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The big 5

July 1st 2012 4:04 am
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OMD! Thank you my friends for all the good wishes, pawmails, and gifts for my birthday.
I feel so loved that is overwelheming!

The week before the big day Mama kept bragging about how I was turning the big 5 at the end of the month. Then the day came and she forgot all about it. Can you believe it!

Anyways, she made up for it and made sure I got extra loving, extra treats and a special meal of salmon and kibble.

Thank you again guys and girls! You know how to make a girl feel special!

Happy Sunday! Stay cool it's going to be a scorcher again today!


...and we talked, and talked, and talked...

June 16th 2012 3:50 pm
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So today we went to see a pet communicator.

The lady was really nice. She asked Mama our names and she started to pet us and we started to talk.

Daisy says she misses Elmo the cat, and that she doesn't like the neighborhood cat that stares at her through the glass door. She said that it is ok with the other name that Mama calls her by.

She said Daisy was the worry wart of the two of us, that she was very grateful, her previous life was not so good. That she knew that going potty inside the house was bad, but that now she knows how to hold it until she goes out. Apparently Daisy has no street smart, she has no fears of cars and she doesn't do well on her own. She apparently eats to satisfy her "old" hunger. She can eat and eat and eat. She didn't have much on her previous life. Including water and that's why she drinks and drinks and drinks water to satisfy her thirst. She was afraid during the trip up to our new place in Ohio, and doesn't want to go through that again. Mama made one question, about babies, and the lady said that Daisy wasn't "telling her" anything about babies.

I on the other hand told the lady about Max the big dog next door. He doesn't look like me, but I like to play with him. Oh! I did tell that I wasn't the one the that was digging in the patio. It was Daisy's idea! I also told her that I'm the boss and I tell Daisy what to do. I told her that it is ok that we go to the patio alone- the place is secured and we can't get out. I also told the nice lady that I love the picture Mama has of me in the kitchen. Oh and I also said that I love to walk and go to the big place next door that has a lot of green, and that I wish I could ride on the front seat of the car..

I said I'm in charge when Mama is not home, I'm the center of the universe and that I'm not Mama's pet, it's the other way around- Mama IS MY PERSON!!!

I don't worry about Mama during the day, I know she comes back at the end of the day. I also said that Daisy takes my toys and that if someone breaks into the house Daisy would show the burglar where the goodies are...BOL!


Beagle Transport Weekend has arrived

April 20th 2012 2:49 am
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Hi there pupses!
It's been elebenty million years since my last entry.

Ever since Mama went to live in Ohio she has neglected her secretary duties, but me and Daisy have cut her some slack. She's been busy fixing our new place, which by the way we hear it's pawsome! There are ducks, squirrels, and bunnies to play with!

Mama got here two days ago and we're leaving tomorrow with her and Grandpa.
We've been getting ready for our big road trip, one like no other. Mama says that we'll be going by car, plane and bus. For such a special occasion we got furminated, and had a bath and then we went for a pawdicure. While we were there our doctor gave us a full physical for the traveling paperwork. We got the all clear to travel.

Our transport accommodations are ready. Two humongous kennels with water and food bowls attached to them and a soft comfy blankie. Mama even got us a special magic explorer bus to go to the airport. She calls it the Beagle Gas Gussler... LOL! But only the best accommodations for us! We'll be traveling first class from our home in San Juan to Cleveland, OH we're another transport awaits for us for the final leg of our journey to Cincinnati.

We're very excited! However Mama is a worry wart ... Poor thing needs a special Zaidie bodka dwip. We were telling her not to worry that everything would be just fine.

So Ohio get ready for the Porto Ricoh beagles 'cause were coming to town!


Midwest? What is the Midwest?

December 16th 2011 11:33 pm
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Mama says that the Midwest is the land of cold and snow.
Where Diablo Davis roams....
She says that she'll be getting us a nice warm coat and booties.
And that we'll learn how to play and have fun in the snow like Bacon and Zaidie do.
I say that as long as I have treats, food, my toys and Mama, I'll be a happy beagle.
So to the Midwest the beagley girls will go!


We're Back!!!

November 26th 2011 4:11 am
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OMD! It's been like a gazillion million billion years since I had my secretary type my diary.

We hope all of our pals are doing great!
Mama has been keeping up with our pals by reading their diaries to us. So at least we weren't completely shut out of Dogster.

Last night we helped Mama put up our Christmas tree. It is small and cute with lots of lights and toys. We sat and watch as we wanted to be on our best behavior. HoHo is coming soon and we want to be on the good list.

Gotta run chase Daisy out in th ebackyard! It's a nice sunny morning and we want to play outside before it starts raining again.

Happy Saturday!


Mama is home again!!!

July 14th 2011 11:59 am
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Dear Diary,

YAY! Mama got home nod dis day but two days before yesterday and after what seemed like elebenty billion years.

We were so happy to see Mama back from her vacations. She was gone for a couple of days on a trip throughout the midwestern part of the US. You see she went to see the Beesuns of Sunset Road and the Beagles of Wisconsin.

She smelled of beans, bacon, pepper and rust. Mama said that she had the best of times.

She spent four days with the Beesuns. Mama got to meet precious sweet gurl Izzy B. The most sweet lovable pup in the land of eternal snow, Minnesnowdah. Her floofies are very floofable and soft. When you cuddle and pet her she grunts...BOL! Mama says Izzy looks like a young pup and doesn't look a day older than five.

The Beanie! OMD! That sure is one lovable pup. He loves the attention and likes to be center and front row. If you're petting another dog he gets in the middle. He carries a toy everywhere he goes.
Oh! And he's a great swimmer.

Bacon! Mama says he's one happy pup. He's always on the go. Always wanting to play! play! Play! And boy! He loves his bully sticks!

Mama had a pawsome time. She even went boating on the Ernie George. It was fun times!

Mama is so grateful that she was able to spend time with the Beesuns. Her only regret was not being able to take Izzy, Beanie or Bacon home.

Oh! And Mama went to meet Rusty and Pepper! They are beagles like us! Mama says Rusty is such a beeyoutifool boy! She pet him tons when she was at their house. Pepper is a little diva. She has a mind of her own. Loves to stare! BOL! I guess she's like me! A diva! BOL!

Mama said that Rusty's Mom is very nice! She was happy to have met her.

Dogster has been one of the best things that has ever happened to us. We are grateful as we have met some of the most wonderful pups and their peeps. We just wished we lived closer to them.


Happy Birthday to me!

June 29th 2011 1:32 am
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It's my birthday! Yay!
I'm four years old today.
Mama says that even though I'm getting old I'm still her baby girl.
I say bring the special breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!
Mama has to go to work today, but I'm sure she'll do something special with me.
Besides I'll be with Grandpa so I should have some fun with him and Daisy.

Oh! and Ernie George my BFF is Dog of the Day on my birthday!!! How cool is that!
Wuff you Ernie!


The Perez Sisfurs hit the Road on Memorial Day Weekend

May 30th 2011 5:46 am
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Nod dis day but yesterday...
BOL! we love our pal Zaidie and the way he tells stories...

Anypaws, yesterday was a very busy day at Perez Casa.
Mama got up at the crack of dawn to work. After feeding us at our usual hour of 6:00 am she started working in the garden. At 7:00 am she turned on the weed wacker and woke up the entire neighborhood. BOL! Poor neighbors...

Well she said she needed to make our "privacy please" area clean as the grass was so tall that we didn't want to go there. BOL! I know...we are little divas.

After a quick lunch she announced we would be hitting the road. YAY! We love to go in the car.

We took the highway and headed west to a beach in the town of Quebradillas called Guajataca. There we took a stroll, took some pictures and had a snack. As we left it was starting to rain.

After elebenty million miles or something we finally made it to the Rincon Lighthouse. There we took a walk around the park. We even met some nice peeps that wanted to take pictures with us.

Then we met some of Mama's friends. Viole wants a beagley and she wanted to meet us. They were very nice!

After watching the sun go down we decided to head back home. We slept all the way back.

Today is nice and sunny, so we are hoping that Mama will take us to the park.

Happy Memorial Day! as we celebrate, we take some time to remember and honor those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and those who are away from their pups and peeps serving our country. We say Thank You!

Happy Day everypup!


A perfect Saturday!

May 14th 2011 3:18 pm
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Oh pups!
Today was the perfect Saturday.

Mama took Daisy to the vet this morning
and I stayed with Grandpa.

After Mama got home it started
raining really really hard.

Mama made some lunch.
She put on a movie and all three of us
snuggled with her.

Then we all fell asleep....zzz zzz zzz
in the big bed...

I love Saturday's 'cause Mama spends the day with us.

We hope all of you guys out there in Dogsterland had a great Saturday too!


Today is my turn...

April 28th 2011 4:42 am
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Today is my turn to graduate! YAY!

After six weeks of classes and treats
today is my turn to pick up my diploma,
wear my graduation cap, and have my
official graduation picture taken.

Wish me luck!

Have a great day pals!

psst...I'll ask Mama if she can take Daisy with us to the celebration. See if we can take a picture together.

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