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Braun's Diary

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Home but a Little Woozy

May 25th 2010 3:46 pm
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Thank you to all of my pup pals that sent me POTP and pawrayers. I am home but super groggy. I have a really big wound site but that’s ok because Daddy said “Chicks dig it”. Cool huh? I asked Mommy to post my surgery pics so I could test Daddy’s theory. Going to sleep fur now. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!


Note from Mommy

May 25th 2010 11:11 am
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It is official-BRAUN HAS A FAT ASS! The lump removed today was also a fatty lipoma! THe reason why this second lump was of concern to the doc was b/c it was so hard. Turns out the reason it felt so hard was because it was sitting on top (I think the Vet said top, can't recall) of a muscle. Braun is resting after the anesthesia/surgery!! W-H-E-W! I can breathe now. Can't wait t/see my boy tonight!!!


Mom and Dad took me to my Vet for Surgery tonight

May 24th 2010 5:31 pm
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Mom made a video of me on the way to my surgery tonight. She took a picture also which I am sure (both) are posted on here by now. I am currently in a cold cell, I do have a blanket from home which makes me feel a little better because it smells like mommy, daddy, Tina, Austin, Ginger and Tina. I am scared because there are lots of dogs making noises all around me and they don't sound like "happy" noises. I guess reality is setting in. I have to be here all night and will have to have surgery tomorrow. As much as my mommy misses me right now, I miss her five times more. I miss being home and hanging out on the bed with all of my family. Tonight is the Season Finale of 24...I hope Mom and Dad are recording it for me. I am sure they are.

Mom had to walk with me to my cage this evening because I would not go anywhere without her. I walked all the way back to my cage and when it came time for her to leave I LOST IT ! I thought I was stronger than that but...I guess I am not. Mom turned out not to be so strong either. I heard her crying telling the Vet Assistant that they must take care of her baby boy and PLEASE call her as soon as I wake up or she will be a "basket case". They agreed and mom provided various phone numbers to reach her tomorrow.

I can't wait for all of this to be over and be home with Mom, Dad, Austin, Ginger, and Tina. I miss my feline brother Groucho Marx who passed away and wish he was there waiting for me when I got home too.

Love to all my Dogsters!


I have to have surgery this Tuesday. Mom is worried!

May 22nd 2010 7:28 pm
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Mom is VERY worried about my surgery this Tuesday. I have had a "lump" show on my body before which turned out to be fat so Mommy was not too worried about the recent one she found during my bath. However, she did keep an eye on it and it grew in size very quickly.

We went to the Vet today and he was concerned. He said this new lump was "hard" and "mobile" and we needed to remove it now versus wait. Apparently it is "not attached to anything" because he could move it and he was concerned since it was hard so it has to be removed and tested. My mother is very upset. She was not worried about the new lump because the last one was so harmless.

I think she feels the worst about having to take me to the Vet the evening before my surgery versus the morning of the surgery because I have three other furfamily members and I have to not have water/food after 6:00 p.m....that is dinner time at our house. Anyway, mom feels sad and worried and we are asking fur pawrayers this Monday through Wednesday fur me. My mom loves me more than anything and hopes all will be ok.

To Braun From Mommy: You are the sweetest little Man I know and I would do this for you if I could. Be safe my little man! Love You!



May 22nd 2010 6:30 pm
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Mom and I had a scare a little while ago where she found a “lump” on me and she was very worried it was bad. She spent a lot of time investigating same and even called our furriend, Winston’s mom to inquire about their experience with the same stuff. We got great advice and comfort from Annette, Winston’s mom and after going to the Vet all turned out well – it was a fat lump. Given the fact that we worried so much about a “fat lump” we didn’t worry too much when mom found another lump while I was getting a bath. Mom and I thought it would be the same “fat” issue as before.

The Vet said it was not fat. He felt it and said it was very hard and mobile. He said that since it is “hard” it cannot possibly be “fat” so we must surgically remove it. Mom cried. The Vet tried to make her feel better by telling her “if it moves when I touch it it cannot be attached to anything vital and we can more than likely get all of it at one time and send it out for testing”. Mom was ok with the decision and said “ok”.

She is scared. I am approximately 8 years old (I was saved so we don’t know my real age) and mommy spent many years as a Vet Technician before changing to the Legal field and she knows that things can happen. I try to look at her with my big brown eyes to let her know that it is ok but I can tell she is not comforted in any way. She is scared.

When I was neutered she worked at the same clinic that did the surgery but, she chose to have it done on her day off. She told Daddy that she knows how hard anesthesia is on the animals and how they “cry” when they are coming out of it and she couldn’t handle seeing her babies do that. Now, she must think of me doing that at an older age.

Mom chose, of course, to have all the pre-anesthetic bloodwork done so I will be poked and prodded for a bit. I look forward to coming hime to Mommy and Daddy. They love me so much and I love them even more. Surgery is Tuesday morning. Mom and Dad have to take me in on Monday evening because I cant’t eat or drink after 6:00 p.m. and I have three sisters who would need to eat/drink. Pawray fur me! Love-Braun and Braun’s Mommy



April 26th 2010 7:06 am
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Turns out my lump is fat! I am really ok with fat because mommy loves me no matter what. Cool thing is my butt isn't getting big, my hips aren't growing out of control, I am not getting a double chin, I do not have a "muffin top" nor are my arms flabby. I simply have a little bump of fat on my side. You know what this means??? I can continue to eat all the treats I want. Whooo Hoo!


My lump

April 22nd 2010 6:10 am
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Mom says the lump has not grown at all in two weeks but I still get to go to the vet for a second opinion this Saturday. I LOVE THE VET!


Braun goes to the Vet

April 10th 2010 5:00 pm
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Mom and Dad took me to the vet this morning. As usual, I was very excited to go to the vet. I love the VET! I get to meet new furriends there and they give me TREATS! Treats and new furriends are well worth anything else that takes place there.

As soon as mom got my leash out I became very excited…see video clip #2 “Braun gets excited to go to Vet”. As you can see, I am super excited.

We get to the vet and I immediately met a new furriend…see video clip#1 “Braun goes to the Vet”. I did my best to make furriends with that cute little pup but I am not sure he wanted the same from me. Then mommy stepped in and made me quit barking. I am not sure if is comes clear on the video but the parents of the other dog started hitting it, with their bare hands to make him stop barking. Saddest thing ever! Mom said she cringed when she heard it but couldn’t say anything. Poor puppy!

We were first in to see the doc and he was happy to see me because I am super fun to be around. He asked mommy to show him my lump, which she did, and then he got down there to start rubbing my lump too…I felt a little weird about that and mommy could tell so she stopped him and told him that I was a “fear biter”…WHAT? I mean, I bit dad a couple of times when I first came to live with them but they were ok with it. As a matter of a fact mom told daddy I was scared. Oh, that is what she meant by “fear biter”. Mom held my head while doc checked my spot and then it was time for his diagnosis/opinion.

Doc told mom it didn’t feel like a fatty tumor, wasn’t a limp node and it was the size of walnut. He told mommy that we should keep an eye on it for a couple of weeks to see if it gets any bigger. Mom wasn’t comfy with that. She asked the Doc “what if it is something bad and waiting makes it worse”. Doc told mommy that the area the lump was wasn’t an area with anything “vital” so whether or not it was something to worry about it would be easily removed and had nothing vital to spread to. Doc also said that given the area and the size an x-ray would not help as it would not show up. Mom wasn’t comfortable with that either but, he is the vet and he has been taking care of us for a long time so she trusted what he said.

So, for now, we will simply keep a close eye on it and go back in to the vet for another check in two weeks.

Mom is still worried.


A strange lump

April 7th 2010 3:57 pm
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Mom has been watching/feeling a lump I have on my right thigh just inside the hip area. She notices it about a week ago and it seems to be the same size though nothing similar is felt on the same are on the left side. In rubbing it she notes it reminds her of the "warning" she has when doing a breast exam insofar as it is round in shape, rolls when she rubs it is not supposed to be there. She finds herself more and more worried as the days go by and is thinking "please God, don't let this be bad". We just had the whole incident with my sister Tina's dew claw and she is simply stressed.

I don't act like anything is wrong nor do I feel bad. My eating habits are the same and my personality is as always...charming! Nonetheless, she wants me to write and see if anyone on here has any words of consolation. I am going to the vet this Saturday morning but she just wants some input.

Note: I am not as scared of the vet as my sister Tina is. As a matter of a fact, I look at it as a great opportunity to meet new furriends! I love to bark and sniff and play with all of them. However, many don't reciprocate. Guess they are scared like Tina and react accordingly. Anyway, if any of you have any words of advice for my mommy she would greatly appreciate same.

Love to all my Dogsters!


My Grandpaw

March 5th 2010 10:03 am
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Well, my grandpaw got married again. I was kinda unhappy about the idea because I thought we would lose our "Tuesday sleepovers" but mommy told me that Grandpaw told his new bride that she had to accept that he spends one night a week with his grandchildren! THAT MEANS ME..and my sisters. Cool huh? I don't know what I would do if I lost my sleepovers. Everyone always goes to sleep before us when he comes over and we stay up late watching TV and snacking. I love him sooooooooo much!

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