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Harley's New Adventures

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Harley's Hi-Lites - Schnauzer of the Week at SR!

May 16th 2010 6:11 pm
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Well, we slept in this morning, then mom went to the grocery store and then came home to groom me for my Therapy Dog visit. She said to Sophie Claire and me, I haven't even been on Dogster yet this morning - Holy Cow mom hurry and get on the puter! Right away she sees a pmail from Uno at SR and thinks to herself......Sophie Claire must have won something! She opens it up and WHOOOO AND ARRROOOO I get to be Schnauzer of the Week!!!! Momma starts clapping her hands together and Sophie Claire and yours truely start doin the Happy Dance!

Thank you very much Schnauzers Rule for this grreat honor! I want to thank everyfur and their pawrents for all of the great pressies and pmails I have received today. I can't wait to answer all of the questions that you will hopefully have for me this week.


My first visit to Deaconess Hospital in Oklahoma City

March 20th 2010 7:37 am
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We arrived at 2:15 and met with Chaplins Poteat and Howard. Chaplin Howard took us on our rounds of the hospital. We visited 5th and 6th floors and went to both CCU's and Dialysis. Harley was excited but calmed down after 10 minutes and boy did he go to work! He met all of the nursing staff and the CEO. After we left the first CCU one of the nurses came up to us to tell us that a patient smiled for the first time since arriving! We started getting request to visit the CCU waiting rooms and calls from 4th floor to please visit. Upon arriving at the CCU waiting room we met 14 people from one family and Harley went to each and everyone of them and then prayers were said by Chaplain Howard as we all held hands. Harley behaved beautifully during prayers. A lady requested we visit one room and the lady was receiving breathing treatments. We put a towel on the bed and Harley lay down beside her as she stroked him and smiled. He had not encountered this type of equipment and he cocked his head and watched with a serious look on his face but again was not intimidated by the noise the machine made. Isolation rooms were encountered and the nurses requested that we stand outside the rooms so the patients could at least see Harley. The Chaplain exclaimed many times to the staff that Harley was amazing as he never one "marked his territory"! I told him he never, ever does that. We finally walked out the front door at 4:45. I was very proud of Harley and he was one tired pup on the ride home.


Harley's Hi-Lites a Suprise Therapy Dog Visit!

March 13th 2010 11:08 am
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Well mom got me up early this morning for a bath, blow dry and a tooth brushing, so I knowed a Therapy Dog visit was in store for me. I gots my vest on and in the car we went. Now I a pretty smart pup and was so sure I was going to my regular place, but that was not to be. We drove for an hour, or a day or somethin like that and we finally arrived!!! Momma's boss (her daddy) had been real sick and in the ICU for over 70 days and was now at a rehab center. We waited at the elevator and when the doors opened this man said..... Look its a schnauzer! He gots 3 of them at home and was worried they wouldn't member him. We got special permission to come to this center just to visit him. Well, I say to him Howdy! I here just to see you this day! Boy oh boy he was so excited cause I looks just like his one schnauzie and so I got to sit in his lap and he petted and petted me and I gave him kisses and I stay wif him for 45 minutes. His family was so excited and mom was proud of me and I did some obedience for him and he laughed and said was a good schnauzie boy I was. This is what my therapy dog job is all about!!!!! We said our goodbye's and I slept all the way home. This was a very good day!


I Got in BIG TROUBLES Last Night!

January 14th 2010 4:42 am
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Well, mom came home and decided it was time for poo pick-up in da yard. It was nice and Sophie Claire and I were busy in the yard. So she is working away and that pesky neighbor dog came out that never stops barking at me. So of course, I had to respond to that pesky dog that never stops barking. Up and down the fence I go letting that dog know that I was telling him to be quiet. Mom would say to me......Harley Davidson STOP! Meanwhile the poo bag is getting pretty full and mom decided she needed another bag. She looks up and here I come. She gasps when she sees me! I am no longer a salt and pepper schnauzer - I am a brown wet muddy schnauzer! She races to the doggie door, but I beat her and in the house I go. I run around the living room, through the kitchen into the bedroom and on to momma's bed. She sees the diaster area and says INTO YOUR KENNEL RIGHT NOW HARLEY DAVIDSON!!!!!! Poor momma, she had to clean the rugs, mop the kitchen floor, shampoo the bedroom carpet and wash the bedspread. Then my little white crate pad was now brown. I hear the water running in the sink and then she comes and gets me. SCRUB, SHAMPOO, SCRUB, RINSE, MORE SHAMPOO! I am now back to a salt and pepper schnauzer. I sure hope momma still loves me. Dang that pesky neighbor dog that never stops barking!


Harley's Hi-Lites

December 29th 2009 9:18 am
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The alarm clock goes off this morning, I give momma her good morning kissy, Sophie Claire comes out from under the covers and we get mom outta the bed. Hurry momma.....there might be birds out already! In we come and ready for breakfast and mom heads for the puter. She pulls up the email and has this look on her face. Harley, please come here a moment and look. I being the dutiful schnauzie son go in and say what wrong momma? She looks and sees these emails with rosettes for me and she finally sees the one from Dogster saying that I was a Diary Pick of the Day! Woooohoooo and Arroooooo and I do my happy dance with my stubby wagging all over the bedroom. Thank you Dogster and all of my pals who have sent me such wonderful rosettes and pmails. Life is good!


Hope Santa Paws Can Find Us!

December 24th 2009 1:06 pm
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Wow, this morning we started with rain, then sleet, then snow and 55 mile an hour winds! You have to understand that Oklahoma does not have blizzards. The interstates are now all closed in all directions and the turnpike is closed to the Texas line. The govenor has declared a state of emergency and the National Guard has been called out! Mom went to let us out the back door and the snow was over the doggie door! She finally got out the back door and got the snow shoveled so we can potty. Well........ out the doggie door I go and I was plowing through 4 foot drifts. Momma finally got me inside and had a big towel ready to dry me off. So far we have 7 inches of snow and hopefully the power will stay on. All airports are shut down. This is only the 13th time that Oklahoma has had snow for Christmas!!!!!! I sure hope Santa Paws can find our house!


Harley's Hi-Lites

November 10th 2009 4:23 am
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I have been tagged by Xena.

What is my most favorite treat? Anything!!!!!!!!!

Here are 7 things about me that you might not know.

1. I am a Therapy Dog.
2. Sophie Claire is my big sister
3. I go to school at the Wild West school.
4. I hate baths
5. I love vegetables
6. I like to steal Sophie's toys and leave them outside.
7. I am not a barker.

I am tagging
Shadow Bear


I am sad today.

October 12th 2009 12:26 pm
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Our furiend Spike went to the Bridge today after a very courageous battle with cancer. Mom's eyes are leaking a whole bunch and Sophie Claire and I are trying to help her. Spike's mom did everything that any human being could possibly do and our hearts are sad and we know how much she loved Spike. We do however, know in our hearts, that there is a special place in God's heaven for all of our babies. We know that they are free of all pain and waiting to see us when we get there. We send our love to Ramona and her family and hold them close to us at this time. God Bless.



October 8th 2009 6:02 am
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Well, last Saturday morning mom and I loaded up the car and took off for Iowa to visit my pal Sebastian! Now I have never been on a long road trip and I wasn't sure was was happening. I rode in my carrier in the back seat with my favorite doggie bed and was real comfy. When momma would stop for gas I got out and got to walk around and smell all the new smells. Well, it seemed like furever but soon we got to Sebastians house. Sebastian was there to meet me and boy howdy did we have super fantastic time together. He showed me all the deer that live around them and big birds he called wild turkey!!!!!!! Our moms dressed us alike and I took Bastian a collar and charm so we would be twinkies! We gots to go in the car twice and went over to Omaha to see the sights and finally to Petsmart to shop. We both would climb up on the recliner with his dad and watch the football games. I had the bestest time ever! Its great to finally meet my best buddy!


Harley's Hi-Lites/ Somethin funny is going on around here.

October 2nd 2009 12:59 pm
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Mom has been acting mysterious all week around the house. She has been taking all kinds of things out of hiding and putting them in bags and then putting them in the garage. Then she gets a suitcase out and starts putting all kinds of stuff in it. Sophie and I follow her around and watch and smell everything! Then, this morning, she takes Sophie Claire's most favorite doggy bed of all and puts in in the car! She also loads up a couple of bags and tells us she will be right back.
Sophie and I have this discussion with each, what she doing to your bed sister? Sophie, maybe it going to the cleaning shop, but I thought it smelled just right. Well home she comes after we don't know how long and tells us that Sophie is going to the vets tonight after work to stay for a few days. Sophie says this is a good thing cause she lubs her dogtor and all the peeps that work there. So, I looks at mom and say, what bout me? Not to worry Harley D, you and I are going on a road trip to Iowa to visit Sebastian and Cash! OMD, I have never been on a long road trip and now I gonna go visit my Dogster pals. Woooohooooo and Arrroooooo!

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