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Braun's Diary

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We have been gone for too long

November 19th 2014 7:00 am
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Hello Pup Pals! Sorry we have been gone for so long. Mommy got a little tired of the threat of losing our Dogster pages so she copied all of our photos and diary entries then went away for a while.

I begged her to let me come on today to let all of you know we miss you. This community of dog lovers makes me smile.

All is well with my furmily. We are happy, healthy and loving life.

I hope all is well with you and yours. I promise I will make mommy keep up our diaries on here as much as possible.

I love all of you!


Dogster Closing Down our Pup Pages.

January 17th 2014 10:02 am
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Our crew is saddened to learn that Dogster will be closing all of our pet pages by March, 2014. We have made so many wonderful furriends on here and, without Dogster we would not have made it through many dark days. Our Pup Pals have laughed, cried, worried and celebrated with us for many years. This has been a place fur us to let our voices be heard, seek advice on medical issues from pup pals who may have been through the same experience, share our special days and photos to accompany same.

We love all of you so very much and have anxiety over losing touch with many of you!! As such, mommy has asked us to let everyone know how to find us once we are gone from Dogster.

Mommy has a Facebook page and her name on there is “ Deanna End Bsl Coleman Smith”. She set up a new email address to keep up with all of you and it is
Please keep in touch with us…we love all of you!!!


My Barkday!!

January 2nd 2014 10:45 am
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Thank you fur all the special prezzies & barkday wishes. I got to enjoy my special day with mom & dad because they were off work for the New Year. It was all about me which is just the way I like it. Love to all my Dogsters!!!


Santa Landed on our Woof!!!

December 17th 2013 10:43 am
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I know it seems a bit early but I really truly believe I heard Santa on the Woof last night! I woke up and barked & barked & barked. Mommy told Daddy to get the gun and see what it was. I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DO NOT SHOOT SANTA PAWS!!!! But, Daddy didn’t listen to me. He searched the house & didn’t find anything…because he didn’t check the Woof!! Duh! Everypup knows Santa lands on the Woof!!

Nonetheless, about 30 minutes later Santa made more noise on the Woof so I barked & barked & barked waking Mommy and Daddy up again. They got a little mad and told me to stop. Then Mommy turned the TV on so I could no longer be distracted by Santa on the Woof. It worked insofar as I didn’t bark anymore but I did lie there awake for hours wondering just what he dropped off fur me. I love Santa Paws!!


Life is Good. Keep it Simple.

November 6th 2013 10:54 am
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There is just something about that cold weather that makes me feel pawesome! Mommy and Daddy find it hilarious that they can’t get me to come inside when it is time to go to bed or even eat. They come looking for me in our back yard (which is huge) and typically find me just lying around watching the World through our fence.

I didn’t used to do this but, ever since I had some toes cut off from cancer I have had a new outlook on life. I really enjoy the yard time…far more than I did before. I have even gotten better on my leash walks with mommy. I used to make her a little crazy because I would get nutty if I saw a little dog, squirrel or cat. Now, I just walk alongside her, enjoying what we have.

Life is good. Keep it simple. Love, Braun Boy.


Dogster Luvs Me!!

October 7th 2013 5:47 am
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Thank you to Dogster fur making me Dog of the Week! Whoo Hoo! I love being called out for being paweseme...cuz I am:-) BOL!


Dog Days in the Smith House

October 2nd 2013 10:22 am
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My mommy has been down in the dumps over a lot of stuff happening in her life. We as the furcrew are doing all we can to keep her happy and in good spirits. It is easy when she is home but, when she has to go out into the world it is hard because we can't love on her and cuddle with her to let her know how much she means to us. I have got to think of a way to make her happy while she is out of the house. Maybe I can record a personal message from all of us to her cell phone...crap, I don't have thumbs! BOL! Pray for my mommy to find her Happy Place again.


Lounging on the porch

May 23rd 2013 10:43 am
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Just making mom check in with all my Dogsters after being off of here for so long. She has been so busy on her Facebook where a lot of our Dogmoms and Dogdads are. They like to share our pictures and stories on there, forgetting that we want to come on here sometimes and check in on our pup pals. Oh well, we love them nonetheless.

I have been doing very well. No more cancer scares and I have gotten very used to my partial paw. You can barely see the missing section since my paw hair has grown back out. I have some kind of shaggy dog breed in me because I have long hair on my chin & paws. Comes in handy and the beard makes me irresistible to all the chicks! BOL!

You will be happy to know that my mommy gets to work from home every other Friday now and it is pawesome. We sleep in late and, if the weather is nice, she takes her laptop out on the back porch so we can just run and play all day. We even like to take our dog beds on the back porch and lounge in the sun while she works. It is our favorite day every time it happens. If it is raining, we stay in and cuddle with mommy on the couch while she works. She even goes and picks us up a special lunch on her work from home days. I love her so much.

I am going to go and check in on all my pup pals on here now. Hope all of you are blessed and loved like you deserve to be!!!


The Big "C" Aint Got Nothing On Me!!

March 21st 2012 4:25 pm
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All has been well with my battle with the bad bone cancer. I have had no complications since my surgery/partial amputation. I am running and playing pain free and it feels wonderful. Mommy keeps telling people I am acting like a puppy again. Great huh?

Since my diagnosis my sisfur Nugget was diagnosed with a breast tumor and had to have surgery last week. She is also doing well since the surgery. We are all still anxiously awaiting the lad results and are pawraying for good news. She has been acting like a little pain in the butt since her surgery. She literally is taking sooo much advantage of the recovery time by hogging mom & dad every time they are home, but, then again, I did the same thing. They are super pawrents insofar as they have lots of love fur us recovering and us who aren't.

We are happy to say our mom and dad are the most loving parents and would do anything they can to make our lives healthy & happy to the end. Fur that, we are grateful. The only thing that would make us happier would be to have all of the furbabies out there get the same furever home/love that we have. In a perfect world...All we can do is continue to pray for all.

We love all of our Dogsters out there and are so very thankful to be a part of this wonderful community. Great week to all!!


What up Dog?

January 1st 2012 6:56 am
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Mom and Dad were sleeping around midnight and the pack started barking and growling like crazy, waking them up. When they woke up they said "hush" and made some remark about Happy New Year to each other and went back to sleep! WHAT UP DOG? We didn't wake you because it was New Year; we woke you because IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! I was ready to start celebrating immediately. Given all that has happened recently I figured it was time to beging celebrating all the blessings IMMEDIATELY. Apparently mom and dad didn't agree...lazy humans! BOL!!

Tis ok though. We are having a wonderful celebration fur me today and I do plan to share with the pack. We are also so very happy today because we KNOW how blessed we are to have a happy, healthy pack of furlove today. Now, I am off to open prezzies and see what kind of treats...I mean, presents the pawrents have stashed for me:-) Whoo Hoo! Happy New Years to all my wonderful Dogsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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