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Goodbye Dogster!

July 12th 2016 9:00 am
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Shedding some doggie tears for your demise but it`s been fun over the years! Happy Last Day,Dogster!



From across the Bridge---30th Adoption Anniversary!

January 15th 2015 9:15 am
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Jan 15,1985---a very important day for me! That is the day that my Dad walked into the Bucks County SPCA in Lahaska,PA and adopted me. Dad and I both find it hard to believe that 30 yrs have passed since that memorable day! Dad and I were together for 10 yrs until I crossed the Bridge in 1995. We shared many wonderful adventures together,hikes in the Pocono Mts,Dad`s first trips out West to Grand Canyon and California and our very first trip to Alaska. Dad and I got into backpacking together and shared our first overnite trips on the Appalachian Trail. My adoption was a wonderful thing and I will be celebrating it with a special party here across the Bridge with my angel siblings Butch and Smiley!


28 Years ago Jan 15,1985!

January 15th 2013 7:03 pm
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Thanks Dad,for the yummy cake (rosette) :) I remember well the day we met 28 years ago today. A few people were walking down the center isle between the 2 rows of cages at Bucks County SPCA. It was a cold January day,so all the dogs were inside. You walked past my cage and I briefly licked your finger as you stuck it thru my cage. I`m sorry to say that it was only a "lukewarm" lick as you continued on past me as so many others had done in the 2 months that I had been there. BUT THEN YOU CAME BACK! The kennel attendant opened my cage door and handed you the leash. I pulled you frantically down the corridor towards the door. PLEASE,LET`S GET OUT OF HERE! We went outside on the grass where we practiced some simple commands. Then after filling out the adoption papers,we were off in your car. I was thrilled to be going home with you! My first walk at Washington Crossing State Park that day is forever etched into my memory. It was the first of our many adventures together. We shared many day hikes in the Pocono mountains and I was with you on our first trips out West. When you first began overnite backpacking,I was thrilled to share the experiences with you. In 1994,we took our very first Alaska trip together. Thanks,Dad,for all the fun times. I know that there are more to come!



My Birthday!

January 16th 2011 7:03 am
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Yesterday,Jan 15,was the anniversary of my adoption. Dad adopted me from the BUCKS COUNTY SPCA on Jan 15 1985 and that was the beginning of a new life for me! In the 10 years that we were together,Dad and I travelled to many wonderful places. He would take me to the pocono mts once a week for day hikes and there were some nice lakes there that we would swim in on warm summer days. Later,when Dad began backpacking in the early 90`s,I was with him for his first overnite trips camping out in a tent. Overnite backpacking was a new adventure for both of us and we explored new areas of the Appalacian Trail together. We went to the Grand Canyon and California several times and I was along for Dad`s first trip to Alaska in 1994. We had a wonderful life together,but all good things must come to an end and I parted foom my Dad when I crossed the Rainbow Bridge in Oct 1995. Thanks for the wonderful times,Dad,one day we can do all these things and more when we are reunited!


SPCA Memorial

August 27th 2010 6:54 pm
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Woofs from across the Rainbow Bridge,
Dad adopted me from a shelter,and thus has always been predisposed to donate to help other shelter dogs. Recently while volunteering at the Pennsylvania SPCA,he was pleasantly surprised to discover a glass block with his and my names on it. Apparently,he had made a donation to the SPCA many years ago to have this glass block inscribed. My Dad had completely forgotten that he had made this donation and was very happy to see this block with our names on it! Dad took me on many wonderful adventures in the years I spent with him,adventures that wouldn`t have been quite the same without a dog along,proving that rescued shelter dogs make great pets! I would urge all who may read this to adopt your next pet from an animal shelter!
♥ Lady


My first trip to Island Beach!

January 8th 2009 9:40 pm
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In March of 1990,my Dad took me to Island Beach State Park in New Jersey. This is a scenic spot where sand dunes and even maritime forests are present on the beach. We strolled the beach on this brisk late winter day,and I had a great time here. The last 3 photos on my page illustrate this little adventure,one of many that I enjoyed with my Dad during my earthly life!


A trip to the Grand Canyon!

December 13th 2006 7:21 am
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Woofs! As a doggie angel here across the Rainbow Bridge I get to travel to many exotic places. My brother,Butch,and Bridge pal,Dekker,just got back from a trip to the Grand Canyon. We hiked the Tonto trail which follows a plateau in Grand Canyon and has lots of nice views. We then hiked down to the Colorado River for a refreshing swim! I love exploring with my Bridge pals!!
Doggie Angel,

P.S. The photo is #6 on my page.


Trips to California

July 8th 2005 9:36 pm
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When I was with my Dad back on Earth, we would take a trip out west once a year. Dad and I liked to hike in the Grand Canyon and then we would drive on to California. Dad changed my primary photo to one showing me at the Golden Gate bridge in Oct,1990. It was taken from the Golden Gate National Recreation area across the bay from San Francisco.

I miss my Dad,but when he arrives here someday we`ll have many more nice trips together!

Woofs from across Rainbow Bridge,



Kayaking with my pup-pals

May 7th 2005 3:01 pm
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Woofs from across Rainbow Bridge!

My Dad is taking his current dog,Smiley, on a hiking trip down to Shenandoah Park in Virginia this week. I decided to gather up my pal,Dekker,and brother Butch and head out for a kayaking trip. The Florida Keys seemed like a nice destination ,so off we went!



Alan Shepard`s golf ball

May 1st 2005 3:30 pm
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After recieving the OK from the TOP DOG, my new pup-pal Dekker and I journeyed back to the moon in search of Alan Shepard`s golf ball. We borrowed one of the lunar rovers that the astronauts left behind and set off in search of it. It was thrilling zooming over the cratered surface of the moon in the rover. We took turns driving and after several hours Dekker let out a joyus bark. Lo and behold there it was sitting in the lunar dust---the golf ball that Al Shephard hit on the moon back in 1971. We snapped a few photos of it,then picked it up and sped off. Dekker and all of my doggie pals are really enjoying ourselves here across rainbow bridge where many amazing journeys are posssible!!

From across Rainbow Bridge,

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