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our trip to the Doctor

February 25th 2013 1:16 pm
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well let my first start out with humble is not in my vocabulary, bol.
went with my mom she had to see a cardiologist and do a few tests.
they put her on a table. I could feel mom getting stressed and she was going to have a panic attack, so I did my usual alert, the doctor did not know what I was doing I was pawing the table and crying, so after mom explain it the nice doctor put me on the table with mom, I sat on top of her while she did her breathing and I felt her calming down, so I just laid on top of her watching the doctor do the echo gram, and then fit mom with a monitor. they were amazed that a Chihuahua could be so smart and not mean, cause we did not know until later the doctor said she is scared of chihuhua's, cause her mom's chi tries to bite her ankle all the time. But she never met me, I am super chi, bol and a very good service dog. As we were leaving they all wanted to pet me but they knew they could not, now they all want a Chihuahua, even the scared Dr. am I GOOD or what. alright enough of the bragging. that's all for today.


bad girl bol

December 23rd 2012 8:23 am
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have not written in a while but mom thought she had to share.
as you all know I have a new sister, and I am trying to adjust
to sharing my mom.

My sister Emily, likes to sit on mom's lap, and so do I. mommy uses my stairs and puts it next to the recliner so Emily can get up on her lap, so yesterday I was the first one to jump up and then I decided to take my front paws and push away the stairs so that Emily could not get up to get on mommy's lap I thought that was pretty clever but mom did not she put the stairs back so Emily could get up and I got a talking to. and I promised to be good, cause mom said Santa Paws may forget tiki so I am being soooo good bol.. well I hope mom is happy to embarrass me again. Merry Christmas


My angel my dog my hero

August 12th 2012 7:17 pm
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It has been a while since tiki and I have written in her diary, but I had to write this, and to say thank you my dearest friend, my companion, my champion. this morning I was getting dressed since my balance is bad I sometimes fall, I was in the bedroom and tiki was in the kitchen with a friend, we were going to get my meds. anyway while putting on my slacks I lost footing and started to tip, thank goodness I was next to the bed, and was able to crash in a soft place, I had let out a slight yelp, then I herd tiki bark and she came charging in pushing open the door, and seeing if I needed help. this is not the first time she has done this, when no one else has herd me. I know she is tiny and not much she could do, but to see the look of fear and concern for my touched my heart and filled my eyes with tears, to see something so small have such a large heart and to love me as I have never been loved before. once she saw that I was alright and gave me the proper amount of kisses she scampered back to the kitchen with my friend and finished her breakfast. so thank you my little girl mommy loves you so much I can not repay you enough for all you have given me.

Love Mommy


Shake Rattle and roll !!!

March 6th 2012 9:02 am
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Hi everyone, well yesterday I was up with mommy on her computer checking in on all my pals, all of a sudden things started to shake first a small shake then a bigger one came, mom's book flew off the edge of the couch and I could hear some cups fall from the kitchen shelves! that is when I started to panic, I looked at mom she grabbed me and headed for the doorway and then it stopped. We are fine, just rattled nerves we should be used to this living in the bay area but guess we never will be. Lucky for me I am micro chipped and mom packed me a emergency pack. Has a lot of cool stuff just in case. So anyway the rest of the day we watched the news and she held me tight and I got lots of kisses and hugs. so that was my day hope yours went better.


mom's Bear

December 29th 2011 9:25 pm
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Today I was a bad girl bol ... Mom was teasing me with my toy I got mad, she has a Christmas tree and under it is a Bear a San Francisco 49er Bear someone bought her, I am a Raider fan so I ran up to it and I tackled him down to the ground hahaha and walked away alright I ran away cause I was sure I was in some big trouble, but mom just sat and started to laugh and said silly girl what did that accomplish , made me feel better. Mom said she would have loved to had video camera and tape that, cause I was wearing my Raider jersey.


Christmas Angels

December 28th 2011 1:34 pm
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On Christmas Eve mom and I went to the drug store to pick up her medication, mom was also coming down with a very bad cold. As we walked we noticed everyone did not look happy no joy, including my mom, we did not know if the family were going to be together this year. As we were leaving the store mom saw a man, very old and he had a small box in his hand, he was asking for change, he looked as if he were homeless, we passed him by, then mom stopped in her tracks looked at me and said we should give him at least a dollar, we had been shopping and that is all we had on us. Mom handed him the dollar and he asked if she would like to see what was in the little box, she said alright, when she looked in there were two little Angel candle holders inside, shinny and new, mom looked up at him and said I am sorry but the dollar was all I had I don't have enough to buy them. The man looked down at me and smiled then he looked at mom and said Merry Christmas they are yours. I was not sure why mom started to cry when she got into the car, she held me and said those little candle holder were the best gift she could ever have gotten, that man had given mom her joy of Christmas back and she learned a lesson that day, don't judge a person on what is on the outside but take the time to look inside.

Merry Christmas


oh my back..

October 26th 2011 6:15 pm
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I have had some very bad back pain, and have been seeing the vet almost every week, Sat. will go again. My mom is so worried, and she has had to put me in the crate cause I need to be still and heal. Am getting very spoiled one thing is I don't like my pain pills so mommy is always finding new way to hide them in my favorite foods. Being held alot and love that! She is spending lots of time just sitting and watching old movies, the only thing I miss is going for my walks, and the weather has been so nice. Mom said she understands cause she hurt her back long time ago and she had to stay down for 6 months. We will get through this, and I hope to be better around the hollidays, don't want to miss out on all the fun and all the food that falls on the floor. haha....


My Pillow

August 28th 2011 6:44 pm
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Thought I would give you all my side of the story, anyway sometimes mom's back goes out so she like to sleep on the couch, around 2:30 am she got up to get some water, she came back and I was on her pillow it was warm and soft just the way I like it, she tried to get me to get off but I said finders keepers losers weepers bol... she gave up and found a little corner of the pillow, well I thought to myself " I don't think so" and I started to kick her in the head with my cute little back feet, first she thought I was scatching myself but when she looked up I was kick her, well you know what happened next she picked me up and put me next to her, well next time I will just climb into the pillow case then what you gonna do mama. !


Mom In Training

January 18th 2011 8:50 pm
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I am here to report that my mom's training is working out better than I had planned. Now she knows when I stand by my water bowl and stare at her, look down at my bowl then stare again, that means I am out of water. And when I go to the cookie jar, and look at it, run to her and stare, run back to the cookie jar, that means I want my cookie, and I know I get two after dinner.
When I run to the door then into the room where she keeps my jacket, I want to go bye bye. she is learning to speak my language. It took some work but mom can be taught. Working on her going to bed when I am sleepy and not talk on the phone when it is bed time. that still needs work.. I will keep everyone informed on her progress. till next time miss tiki


Been a while..

September 27th 2010 5:12 pm
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well it has been a while since I wrote anything, but have been so busy, am one realy busy girl. I am working on a new trick, when my mom fell I was not sure what I could do she was on the floor, so I jumped on her back and tried to bark out, but then she was able to get up, she thought maybe if she trained me to get her cell phone I could bring it to her, if this ever ever happend again, yep, sounds like a plan, it will take a while but we are working very hard. my poor mommy has some balance problems sometimes. but I am here to help that is what I do. I am CHIHUAHUA, small in size but Mighty in Heart.

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