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Alex's Tail's !

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4th Annifursary!

August 15th 2012 6:49 am
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WOOF! Thats right , we've been here 4 years today! The first 11 of us BOL!
As some of you know we got Jerry and Tinker way after we all was here. One summer evening mommy was watching The Greatest American Dog tv show. She saw an advertisement for and wanted to check it out. But she kept forgetting then finally two week's passed by and she did it. Mommy had never been on a social network place ever before. So the first time she was here she signed up Walker, Alexandria, Molly, Pookah, Edwina, Emily, Nelly, Morris, Cleopatra, Nekko and Itsumo.
We had the regular membership for a couple of month's and then moved up to plus. You can have a lot more pictures that way! Mommy didn't know about, copy and paste even BOL! She learned that and how to get a picture in a post and last year a very sweet doggie mom Pam, Flickas mommy helped her learn to make our pages beautiful.
There have have been a few bump's, Many, many smiles and laugh's and some tears to. We've made a ton of friend's and saw some cross on to Rainbow Bridge. Those times mommy has to cry and gets very sad. We've had good friends go on before us, Cats Sunny Bono, Athena ( a sweet 3 legged calico),many more. Dog's Lexi,Sunny and many more. But it really help's to have fur's here to share the pain and of course to share the happiness.
Mommy wishes we would have found Dogster sooner. It is full of very helpful people and lot's of fun group's.We even get to help in some! But right now with summer, some group's have slowed down.Some fur's have left saying they didn't like all the changes and such. We will just wait it all through all the fleas and play and post when we can.We don't get fleas to often.
Thank's to all you sweet fur's for being here! It has been a great 4 year's!



August 2nd 2012 8:38 am
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WOO HOO Do I Love Cake!! We were very happily surprised Wednesday when we saw all the cake notices in our email! We did wonder what is going on? Then we saw and OMD! Us fur's will need to go on a DIET now BOL! Thank You HQ!! Way To go! Also thank you furiend's for all the very yummy cakes. We are freezing some so everyday we can have more. We have been sending cakes back but if we have missed anyfur we are sorry, but it's a yummy cake overload! Just enjoy.


It's My Gotcha Day!

August 1st 2012 8:15 am
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It sure is pup's! Walker and I are litter mates. Our dad was a full Rotti and our mom was Lab/Rotti and a little Husky. We were born behind a couch in a front room in a house on the main street of of city and we weren't very wanted there. I got to our furever home one day after Walker because at first mommy and dad was just getting him. Well by the next morning mommy said he needed a brother or sister because the two older pups they had weren't going to be around much longer. They were both 14 year's old. So Walker got home on a Saturday and me on a Sunday. Mommy called dad's niece and asked if they could have another puppy and dad's brother in law said sure , you can have them all But mommy couldn't so they picked me and I am sooo glad to. The older dog's mommy had did pass on, the boy 14 year's old in Nov. from a stroke and the girl 15 year's old the next year in June from cancer, but they did have a very good and long life.
Thank you all for the pmail's pictures and rosies! You are all the sweetest fur's ever. I'm very happy to have a great and fun place to come to and play with my friend's. Thank you!!
Silly me I forgot to thank Bailey, Buttercup and Princess Divas & Prince Charmings for making me Royal Member of the Day!! Thank you all furry much :)


We Got RAIN!!

July 19th 2012 8:20 am
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Yes We Did! This morning we woke up around 5AM to thunder, lightening and RAIN! So mommy and us doggies ran out back to take of some business and ran back in again BOL! Then we had Chow and laid around listening to the rain. A very nice sound! It's a little cooler to, 70's. The electric went off two times but mommy got the clock's all set, both times BOL! The second time dad said why bother setting them again and mommy said, well this time it might stay on. It rained for 5 1/2 hour's. So maybe that helped just a little bit. I sure hope so.


We Got Rain,sorta

July 18th 2012 6:12 pm
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late this morning it rained ! There was a lot of thunder early in the morning and then it was sprinkling and then RAIN. But it only lasted for about 20 minutes then after it stopped the sun came out and boy it felt so hot. We didn't get out much because of the heat. The next couple of day's the temp's might be in the 80's but sometimes that is hot. I sure hope we get more rain soon and that it last a little longer.



July 17th 2012 6:08 pm
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We just had a bunch of thunder go through but not single drop of rain :( We need RAIN here in Indiana! Mommy's tomato plants have died,the small strawberry patch has died and the peonies bush out back have died and we only have 5 sunflowers left. We had helped mommy plant a flower garden out back and the sunflowers were the only flowers that even grew. The grass is even dead. It's like that everywhere! Even if you watered things it didn't help. Also the water works raised the rates so, that can put you between a rock and a hard place literally.
When it was thundering we went out back(I had me calming collar on) and mommy kept saying, rain, rain come on and rain. But No, Nope, Nada! We have a chance for rain yet tonight and tomorrow and Thursday. The temp. got up to 99 today. We've had the AC on for what seems like furever and do miss having the window's opened. I hope where ever you all are you are staying cool!


I Had Hors D'oeuvres Today!!

July 10th 2012 3:17 pm
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Yes I sure did and they were little! It was Cat Chow BOL! Like she does sometimes, mommy left the gate off the bottom of the stairway. She had been upstairs sweeping, mopping and vacuuming one of the kitty only room's. I guess she was hot and tired, because you know lugging a vacuum and a bucket with mop and water upstairs is a chore. Anyway when mommy was all done she brought down mop, bucket, vacuum and trash and just furgot all about the baby gate at the stairway. Her and us doggies went out for a short while to do business, then came back in so us doggies could eat. Well Pookah stayed in one room, Molly in another room and me and Walker went to the parlor. Only him and I eat in the same room. Pookah and Molly used to eat in the dinning room but Pookah got to naughty and jumped Molly and tried to take her face off, so he eats in the bedroom and Molly eat's in the dinning room. Anyway I saw the opportunity to head up the stair's and I did!! Mommy turned around and knew exactly where I was and just started laughing! She called me and went up and caught me having tiny cat chow Hors D'oeuvres BOL! I got done and mommy said, ok Ms Alex time to eat your own chow. So I went back down the stair's slowly and did very good at that. You know mommy worries about me and stair's because I'm a big delicate girl. I can't wait for another opportunity at that cat food, I only wish the pieces were bigger and meaty BOL!


My Happy Day!!

July 3rd 2012 11:26 am
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Yes it sure is! Today I am 8 year's old. It's been a busy day for us on dogster. There are 1,127 doggies having a birthday today, WOW!! Mommy looked at the birthday stroll and saw me and Walker. Thats a lot of doggies. Thank you very sweet fur's for all the pmail's pictures and rosies. Sometimes it takes 3 tries to get a picture on so we are resting from that BOL!
I am also Royal Member of the Day at Princess Divas & Prince Charming's! My favorite group.
Mommy took a birthday picture of me this morning. I had been wearing my Calming Collar because a few day's before and after the 4th there are usually fireworks going off at all hours.But our county has a no burn and no fireworks ban on for another week at least. We need rain here in Indiana. When we do get any it just soaks in and you can't tell it rained, but even without the rain the grass has been damp in the early morning's. We'll get some sometime. I hope all people affected by the storms on the east coast and the Colorado fires will be ok very soon. So much loss, it is very sad. Please say prayers for them all.
Thank you again fur's for making this a very Happy Birthday!


I'm A Big Stinker Today!

May 19th 2012 9:06 am
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This morning Mommy was going to take me over to husis's and as soon as I got out our door,I ran and pulled mommy down right on the sidewalk! She hung on to my leash tight but ended up with a skinned up knee, and top of her hand ,on the right hand side. But she know's I was just so happy and didn't do it on purpose. Anyway she got up,we went back inside and dad walked me and mommy over to sis's dog Walker had already been there today and it was my turn. So I would say I am 100% again! When I got over to sis's I went inside and got some chip's and boy they tasted great! The grandson's gave them to me BOL! Then sis walked me around the yard and I looked into eveything I could find. They had tent's set up in the backyard so of course I checked those out to. Every once in a few step's I found more chip's to BOL!!


DDP Comment's!

May 18th 2012 2:49 pm
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I have tried and tried but cannot answer the comment's on my DDP Entry. Thank you Zaidie and Riley! It's Great to feel GREAT again!!

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