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Braun's Diary

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Braun likes Ella and Dogster!!

February 8th 2010 4:26 pm
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Mommy decided to show how much I like the Dogster site. In the middle of all the chaos I decided I REALLY like our furriend Ella! She is soo cute! Check out my video with me liking Ella, Dogster and cameo appearances by my sisters Tina, Austin and Ginger. p.s. Notice what a mess Tina makes of the living room with the stuffing from her toys???



February 6th 2010 6:18 am
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I AM DIARY OF THE DAY!!! Mommy and I are soooo excited! We are thankful to Dogster and all of our fantastic furfriends!!!! We get such joy from being on here and communicating with animal lovers such as my mommy! She transcribes what I dictate quite well and I thank her for sharing my thoughts with you. LOVE TO ALL MY PUP PALS AND DOGSTER!!!


Ewwwwwwwww! I saw mommy nekkid!

February 2nd 2010 6:01 am
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OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy was handling her morning routine in the bathroom this morning and I was handling mine too. My routine consists of trying to find anything on the night stands, counter, coffee table, end tables, etc. that I can hide and chew on later when the pawrents are at work. I usually do this in the morning while she is showering b/c she "dog proofs" the house before leaving. One morning I managed to steal some starburst off mom's nightstand while she was in the shower...I am still waiting for the paper I ate to "resurface" BOL!!

Anywho, this morning I was trying to sneak a pan off the kitchen counter (daddy made steak in it lastnight!!) but the darned thing fell off and rather than quietly hitting the carpet it hit the hard surface on the floor making a really loud noice. Next thing I know mom is running down the hall NEKKID because she thought one of us was hurt or something. AHHHHHH! I am never ever taking something heavy off the stove again! That nekkidness was traumatizing! Not to mention she looked a little weird because she had no hair on her legs and her tail was missing!!!!! We always thought it was tucked into those ridiculous outfits she wore! I can't imagine what she went through before we found her! Poor mommy!


Proof that I am an Author

January 29th 2010 4:53 pm
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For those of you who question my input on diary entries...check out the picture daddy took of me telling mommy what to put in my daily diary entry. I have to keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't make any typos!


10 Ways My Pups Will Know it is Me

January 29th 2010 6:50 am
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1. When I come home, I let tater (Austin) come out front to do her excited pee before going in the house. I tell teeny weeny (Tina) “hold on- I can’t walk that fast to the back door to get you out”, I reassure my boo boy (Braun) that he was loved and missed all day and I tell blondie (Ginger) “no treats until you go out and do your business”

2. I will ask my pups if they want to go for a walk. Why I bother asking, I don't know. The answer will always be From Ginger "only if it is in the back yard because you know how creeped out I am about going through the front door!!". From Austin “will there be food involved?”. From Braun “only if you let me off y leash to roam free about the neighborhood whilst you look for me” and from Tina “YES YES YES YES YES YES! *hyperventilating*”

3. Rather than being the Pack Leader and insisting my dogs make room for me on the couch. Loveseat, bed, spot in front of stove in kitchen, etc. I simply work around them, trying not to disturb their peace.

4. When I tell Tina it is time to go to bed (in other words get off our bed and into her dog bed) she looks at me as if I have beaten her with ears down, eyes bugged out and shivering so I inevitably say “Awwww! It is ok honey. You had such a bad life before us so you can stay in the bed”. Making me so uncomfortable all night long but – so worth it! Thank God the other three dogs prefer to sleep in their dog beds!

5. When I am done with a roll of toilet paper I will throw it in the middle of all the dog toys and see who finds it first. That dog gets to chew it to shreds and then I clean it up for them.

6. I think nothing of my dogs sniffing my butt or my hair or even my clothing. Humans on the other hand – psycho comes to mind!

7. I pull dog hair from my food and try to guess which dog it came from. Human hair will make me throw a steak away!

8. When I wake up from a nap on the weekends and Daddy is in the living room while the dogs are still in the bedroom with me. I stir them up quietly by saying things like “whose here?” or knocking on the wall by the bed in order to get Daddy to run down the hall and let them outside to potty – trying to keep them from waking me! LOL! This works every time!!

9. I come home from the grocery store with five bags for dogs and two bags for humans. Needless to say there is no room on the top of my fridge or the bread box for anything but dog treats!

10. I think nothing of picking up their puke. Even when it is full of food, grass and unknown substances. I have been known to stand behind my dogs while they throw up – petting them to make them relax. Never did that for my husband but think I recall a story (before marriage) of him holding me in the truck while I threw up. LOL!


Must learn colors!

January 28th 2010 5:45 am
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Mom busted me in paint the other day. At first I wasn’t sure how she figured out it was me but…then she pulled out the video camera and focused on my nose. Apparently I had gotten the cream/tan colored paint on my nose in a spot where there was white fur. (*U&#(*$%U#(* NOTE TO SELF: Must learn paint colors!! Black will not be found on black fur and white will not be found on white fur!! Cannot use any other colors such as purple, green or yellow as I do not have purple, green or yellow fur.

***For those dogs out there that need a lesson – please watch my new video mom so sweetly titled “Braun Sniffs Paint” – not funny mom!***


We have a new video!!

January 19th 2010 6:41 am
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To all of my furfriends: Mommy got a digital camera/video camera for Christmas and she used it to take a video of us in the kitchen with Daddy yesterday. It is titled “We love the Kitchen”. Mom loves the fact that our Dogster pals can see and hear us in action versus a still shot. We are too cute to not be on video! Check us out:--) Love – The Smith Family.


I love mornings!

January 15th 2010 4:40 am
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Mommy and I have become quite the morning couple. See, daddy is already gone for work and the other three are usually on the couch or loveseat while mommy showers and prepares for work. I simply follow her everywhere she goes and she sometimes sits in the floor with me while blowdrying her hair and we cuddle. I love cuddling with mommy! Saturdays/Sundays are not as fun but we do sleep in. Daddy usually gets up early (even when he is not going to work) and my three furfamily members go in the living room with him. I stay and cuddle up next to mommy on the bed and we sleep in until she is ready to face the world. So either way you look at it - Mornings are AWESOME!


Aint Scared!-----OK! Scared!

January 14th 2010 7:47 am
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Last might Mom and Dad settled in for a movie. I knew a movie was coming because they usually get us fed, move the comfy chairs around to be directly in front of the big screen TV and turn out all the lights. I know…they are a little weird. BOL!

Anywho, I love to watch television too but my fave programs include dogs, cats, horses, elephants, lions, tigers, bears…you understand where I am coming from.

Well, pretty early on into the movie things weren’t looking so good. There was this lady walking down the middle of the street with blood all over her carrying a gun. Kinda creepy but not too bad. After all, it is a “movie”. A little further into the show there was this extremely creepy guy jumping out of the back of an ambulance and going around front to cut off the EMT’s head. A little more creepy. Further on into the movie there were these three people in a truck following the aforementioned creepy guy into a field where they were going to beat him up a little to keep him from coming on their land. They did so. He got back up after the beating and killed those people. I am still not scared because it was a “movie” and I know they are “acting”.

Next thing I know creepy guys kills and eats the DOG that was in the back of the truck. OK! OK!! OK!!!! I was freaked out! This is not good! Turn off that damned movie!! I can't take it!! I mean, me and mommy both are ok with scary movies where people get killed but we cannot handle seeing animals get killed – even if it is a freaking movie! No more Halloween movies by Rob Zombie – ever again!


Merry Christmas

December 23rd 2009 4:42 am
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We will be off the computer over the Holiday so I wanted to tell everyone on here that we love you and appreciate all of you! All of our pup pals are the GREATEST! Merry Christmas!!!

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