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My Momma's Scary Story

October 15th 2008 11:28 am
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This as from quite a few years ago, way before I was around. And Yes, it's a true story.

When my Momma was in her mid teens she had her first horse named Shane. She lived in Burlingame but boarded him a her friends house in Half Moon Bay. She would go over every weekend to stay with her Grandparents and ride Shane. Her Stepfathers Parents used to live in a house about a mile away from where Shane was. (They had passed away many years before but Momma knew da house) She would ride by that house all the time with nothing out of da ordinary going on. Well one time when she was getting near da house her horse Shane, started getting really fidgety. He was prancing an' snorting an' sidestepping away from da house. Momma couldnt figure out what was wrong with him but as they got closer Shane got worse. Now Momma was getting really frustrated wit Shane and was tryin' to get him to behave but with no luck. Finally Momma looked over at da house (now remember she rode by this house all the time and new the new people that lived in it) No one was home at the time and she noticed something strange. The front had a vary large picture window that faced the street. When she looked in it the furniture was in the same arrangement dat it had been when her Grandparents lived there. (it hadn't been dat way for YEARS) Momma froze, Shane froze and all of a sudden she could see her Grandma in da window waving at her. Well, Momma was scared and didn't know what to do. Her and Shane were frozen, not movin' a muscle. When they didn't wave back Grandma got a sad look on her face, paused and waved again. Now Momma was really scared cause she could tell that Grandma really saw her. After a few more seconds with no movement from Momma, Grandma started to cry. Momma could see the sadness in her face and the tears rolling down her cheek. Well now Momma felt bad as well as scared so she managed to raise her arm and wave back. That was all that Grandma wanted. She smiled back and was gone!!!! Shane took a few steps forward but was calm. Momma looked back at da house and the furniture was back to where it was the week before.

To dis day Momma believes Grandma just wanted one last smile from her Grandaughter. Momma never saw her again but still rode by dat house almost every weekend without any resistance from Shane.


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