it again! I made sure to get enough treats to share with my brofur and sisfurs and they really appreciated it. Especially Braun because he gets pretty upset when one of us goes for a car ride without him! BOL! Anway, thank you so very much for all of the pawesome messages & prezzies for my special day last week. Mommy is going to add a couple of pics to show you how much fun we had. LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!



October 10th 2012 5:39 am
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Today is my birthday so I expect lots of hugs & kisses from Mommy when she gets home from work this afternoon! Mom says we will have to celebrate my Birthday (officially) this weekend because Daddy is working nights and both of them need to be there for my celebration. I am ok with this because I am Daddy’s girl and there is no celebration without my Daddy! BOL! Love to all my Pup Pals!!


I Gots Lots of Love!

July 13th 2012 6:35 pm
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Mom and Dad have been very, very tired over the last week because my sisfurs, Ginger and Nugget have been having a really hard time with all the evening storms we have had this week. Seems we have a horrible storm every night since Monday and Mom’s greatest fear is the big Oak tree in front of our house landing on us. She doesn’t know I can read minds but, I can. She has the most horrible fear that that tree will crash on our house one day, during a bad storm. She has had an estimate to have said tree removed but, we don’t have that kind of money right now. The bad thing is the BIG tree is sooo close to the house and right next to our master bedroom.

I decided I must make her not worry too much. I started loving on her lots. Every time she woke up in the morning, every time she left for work, every time she got home, every time she lay in bed…I loved on her. She liked it!

Tonight, Mom and Dad lay in bed and watched TV for a little bit. Storms started, again. Mom had to deal with Ginger and Nugget as they were freaking out and she did the most amazing job of petting both of them at one time, making them feel like “life was ok”. They loved it.

Once Ginger and Nugget were calmed down they went to one of our many dog beds in the master bedroom. I now feel like I should let Mom and Dad know how much we love them for taking care of us. As such, Dad leaned over for a “good-night kiss” from Mom and I felt like I should get in on that. As Mom and Dad kissed, I jumped in there and gave a little kiss myself. Dad called it a threesome…not sure what that means but, we LOVED each other! BOL!!


SOMEBODY send me number to the ASPCA!!!

March 19th 2012 10:16 am
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I am not a happy girl! Nugget had to have surgery last Thursday and it has been "all about Nugget" since then. I tried to jump between Nugget and Mommy when they were cuddling (like I always do) and mommy got mad & told me no. She actually told me "NO"!! I am in shock at they way they are treating me. They wouldn't let me get any special playtime in with Nugget either! I mean, what is going on here. I am not familiar with abuse but am pretty sure this is it. Seriously! SOMEBODY send me the number to ASPCA so I can file a complaint. If you do not have that number I would like the one to DFDS (Department of Family and Dog Services)!!! Geez!


All my hopes and dreams...

February 24th 2012 10:35 am
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I would curl up all alone in a small cage all day and all night. I am a delicate little girl so the loud sounds of others barking and howling all around me in thier cages made me scared, constantly scared. We were all loaded in a van once or twice a week and taken to stores where we, once again, sat in our cages all day while people came by and looked at us in the cold, heat, rain, etc. In the beginning there was hope but I lost it after many trips to the stores then return trips to the rescue service. Was my family really out there? Are they looking for me? Don't they know I am scared and alone in this room full of pups that need a home?

Another trip to the local store, all of our cages packed in the van one on top the other and side by side until stuffed. I had stopped looking people in the eyes. I just hid in the back of my cage hoping it would all just go away. Suddenly I heard a man tell his wife "look at this one honey". To my surprise they were looking at me. The wife said "oh my God she is sooo skinny and sad". Yep! They were definately talking about me. Next thing I know they are letting me out to visit with the couple. I immediately jumped in the man's lap and began to do a little whiney sound that made the woman get closer and love on me. She actually looked deep into my eyes as if to tell me something but I didn't understand. And then, like before, I was put back in my cage and off they went. Oh dear, how many times can a heart break before it actually falls completely apart??

Wait, what is this? They are coming back! OMD! THEY ARE COMING BACK! I heard them tell one of the employees they "were back from the bank"!! I was so happy at this point that I was no longer cowered in the back of my cage. I perked my ears up and my little brown eyes veered through the bars of my cage and I just listened. It didn't take long before I heard my new Dad ask if he could please go ahead and take me out of my cage while my new Mommy filled out all of the paperwork. YAY!!!!! Free!! I was FREE!!! My new Daddy and Mommy took me to the pet store to pick out my new bed, food bowl, collar, leash, and new dog toys; all for me.

Before I knew it I was whisked off to a big beautiful home with three other dogs and a MASSIVE back yard (we have since adopted another one so, five dogs). I haven't been back in a cage since that grand day. I haven't been scared since that grand day (except for those stupid vet visits). I do have to put up with some obnoxious barking and howling on occasion but it is not the same as the kind at the is usually my siblings pitching a fit when Mom and Dad go somewhere.

All my Hopes and Dreams came true. I hope they did for you too!

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