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October 14th 2008 4:01 pm
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went for a long walk today. mom had to go to the drug store, I had to go into my purse,but I get to stick out my head and look around everyone was so nice to us, I had on my shades, some guy asked mom if he could take my picture, I like to meet new people, next week I get to go to a nursing home and visit, I get lots of love when I go there. well time to go luv miss tiki



October 13th 2008 8:31 pm
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I love to go shopping, got a new sweater cause it is starting to get cold and I don't like cold. Mom bought some new throw pillows I thought they were for me so I chewed up a corner on one, mom was not too happy, she did't get to mad she just sewed it up and gave me that look and I know what that means. sometimes she counts to three, I learned to stop at two. Her friend came over and I got hugs and kisses love that. talk at you later tiki


my costume ya!!

October 8th 2008 5:55 pm
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I got my costume , I am an Angel. mom wanted to take a picture of me near that big orange thing but I was scarred of it so I thought I would keep my distance. I went to see my fur cousin today we had fun he got a flea treatment ha ha, then when I came home I got one too, didn't see it comming not funny. bye for now Tiki


visit to my cousin's house

October 4th 2008 7:06 pm
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Mom had to go to the doctor so she took me over to play with my cousin's house , we had so much fun, we ran around ate snacks played with his toys and took a nap with his daddy on the couch. when I woke up my human cousin played with us, I like to give him kisses all the time , Then mom came and got me we went to the store,cause she said it is going to start raining so I must have a raincoat. I got a nice yellow one and a doggie treat. so now it is time to sit back and watch t.v. the animal planet . latter tiki


things are getting back to normal

September 28th 2008 6:11 pm
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I finally got out of the house and went for a ride, mom had to run around town and I always go with her, if I cannot go into a certain store her friend takes me on little walks while she shops. Mom is not feeling so good so Sunday we just veged out on the couch, I do what I do best and that is to lay down on her lap, we were sleeping and the phone rang she interupted my sleep to answer the phone, I don't like to be disturbed, so while she layed down and talked on the phone I just got up and layed on top of her head. oh I forgot I got a new toy Friday and a new shirt. see ya later tiki.


feeling better

September 22nd 2008 4:26 pm
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Had my surgery friday, felt real bad did not want to eat or drink
but now I'm eating everything in sight, mom is making me wear this cone thing on my head I look like the dog from outspace. don't like it to much. but I am learning to deal with it. she will take it off when I am on her lap and am getting luvens and kisses. I hope to be able to jump and run soon. I try giving her my ball to throw but she only rolls it a small way. Oh well. maybe next time bye for now tiki


what a day

September 16th 2008 7:49 pm
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my mom got a call from my human aunt she said my new fur cusin ran out the back door and had been gone all night, we were all very upset my mom made some calls and she was talking about making flyers to post. then A very nice lady called and said she thinks she may have found my cousin, she brought him to my mom and yes it was him we were all hugging and kissing (even though I still don't like him to get to close to me.) but today I was truly happy to see him. right now he is sleeping on my human cousins bed safe and sound thank you to a very kind lady. tiki


new home

September 13th 2008 9:16 pm
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I came to my mom 7 months ago, have not left her side since. I love when we go for our walks, 2 weeks ago I got a new cousin, he stays with my mom's son and his wife, I was not crazy about another dog taking over my family but now I see they still love me, so I am starting to like him, we will take pitures together soon, that is if I let him get close to me. The vet tells mom I am spoled but I do not think so, doestn't every dog get new stuff every week? well see ya later


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