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what a day

January 5th 2009 9:53 am
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sorry I have not written in a while but mom and me have been real busy, I went sunday and got my nails cut and did not like it at all , I got very upset. so mom bought me a new treat and a jacket, she spoiled me all day we just snuggled on the couch and watched movies all day, it was too cold to go out for a walk.


my first tree

December 6th 2008 8:37 pm
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I had a great day today. We got a big tree and it has lights and all kinds of dicorations, everyone came over and put stuff on the tree, my uncle david let me have a lick of his eggnog, I even got my own stocking with my name on it. It's got stuff in it. Mommy is real tired she was at the hospital with her grandson, he came to live with her when he was a puppy too. now he is all grown up, but I know he is still her baby.He called us today and he promised mommy that he will come stay for a couple of weeks so she can take care of him, I can't wait cause he is my favorite human, next to mommy. well I have to go to bed now I'm sleepy.


walking in the rain with the one I love

November 29th 2008 7:59 pm
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I went for a walk and then it started to rain, mommy had my rain coat on just in case she said, well it came down and I loved it did not care if my paws got wet I kept getting in the little puddles and mommy said no, she kept trying to walk under were it was not wet, I just kept pulling into the water. we had a great time we went to the drug store and then she bought a new sweater for thanks giving I had to ride in her bag in the store but I just stick out my little head to see every one they come up and pet me and ask me my name , then we came home and mom dryed my paws and then I snugled up in my blankie while mom fixed us lunch.


busy weekend

November 18th 2008 9:23 am
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I had such a busy weekend first we went shopping, then paying our bills and yes the PET store for me, went on a visit to friends house, then Sunday mom went to church, she left me alone and I was not to happy so I tore up her bedroom, spilt my food and water bowl I was mad, I guess I did not want to stay home . So when mommy came home she could not believe what I had done, she did not get mad just put me in the car and we went to visit this lady who had cats I don't like cats they kept trying to eat me they think I am a mouse. Oh well next friday we go on a road trip for the weekend I can't wait.


busy busy

November 5th 2008 6:51 pm
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I woke up late this morning, I decided I wanted to sleep in because it is cold and I'm real snug under the blankets. Yesterday mom bundled me up and we went to vote, I got to go in and of course all eyes were on me and my matching out fit. Then I went with mom to her bible study I just kind of fall asleep on her lap while they read and talk. Did I mention that the bible study is in a rest home, so I get to go all around and visit all the people, they love when I come and I get alot of loves. I'm pooped now so goodnight.


Halloween and me

November 1st 2008 9:01 am
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I had had a great day of shopping, when it got dark mom put on my angel costum on and we went over the familys house to help get everyone ready to go out, mom and I stayed and passed out candy it was fine all those cute kids comming to the door, and they liked my costume soo much. But then this big tall monster came up to the door and I got scared, mom had to bring me inside and I did not want to go out anymore. Then my fur cusin and my other family came home and we played took pictures it all went well. tiki


halloween pic's

October 27th 2008 4:20 pm
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Today my cusin and I had a play date, we put on our costumes and took a lot of pictures, then we played, ate, took a nap, got up and played somemore. I am trying to be a good girl and share my toys and food, but it is not easy, cause I am an ONLY child. but I am being the bigger dog and letting him play with my stuffed doggie. which by the way is my favorite toy.


what a day

October 24th 2008 3:01 pm
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mom took me to the dog park for the first time, things were going well we met this nice lady who had three small dogs, she even asked if I could have a treat, we went by the water for a while , then this Big Big Big, did I mention BIG dog came over and he scarred me so much I had to get lefted off the ground, I started to scream mom decided I had had enough of an outing so we went back home. then my favorite place the pet store, and of course I got a new outfit. I felt much better now it is time to take a nap . what a day. tiki


look mommy I'm a mummy!

October 17th 2008 2:34 pm
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just take a look at what mom did, she thought it would be cute to make me a mummy then take my pic, the only reason I got my paws on the orange thing is cause I can be bought, with chicken (love it) so thats my story and I'm sticken to it. tiki



October 15th 2008 3:24 pm
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today I was a bad girl, mommy found my stash under her bed, I had a key chain, some tolit paper , one sock, one sandle. Maybe it was the trail of tolit paper from the bathroom to the bedroom , I don't know?but she found it. I got that look again, now she keeps bathroom door closed, and she said she will check under bed more often. I know what to do just give her my look, with my big sad eyes and mom will melt. hehe. I need to find another hidding place. bye for now the sneaky tiki.

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