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Braun's Diary

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Feeling good for now...

November 17th 2011 4:34 pm
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Hey pup pals. I am actually feeling pretty good. I think it's the pain meds, but, it could just be all the extra loving I am getting from Mom and Dad. Mommy is still thinking about what to do. She is literally having a panic attack thinking about having a second opinion as we have had our wonderful vet for soooooooooooo many years and he is fabulous. However, she fears the idea of another surgery that might not be necessary.

For those that have known me a while, you know I had another (similar) surgery without a "fine needle aspiration" prior and it turned out to be fat. Mommy doesn't want to put me through another surgery which may be unnecessary. However, she struggles with the decision because she doesn't want our Vet to think we don't love him. He would know about it becaus we have to ask for a copy of the file. Mommy keeps all the receipts but, the file as all the detailed notes.

So, at the moment, Mom and I are thinking it over.

Love to all of you!


Braun's Mommy Here...he is currently doped up on pain meds!!

November 16th 2011 5:09 pm
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From Braun's Mommy:

Not a happy camper tonight. Braun has to have another surgery. He has a mass in his shoulder region which has to be removed and biopsied. I feel guilty that I never felt that lump when rubbing him down. He had an injection for pain, we got our estimate for surgery ($722ish). Thanks for all the POTP my friends.

We will keep you updated.


Not Feeling My Best Lately Pup Pals

November 15th 2011 6:14 pm
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I am sure all of my mom’s Facebook (GROWL) friends are aware of this but, thought I would share with my pup pals on Dogster as I KNOW Dogster is wayyyyyyyyyyy more popular than that silly Facebook. I mean, we should totally get our own Occupy the Bone Protest going here. Anywho, enough about that stupid site that steals our pawrents from us. Back to my injury:

I started limping about three to four days ago. Mom first noticed it when I was coming inform the back yard. We have a HUGE yard and mom has to sometimes get out the binoculars to find us out there but, she noticed me immediately this time. My mommy is what I call a “doggie hypochondriac” She literally give us full body rub downs once a week to check for odd lumps, etc. I know, I know, weird.

When mom first saw me limping she thought it was because it was wet on the ground. See, I tend to gallop like a horse when the ground is wet or cold as I do not like my precious paws getting soiled. BOL! Oddly enough, Mom wrote my limp on the calendar…ON THE CALENDAR for all to see. I mean, where’s the dignity?? I don’t write her diarrhea or sinus on the calendar for all to read. Nonetheless, she did so.

She became worried after another day of me limping, both inside and outside. Mom started giving me Phycox soft chews in hopes (I know, that sounds like a bad thing to hope for) that is was arthritis setting in. I may look young, but, I am actually an aged fine wine.

We are now going on about 4-5 days of me limping, no improvement. As a matter of a fact, it is worse. I am lying about, doing nothing and avoiding contact with my family. I overheard Mom tell Dad I have to go to the Vet. REALLY????? I LOVE THE VET!!

So, I will be going to the vet (TIME TO SOCIALIZE!!) asap and we will get the news. Pardon Mom’s anxiety but, she has seen so many stories on here and Facebook where it started as a limp and then…

Wish me luck Pup Pals. Will keep you posted. And, reluctantly, I will allow Mom to post updates about this on her STUPID Facebook. BOL!


Is it October yet?

September 19th 2011 10:45 am
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We send prezzies to all our pup pals saying "Happy October" and wonder just how many will notice and reply! BOL! We do however wish everyone a Happy Every Month of the Year!!! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU! p.s. If this is found not to be funny by anyone, I blame Mommy! BOL!


I am soooooooooooo sorry!!!

August 12th 2011 8:03 pm
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To my sisfur Nugget: I am so sorry fur biting you during feeding time today )refer to her diary fur the story). Could you tell by the ay I was sniffing & licking you when you came home from the Vet with staples in your nose? I feel so bad. Pawlease furgive me….I LOVE YOY!!


Dine in, Take out or Delivery

June 27th 2011 5:11 pm
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So mom and dad have decided to eat at home more often…in an effort to be more healthy and save money. So far they have made some pretty fabulous smelling meals. Problem is, I haven’t learned which words I am supposed to use to have them serve me at the dining table with a napkin and fresh drink. I have tried “dine in”, “take out”, and “delivery” and none of them have worked. I know these terms are terms mom and dad use to have food given to them. Am I missing something??? Help!!!



March 17th 2011 5:12 am
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I gots my brackets!!! Whooo Hooo!!! It's on zealie-monsters! BOL! Thanks to our furriend Sunny's mom (Deb) for getting this going! All I got to say is O H I O.....GO BUCKS!


Today is our feline Brofur's birthday.

February 14th 2011 9:44 am
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Mom and I miss him so very much. I was especially close to him because we played together alot. He was a super cool cat & the day he left he took a little peice of mine & mommy's heart. Happy Birthday Groucho Marx! I LOVE YOU!



January 11th 2011 2:30 pm
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We have had snow here for about 2 days and it is really cool. Mom, Dad, me, Austin, Ginger, Tina and Nugget go out and play for hours in it. I really haven't figured out how to walk in it too well so I slide a lot but sliding is fun too. Mommy took the cutest picture of me and her together in the snow and I will hang it above my dog bed. I love mommy & she loves me.

Happy New Year to all my Dogsters. Sorry we were off here for a while. Will catch up with everyone soon.


I’m Back!!

January 4th 2011 4:04 pm
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Sorry to be out of the Dogster theme for weeks but mommy was very sick and she is my typist.

Thanks to all my pup pals fur remembering my Birthday. I had a “sort of ok” birthday because mommy was still weak. She took the time to give me extra loving & bought me some awesome toys/treats. My sisfur Austin stole some of my frosty paws & tried to deny it. Mom took a picture of her with frosty paw leftovers on her bottom lip so we have proof in case the DBI (Dogster Bureau of Investigation) needs evidence. BUSTED GIRLFRIEND! I forgive her because she and I were the first babies & the house after mom & dad got married so we have a special bond.

Happy New Year to all our wonderful pals out there. We are blessed to know you!

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