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Braun's Diary

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Pawrayers for my grandpaw

August 5th 2009 10:25 am
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Original Message Composed By Mommy on Tuesday evening 8/4/09

To all of my Dogster Family: I have some bad news about my grandpaw - the man I love soooo dearly. Sunday mommy and daddy went to his apartment to meet up with him for a retirement party for one of his friends and they found him in the floor, unable to get up and unable to breathe very well. Mommy called 911 and he was taken to the local hospital.

He was in really bad shape but we didn't know how bad until today. and grandpaw are two very tough guys insofar as we don't show signs of weakness and don't tell when we are sick. Grandpaw took it too far. He had a severe infection in his stomach related to a hernia operation and was rushed in surgery this evening.

Mommy and daddy kissed him for me before he went in and mommy told me he was ready to die. He told mommy to tell all of us how much he loved us and to give us big hugs for him. Mommy refused and told him he would have to do that himself. When the doctor got inside it was realllllyyyy bad. They found a huge amount of infection and even more necrotic skin/tissue. He is now in ICU on a ventilator and I am scared.

We love him sooo much and are asking all of our Dogsters to say a special prayer. He is the greatest Grandpaw a dog could ever ask for. Thank you. Braun Boy.

UPDATE - 8/5/09

Daddy (at hospital) just called Mommy (at work) to tell her that he is still unconscious with the ventilator. Daddy has been sitting in the room with him all morning. Mommy told Daddy to tell him how much we loved him and needed his hugs/petting/kisses which Daddy said he would do.

Doctor is leaving grandpaw "open" for a little while in case there are comlications and they need to go back in. I hope there are no complications!

Heard Mommy and Daddy talking about cancelling their week vacation they had coming up because they don't trust anyone to take care of us for a week except for our sweet, loving grandpaw. Don't blame 'em...he is the best petsitter in the WORLD.

Keep all paws crossed my furriends and we will keep the updates coming. Luv - Braun Boy


Bonus, Bonus, Bonus!

July 25th 2009 5:38 am
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So my sister was sure to make mom and dad feel really guilty for missing her birthday by a couple of days! Daddy has been spoiling her all moring (while mom was still sleeping) and now there is talk of going to PetSmart for her birthday toys & not to mention they are going to serve steak and homemade Frosty Paws!! BONUS - they can't give her steak & Frosty Paws without sharing with us too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GINGER:-)


Our Furriend Angel from Webster, WI had these questions on- her page asked her furriends to answer so…here I go…

July 9th 2009 9:03 am
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What is your name? Braun

What other nicknames do you have? Braun Boy, Boo Boy

What breed are you? Mixed Bag O Nuts 

Where were you born? Atlanta, Georgia

Where do you live now? Powder Springs, GA

What is your favorite toy? I am not a big toy fan but if I had to choose I say these dogs that you stuff with empty bottled water bottles. They make the most fabulous noise when you chew on them.

What is your favorite store? Kroger! That’s where all the good stuff comes from!

How many toys do you have? OMG! Between me and my four siblings we have a huge pile of toys. Mama has to put them in a laundry basket to get them out of the floor when she is cleaning. They fill the laundry basked to the top.

What brand of food do you eat? I eat Iams.

Wet or dry food? Wet and Dry mixed together. Dats the Bomb!

What is your favorite color? Black. I have a black body leash and it looks really good on me.

Are you bad when nobody's looking? OH YEAH! Bad thing is mommy has hidden cameras in the house so I have been busted so many times.

Are you friendly? I am an anti-social dog. I love to hang with mommy and daddy and I absolutely love to go to the vet and see all the new dogs/cats but typically I keep to myself around the house. Must be a breed thing – even though I have no idea what breed I am.

Are you overweight? I look fabulous.

Do you eat people food? Hell yeah! Mom and dad always bring leftovers for us when they go out. I would expect no less.

Do you eat bugs? No. I eat soap.

Do you live with other animals? I live with my canine sister Austin, canine sister Ginger, canine sister Tina. We also have a ton of squirrels in the back yard which I LOVE!

Do you like to exercise? Yes. I like to go for long walks with mommy and daddy. I also work out every morning by rolling around on the bed when mommy gets up for work. I call that Puplates.

Do you like car rides? I LOVE car rides. I slobber all over the windows and bark at every single animal I see. I especially love it when we stop at a red light next to a car that has a dog looking back at me. Mommy doesn’t roll the windows down much anymore b/c I fell out a few years back. That was a weird experience.

Do you get into stuff? Yep. I like to get into the trash. Mom has a video of that as well 

Do you like to swim? No. Water reminds me of baths and I hate baths.

What is your favorite treat? Busy Bones

Do you shed? Not so much if you compare me to my sisters Ginger and Austin.

What's the funniest thing you ever did? Bit daddy on the butt when he came rollerblading past me and mommy. Daddy didn’t find it as funny.

What's the bravest thing you ever did? Defended myself against a mean dog at a friends house. Once she was “put in her place” she never got aggressive with me again.

Are you neutered? Is that what they call it?? All I know is I went for a day at the spa and came home without my…you know.

Are you a social animal? I only love my parents

Collar or harness? Harness a/k/a my body collar

Retractable or regular leash? Retractable. Mom has too much fun with that one

Ceramic, Metal or Plastic bowls? Plastic red bowl

Do you sleep in a crate? No.

Do you have a dog bed? I have my own dog bed in the living room and in mommy & daddy’s room.

Do you have a doghouse? We are all inside dogs so my doghouse is the living room, the bedroom and the workout room.

Do you belong to any dog clubs? Dogster, Mutts, Planet Pawllywood.

How does your owner describe you? Antisocial and the “bad kid at Walmart”. HA!


I absorooofly love the VET!

June 22nd 2009 7:19 am
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I was due for my yearly vaccines this past weekend and my furry family just laughed and made fun of me because I had to go. What they don't realize is the joke is on them!

See the vet experience is only what you make of it. Kinda like the "water bowl 1/2 empty - water bowl 1/2 full" outlook. My furry family members think of it as this horrible place with lots of scary people, strange smells and NEEDLES. I look at it as a chance to get to meet new dogs and people.

Mom took me to the fabulous vet on Saturday morning around 8:30 a.m. and there were already like 8 dogs waiting in line before us. I was so excited that I tugged at my leash to meet my new furriends and barked a few words now and then. I am not real sure "Buster" liked me much but then again, he would have warmed up to me if he wasn't lying on the floor whining about being there. HA!

At one point two kitties came in to visit and we were so excited to see them that we all barked really loud (and not in tune) which for some reason made them get to go back in the vet room first. Weird.

Anyway, once I got in to see the Doc -(he loves me) - he gave me a couple of {slightly uncomfortable} shots, exams, etc. and then it was off to TREATVILLE! Man that guy has got some fantastic treats!

I tell ya, those dogs at home have no idea what they are missing. I wish I were due for vet visits at least twice a week!


Social Calendar vs. Special Calendar...

May 20th 2009 5:14 am
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I have come to the realization that I must define for my human siblings the difference between a Social Calendar and a Special Calendar. Some of you may already know but it seems my family is in need of a lesson.

A Social Calendar is something that takes away “me” time. My grandpaw has built up quite the Social Calendar since he moved here and as a result our ritual of daily visits while mom and dad are at work, sleep over Tuesday’s and Dinner Thursday’s have fallen off the map – so to speak. This is harmful for him as well as me.

I will make a list for mother to type up so that grandpaw (and all other humans) can understand the importance of a Special Calendar. It is as follows (get your fingers ready mom):

1. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 7 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
2. You include your favorite pet on said calendar 6 days a week and you get unconditional love for life.
3. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 5 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
4. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 4 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
5. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 3 You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 7 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
6. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 2 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
7. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 1 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.
8. You include your favorite pet in the world on said calendar at least 0 days a week and in return you get unconditional love for life.

Wait a minute---that didn’t work out the way I planned it but then again, how can I deny that I will love my humans unconditionally no matter what they do.

The ball is now in their mouth. Let’s see how this plays out.


It's all over.

April 27th 2009 8:44 am
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Mom and dad came back from their trip yesterday and it's all over!

Grandpaw and I were having so much fun and it's all over!

I was happy to see MOM and DAD but...It's all over!

Grandpaw gave us extra treats and extra food the whole time - it's all over!

We got to sleep in the spare bed with Grandpaw's all over!

We got to spend hours at a time outside and it's all over!

Don't get me wrong, I love my mommy and daddy very much but grandpaw is easy when it comes to getting whatever I want and that is why I sadly announce - IT'S ALL OVER! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Friday, Saturday and Sunday....Heaven!

April 22nd 2009 6:21 am
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Mom and Dad are going out of town on Friday for an entire weekend of dirt biking and this is usually something that makes me very unhappy. But, since Grandpaw lives near us now this has made me see things differently. When mom and dad goes out of town, GRANDPAW STAYS AT HOME WITH US! I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

I LOVE MY GRANDPAW! I will be sure to let all my fellow Dogsters know what we did while mom & dad were out riding all weekend. Sure to be a lot of fun.


I'm not sure if I can hold it...

April 13th 2009 5:23 am
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...It was pouring down rain this morning when mommy let us out for our morning "peedoo" and I was not really excited to go out in it. Don't like my paws wet. I went out b/c mom forced me to and I just stood on the porch for a while. Mom walked away and I think she was under the impression I did my business while she wasn't looking so she let all of us back in.

I am overly concerned at this moment as I am not sure I can hold it all day long. I hope mommy calls grandpaw to get him to come over and let us go out today. That would be a LIFESAVER!

Rain Rain Go Away...


Gambling vs. Cuddling - part 1

March 30th 2009 8:37 am
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Everyone knows how much I love my grandpa. He spends a bunch of time with us while mom and dad are at work and comes over to hang out with us on the weekends (while watching sports with daddy).

We have had a standing appointment every Tuesday for the past year where he comes over for a "spend the night" visit. I love those days b/c he and I stay up late, cuddling and eating treats while the others follow mom and dad to bed (they have to be up early for work whereas grandpa is retired).

Mom and dad came home from dinner with grandpa lastnight and informed me that Grandpa would not be spending the night on Tuesday. I was upset and needed answers. Seems that Grandpa and some of his friends are going gambling in Alabama on our slumber night! I need to compile a list of comparisons for Grandpa to let him know how much better the night with me is versus the day at #*&#*#& in Alabama. This is what I have so far...

Being with Me:

1) Excited to see you when you walk in the door.

2) Give you kisses at any time

3) Lay on your lap while you watch tv

4) Finish your plate when you are too full to do so

5) Stays up late with you and watch every tv program you want to watch – no argument

6) Takes treats from your hand As gently as a baby with not teeth


Gambling in Alabama:

1) Ready to take your money when you walk in the door.

2) Take your money at any time

3) Spill drinks in your lap while taking your money

4) Take everything you have on your plate

5) No tv and no clock so you stay as long as we want you to in order to take all your money

6) Takes the money out of your hand and your pocket like a hungry tiger

More to come…



March 26th 2009 9:50 am
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Check out Sampson's picture on my page. He is an AKC Registered Golden Retriever. He is the one in front on the picture. His story is as follows:

"Subject: Need a Dog?

My son, Chad, is trying to find a good home for their 4 year old yellow lab, Sampson. Sampson is AKC registered and has been neutered. When Chad is flying (can be on the road for several days at a time), my daughter-in-law has her hands full with the twins and Cavin. They’ve had Sampson since he was 8 weeks old.

I have attached a couple of photos. Sampson is the one in front.

Please let me know if you know of anyone that may be interested. Chad & Tina live in Marietta. He will be glad to let someone do a trial period with him to make sure it is a good match.


Susan Goodwin

Pace Travel

Carlson Wagonlit Associate

Phone: 423-559-3111

My Office Hours: 8:30am. - 5:30p.m. ET, Mon-Fri

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