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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 51-100 lbs

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Gooey; Goo-Dog; Goo-Boy; GooMonster; Cuddly Puppy;Baby Boy; Skinny Puppy; Wiggly Body Boy; Goo-Zilla; Goo-Goo; Goo-inator;Cuddly Boy;PITA Dog; Bubba

Doggie Dynamics:
not playfulvery playful

Sun Sign:
Quick Bio:
-purebred-dog rescue

Gotcha Date:
October 10th 2004

March 17th 2004

Playing fetch w/ the tennis ball; Cuddling. Getting treats out of the Kong or Holee Ball; Tug o war w/ Kharma; Running around like a maniac & skidding across the carpet;

Computer Printer; Mocha- the chocolate lab puppy next door. They run the fence line together & she barks at him; Afraid of the ironing board that we store behind a door (it fell over 1 day); when no other dog wants to play w/ him

Favorite Toy:
tennis ball; any plush or squeaky toy he can tear apart; filled kongs; boo boo bunny tennis toy

Favorite Food:
anything mom & dad are eating

Favorite Walk:

Best Tricks:
loves fetch; "crate";Wait; up; off; catch it; chase the dog; sit; ready

Arrival Story:
A bad breeder sold Guru (formerly Shy) to a family unfamiliar with the breed. The family has 3 kids- 8yrs, 4 yrs, 1 yr-- & 1 on the way. The 8 yr old was bitten by a dog when he was younger & is afraid of dogs. The younger kids were afraid of the dog & would scream every time they saw him. Plus since he is a puppy, he's a bit high strung. So because of these reasons, the dog spent the majority of his time locked in a crate in the basement by himself. So a friend of theirs who is really into Corgis & therefore is familiar w/ the herding breed suggested they give the dog away. The family agreed to this & the friend asked us to foster the dog. So we got him 10/10/04. When she said PUPPY, we thought smaller size, but he was already taller & bigger than Kharma, though very skinny-- this was a DOG, not a puppy (at least in physical appearance). He was very very scared & skittish of everything when we first got him. Because the previous family did not work w/ him at all, he had no manners, was not fully housebroken & just was a ball of energy... also he was not yet neutered. The following friday we were talking to some people at a party & this woman who is a stay at home mom who has 2 kids in school was very interested in adopting him. We discussed the situation in detail & she seemed like an ideal family. Unfortunately, he only lasted there 3 days & she called us stating that he was too much after all & brought him back. We decided to get him neutered & catch him up on the rest of his shots & also microchip him as we have chipped our other dogs. This happened the day after we got him back... the vet said Guru did NOT like them at all, but when we got him back, he wiggled his whole body; he was so happy to see us. So we decided to try to work w/ him. Some days I still have my doubts... and over the last month, there were many days we said no way we are not keeping him... like the day he bit Kharma on the snout & she had a nice puncture wound (after that they have seemed to work it out & don't snarl at each other nearly as much-- sometimes their playing still goes a little too far). Another time we thought about giving him away was when he chewed thru 2 leashes in 1 day. But there have been a lot of days where we thought he's so sweet & smart, we should definitely keep him -- like the 2 mornings I was half awake & let him out, forgetting to attach him to the zip line we set up for him (the girls are invisible fence trained) . He ran along the usual path he does, did his business & came right back inside. Another fond memory are the things he does that make us laugh... like the one night we called him to get on the bed w/ us. He put his two front paws on the bed first, then pushed w/ his back legs a little too hard, causing him to do a face plant on the bed before he was able to right himself. Well, we just got his lifetime license & already have spent a ton of money on him-- toys, chew treats, vet bills -- so he's here to stay. Besides, anyone can see the difference in him.... He's not afraid of people or other dogs anymore, he walks well on a leash for the most part, he knows how to sit.. usually, he adores playing w/ Dalai (& vice versa), he knows (mostly) what he is & isn't allowed to chew on, etc. So now we have FOUR dogs. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---- Unfortunately we had to put Rani down, so we are back to 3 dogs.

He looks a lot like Kharma except stub, no tail & 2 front white paws, he also has a tiny bit of copper on his forehead... maybe we should have named him Duracell. Actually when most of our friends & family saw Guru, they thought Kharma had bandages on her legs. Also a shout out to Kay from ARPH --- Thanks for helping us get thru the 1st few weeks; we appreciate the support. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- -------------- Finally starting to fill out a little bit; He's already gotten taller. The real test on how he is doing will be this weekend when the friend that asked us to take the dog comes for a visit. I'll post the details! ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ------------ 9/5/2005 Guru has gotten so much better over the months. He's so smart! Just a bundle of energy. Loves to play fetch all day. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- --------- 02/25/2006 I'm glad we stuck w/ it. Guru has become a good dog who just loves to cuddle & play. He loves to play fetch. He's a good watch dog. ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- ---- 9/5/2006 Everytime the new printer kicks on, Guru barks at it. It's annoying, but funny. Whenever Mom & Dad want to sit together on the couch Guru has to be right there, preferably in the middle. 1/2/2008: NEW - VIDEO ON YOUTUBE: ljiJgHq0 W5CI2hmM kJj0QVB4 >>>Best Dog Trainer in the area is

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FANCYPANTS CAFE, Australian Shepherds, Worldwide Pen PAWS, ~~~*♥Dog Park USA♥*~~~

I've Been On Dogster Since:
November 9th 2004 More than 12 years!

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A Day Like Every Other Day


January 19th 2005 3:23 pm
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*Dogs! Out!* [All 4 dogs run around outside like maniacs]
*Guru, Crate* Aw, darn. Actually I'm pretty sleepy.
/Falls asleep/

2:15am [Dalai starts barking "Mommy's home, Mommy's home]
What?! Hey, I was sleeping! You're nuts!
[a few minutes pass] Mommy! /Wiggling whole body/ I love you. I have to pee! I have to pee!

[Outside running around] Bark Bark Bark!
*GURU Shush!* Bark Bark Bark

Woohoo! I am energized, ready to par-tay! Kharma Let's wrestle! Snarl! Play Growl! Let's play Tug! Tug Tug Tug! Let's play king of the sofa! Ha! I rule!

I smell food. What's Mommy eating? Can I have some please? I'm withering away to nothing. /Looking pitiful/ Daddy didn't feed us!
*LIAR! Daddy fed you - your sisters dinner dishes are still out! Go Lay down!*

/Running around house/ King of the sofa! Bark! Bark! *Quiet Dogs*
Bark! Bark! *OK That's it! Girls Come! Guru Stay!*
[Door shuts. Mommy comes back without the girls] Oh you must have taken them up to sleep with Daddy. He was probably lonely up there by himself.

Ah, well, Guess I will nap while Mommy watches TV.

4am *Gooey, Out?!*

Bedtime, Yay! /bounds up the steps into the bedroom/
Sniff Sniff ! Hi Dalai, you're in your bed. Sniff Sniff! Hi Rani, you're in your bed. Sniff Sniff! Hi Kharma, you're in your bed. /Jumps on Mommy & Daddy's bed & lays at Mommy's feet/ I'll just settle here. Snore.



January 19th 2005 3:12 pm
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/Sleeping in crate/
[In the distance, engine turns off, car door slams. Dalai starts barking "Daddy's home, yay, Daddy's home]
I don't get it, How does she know it's Daddy. There are so many cars around, people coming & going all day. How do you know which are which? [Rani & Kharma murf "shut up, we're sleeping!"]

[Back door opens] Dalai, you might be right! [Every dog is barking now; family room door opens] Daddy, Daddy! I'm so happy to see you! /Wiggles whole body/ Uh, I need to pee! I need to pee! Let me out!

/Running around outside like a maniac/
Oh, there's the other neighbor dog, the yellow lab. Brandi! I'm coming over! /Run Run/ Eeeechhh! Darn zip line! Come over here, let's formally meet! You can jump that fence, come on! Bark Bark Bark! Kharma, Rani, Dalai --- Help me out here! [ All 4 dogs barking now]

/Running around like a maniac/ Come on Kharma, Let's play Tug!
/Tug Tug Tug/ Woo Hoo! This is great!

*DOGS! OUT?!* /Bound Bound Bound/ Weee! This is fun! [Dalai barking " I can hear dinner, I'm starving! STARVING!"] What do you mean you hear dinner? I don't hear anything that sounds like dinner?!

Oh!?! Where'd everyone go? Oh, Hi Daddy, I'm coming in too! /Bound Bound Bound/ Ok, I'll go to my crate to see if Dalai was right! She was, there's yummy dinner! Dalai, How do you know this stuff?!

OK, I'm done. /Running around house/ Chomp Chomp Chomp!
*GURU What are you chewing on?!* [Magazines snatched from mouth] *Those are Mommy's & Daddy's! Where's Gooey's blanket?*
Oh! Ok, Here's my blanket. Chew Chew Chew.

/Wandering around/ Chew Chew Chew. *Guru?* What?! *OK, It's OK, Guru is chewing Guru's bone, Good Boy!* Yeh, That's what I thought. Chew Chew Chomp.

/Run Run Run/ /Ripping apart something/
*GURU What are you chewing on?!* What?! *OK, It's OK, Guru is chewing Guru's toy, Good Boy!* Ha! Chew Chew Chew.

[All dogs fall asleep]



January 19th 2005 2:53 pm
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[Running around outside] Rani, This looks like a good digging spot. [Rani barks back "Yeh, I think Kharma buried a treat here a few years back"] Yippee!! Let's find it. /Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig Dig/
*Rani! Guru!* What?! Oh time to go in. Why is Mommy shaking her head at us? *Guru, Crate*

Oh, Look! Hey my blanket, my latex mouse w/ the tail missing, and my nylabone are in my crate. Oh, & there are yummy's jammed in my Kong--- you want me to get these out? Could take me a while.
*Mommy is going to work, be good puppies*

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