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Lazy Dog Days

Been a while since I had some free time...

April 26th 2005 7:28 am
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I've been spending so much time out in the sunshine and grass (mmm...yummy grass) with mom and dad these days that I haven't had any time to talk about what has been happening with me.

I still haven't quite figured out how the water cubes come out of the tall box, but one of these days I'll watch closer next time and pay more attention. Every time mom and dad get those cubes I put my nose closer and closer trying to sniff out where they come from but it's pretty tricky. Maybe my little sister can figure it out. She can always figure out how to get the gate open so we can take over the house. She's pretty smart.

It's time for me to get back to my nap now. I have such a busy day ahead of me. Sleep, run around the backyard, sleep, eat, sleep, check the house for new smells and sleep some more. Where does the time go?


Missing my bed...

January 21st 2005 11:37 am
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Well, I used to have a really cool bean bag chair when I was little, but I kind of outgrew it. Stupid big dog genes. I loved that bean bag chair. Then Mom and Dad gave me a cool pillow to lie on, but I messed it up pretty bad and they had to take it away. I got another new bed/pillow, but I got carried away and messed that one up too and it was taken away. Now, I miss my bed a lot. Mom left an old comforter on the floor one day and I LOVED it! I promised not to mess it up if she would let me keep it, but she didn't want me to have that one (something about it being too big for the washer). Instead she is going to go shopping and get me a comforter of my own. I can't wait to get a new bed!!

I hear whispers about a trip to the park this weekend and I can't wait!! My brother won't be very happy about it because he's a wimp and can't handle a little snow. I can't wait to run by him and spray snow in his face! HAHA!!

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