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Alex's Tail's !

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Justice For Eve

January 13th 2010 9:48 am
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Will you please help out and sign Eve's petition so that we can help put an end to overcrowded, understaffed shelters? We currently have 637 signatures and our goal is 1000. Thank you SO much!


I'm A Little Stinker !

January 2nd 2010 6:05 pm
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That's what mommy said I was. We all came inside , mommy was sweeping in the kitchen and when she got done, went to the frontroom. All the other dog's were there except me. Mommy didn't see me so she checked in the bedroom and I wasn't there either. She knew we all came in together and started looking. Then she knew I had to be upstair's and sure enough I was.You see in the first bedroom up stair's , one of the kitties room's, there is a dish of Cat Chow and water, litter box and many toy's. Well I just had enough and had to go up and eat the Cat Chow. There was a short board at the bottom of the stair's so us dog's wouldn't go up and I climbed over it anyway. Mommy said I was a little stinker ( a sweet one) but she was putting the baby gate back up and she did. I also chewed on a catnip mouse. BOL ! I came back downstair's and joined everyfur in the frontroom. But it sure was great eating that bowl full of Cat Chow. Yummy !


Merry Christmas !

December 24th 2009 9:01 am
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Merry Christmas Everyfur !! We are going to have a white Christmas !We have a very pretty tree and some present's. I just can't wait to open them. I love surprises. Last evening and night we had sleet. It did stop for a few but started again this morning. The weather people said it would start later, so they got that a bit wrong. It's kinda slippery but mommy keep's the deck cleaned off fur us so we manage. I had a big chunk of ice this morning and mommy said it was time to go in. She said bring your ice chunk Alex and I'll trade you a biscuit. We all got some. Then we dog's shared a french toast. Mommy alway's makes an extra one for us. Then we watched her make some blueberry and cherry muffin's.We weren't in the kitchen but in the bedroom. We have a gate to put up in the doorway. I know I'll get a taste later. They have to cool. Have a great and warm dry day. Happy Birthday Jesus !


Snow and Other Thing's

December 19th 2009 3:03 pm
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Well we are getting snow. Not a lot but we have at least 5 or more inches here. It's the wet packing kind. Good for snowball's mommy say's. Us doggies have been playing in it some. We try to help mommy make path's out back. Molly is the only one with long enough fur for it to stick on. Pookah most alway's wear's his fur short. We grab the shovel and help dump it. Then we help by dragging the shovel so mommy can move more snow. I say that's real helpful. This afternoon mommy got some wrapping paper and tape out to wrap present's. When she left the room fur just a minute I grabbed the tape and took it to the bedroom. Then mommy came back into the room and couldn't find the tape and I was not in the room either. She heard some chewing but thought it was just me chewing a Nyla Bone Dino. Nope. I heard her coming into the bedroom ,so I left and Walker went in to the room just ahead of mommy. When she got there he had what was left of the plastic tape roller and many pieces in his mouth. But no tape any where. Hopefully one of us will be depositing it later out back. Mommy said she was so sorry she had left the tape within my reach. Last week I did the same thing with tape on a plastic despenser with a cat on the side of it. I love tape. I'm not mad at mommy and she isn't mad at me. we have some pretty wrapped present's under our tree. Thank's to all the pup's and kitties that have been sending us card's also. It's so fun to get the mail ! Have a great day !



December 9th 2009 5:16 am
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Last evening we were getting snow and wind's. When us dog's went out around 8:30 it was like a storm, but then it stopped . When we got up and went out at 5:30 AM most of the snow was gone. It was sloppy too. The temp's had went up. But today we are under a winter weather advisory. We are to have dropping temp's, more snow , up to 4 inches and wind picking up to 40 - 65 mph. It was fun playing in the snow last evening. We were running and sliding and eating it ! Our weather changes a lot here. Have a great day and stay warm and dry.



November 30th 2009 6:34 am
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Hi pup's ! Sunday we ere in a parade. My whole family went and we even got to be in the parade. It was so much fun.A bunch of fur's from Princess Divas & Prince Charming's went. Bailey took pictures. She's very good at that. Buttercup organized the parade. There was even a surprise guest. It was our furiend Hershey. He was Santa Clause and had Elves on his float. My cat brother guessed it was Hershey and won some Zealies from Buttercup for being correct. At PD&PC we are still RVing everywhere. We just got done today in our state of Indiana. We have many places yet to see, so come on and join us. You can even sign up to host your state. Have a great day furiend's !!



November 19th 2009 6:51 am
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Whenever us pup's get out our Nylabones I start my collection. We lay in differant palces and chew on them. But when something get's Walker's attention I race over to where he was and grab his Nylabone up and take it to the closet. We have a closet with no door on it and have pillow's and a blanket on the floor. There are coat's and mine, Molly's and Pookah's shirt's, sweater's and jacket's hanging there. Anyway that's wher I keep thing's. But Walker is catching on because today I had mine and his bone in there and when I came out to nap on the couch would you believe it, he went and got his bone back. I guess I'll have to start hiding thing's under the pillow's. Every once in a while mommy does check there because when she doesn't see our chew thing's she know's what happened. Me of course. BOL ! I even will grab a stuffed toy that the grandson leaves laying around. I fiqure he leaves thing's out fur me. Have a great day pal's.


November 10th 2009 4:04 pm
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I was tagged by my pal Tinkerbelle.
The Question was:

What is your favorite treat?
I love Milk Bone Original Treat's.

Now I need to tell 7 things about myself.

1. I sleep right beside mommy every night.

2. I chase bunny rabbit's when they are in our backyard.

3. I don't like bath's, but will let mommy catch me and take one for her.

4. I love to chase butterflies.

5. I will eat anything.

6. Dad likes to sneak me snack's.

7. I love to go for rides in the front seat of the pick up truck. I can see everyhting.

I'm tagging some furiend's but if thay can't or don't want to play that's ok. They are still the best ! Alexandria



November 7th 2009 3:29 pm
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Today us doggies had bath's. It was so warn and nice and sunny outside so mommy bathed us outback. She got wet beacuse Pookah kept grabbing the hose and trying to run off with it. BOL ! She laughed too. It was fun. When we were done me and Walker barked at each other and ran around the yard. Sometimes when we all are running one of us stop's and turn's around to the other way. The other's keep on going. BOL! After our bath's we got brushed, came inside and chewed our nylabone dino's fur awhile. It was a good day. Alexandria


Memorial For HARLEYDOG

November 4th 2009 5:37 pm
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Hi pup's, a great friend to many, HARLEYDOG went on today to The Rainbow Bridge. He was great fun to play with at Dog Park USA. He made great pictures for the fur's when they would win at the game guess how many is in my yard. The how many each time was the winner from the previous game. Some in my family even won and the picture's are still on their pages. This Thursday evening at 6PM dogster time at Fancypant's Cafe there is a memorial service for HARLEYDOG.
They usually play bingo at the café however this week are going to put that aside and remember a dear friend to everyone. Bring your pictures, songs & memories to share. We will gather starting at around 6 pm dog time. Everyone is welcome !!!!!!! At Fancypant's Cafe 24/7. Hope to see you all there. Thank's

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