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Alex's Tail's !

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The Cancer Has Come Back

July 23rd 2016 2:59 pm
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I went to the vet today and it didn't turn out to good. I have Bone Cancer (Osteosarcoma) in my back right hock/leg.I had a toe removed almost 2 years ago this Sept. because of cancer and we thought I had beat it. It has spread. The vet said I have 4 - 5 months left .I have pain pills and I take them everyday. We will not let her suffer and we don't leave her or any of our furs alone. Please say some prayer's, send good thoughts. Sweet Alexandria is the most gentlest of doggies we have ever had. Thank you all for all the Love, Warmth and caring through all the year's. Without Dogster we would never have known any of you. We have been very Blessed by Dogster and Catster. In good times, in bad times, in happy times and in sad times, this has been a most wonderful place to be and we will never forget it and all our Family here. This has been the Best Ride of all times!! Love, Love, Love!! Bless each one of you :) We will be together again sweet hearts ♥


Thanks For The Memories and LOVE!!

July 6th 2016 4:01 pm
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Sweet fur's and humans, thank you all for the wonderful,happy, great fantastic, Pawsome times here. All the love in good and bad and happy and sad times. It seems like we have been here forever doesn't it? We joined August 12,2008 :) Mommy didn't even know what to do here!! But caught on fast. Thank you to all who have helped in many different way's. Thank you for helping us learn things, thank you for helping us through times some of us furs went to The Rainbow Bridge. What a fabulous (almost ) 8 years.
Mommy is on Face Book and that is enough for her. Some pals have Blogs and we will check them out sometimes.
Love you all forever and ever ♥
Carol & The Binkley Bunch

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.”
― Dr. Seuss


Animated Wing Maker Needed!

April 11th 2016 11:44 am
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Hello everyfur. Catster Kally Kat #816792 went to The Rainbow bridge. Her sweet, sweet mommy would love a pair of Animated Angel Wings for Kally Kat. Can anyone please help? Thank you so much.


A Christmas Quote!

December 14th 2015 10:26 am
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He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree. ~Roy L. Smith


Coned Again!!

September 29th 2014 7:02 am
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BOL!! I went out side yesterday and my bandage and gauze popped right off. But it was supposed to come off today any way. Mommy checked my foot and it looked good. So then we all pottied and just stayed out for some air. Well a guy and girl walked by with a big dog and Molly and Pook's got to run to the fence and bark, but mommy held me back :( I wanted to run and bark to but I had to stay put and bark :( They we all went in and ate. I had some boiled chicken, egg, rice and cottage cheese. I'm getting spoiled :) That's when I get my pill's. Every 12 hours I take 2 antibiotics and 1 pain pill. Then wouldn't ya know it, I Got Coned!! But mommy says it won't be long. I hope!! Mommy did call the vet and they said just don't let me get it soaking wet.
In 5 -7 day's my vet Alexandra Coon will call mommy with the biopsy results. We know it will be a great outcome!! On October 9th I go in to the vets and have the stitches out. The place where my toe and pad were does look good.
I can't answer diary comments and I know some can't leave comment's. I do know you all care and are here. This is the best site and we have the best Dogster/Catster family a gal could ever wish for. We love each one of you very much ♥



September 28th 2014 7:11 am
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Sweet Alexandria had a rough night with her cone on. She started out on the bed, then went to the floor. I put some blankets down for her and me. I slept with her so maybe she wouldn't feel so alone.I sang kid songs to her. It took her a hour to get asleep and she whined softly, woke up at 2AM. Then she feel back asleep. All the pups and I got up at 5AM, took her cone off and put the plastic bootie on, because of the dew, damp grass. She did her business, we came in and I fed them. I took the plastic bootie off her foot and she jumped up on the bed, rolled, wagged and settled back asleep on the pillow by my head like usual So our household is back in place and hopefully we will have blue skies for a long time to come



September 27th 2014 8:31 am
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Sweet Alexandria is HOME!! She did take her bandage off overnight at the vet's, so she has a cone for night time. She has a thick plastic bootie to wear over her bandaged foot for when she goes out side. We can take the bandage off on Monday. The results of the biopsy will be in, 5 - 7 day's. She has 2 kinds of med's. 2 antibiotic capsules every 12 hour's and another one kind of pain pill every 12 hour's. She didn't want to take them at the vet's so at home I gave her boiled chicken, rice, egg's and cottage. Small portion so as not to upset her tummy. Maplecrest Animal Hospital is the best place and has the best people there. We have a payment agreement and they are very understanding . I am so glad Sweet Alex is back. That big bed is even bigger with out a big doggie and the house was to empty without a big doggie. Thank you all so very much and I thank God for every living thing! Today is so beautiful!!


Please Send Me More Prayers and Good Thought's

September 22nd 2014 1:40 pm
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Sweet Alexandria had 2 x-rays today. 1 of her toe and 1 of her lung's.Her lung's are ok! The vet is removing the toe and a little more,it has cancer. I forget how she said it but I trust her 100% on this Friday. As soon as Sweet Alex got home she went to bed, but I thought she should go out and potty. So I got some melon pieces and she followed me, Molly and Pooks were out waiting. She ate the melon pieces, went potty, drank water and went right over to Walker's grave. She put her front paw's on where his head is and looked very happy. She is the most smartest doggie we've ever had. ♥


I Need Some Prayers

September 20th 2014 10:23 am
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I need some hand's, paw's and everything together in prayer and many good thought's for my Sweet Alexandria.She had to have her one toe looked at by the vet 2 week's ago. She had a hurt on one toe on the back left foot. She got some antibiotics and had to go back in 2 week's. So she had her toe checked again this morning. The vet said she has a Digital Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Alexandria is going back Monday and be dropped off for an x-ray and picked up later in the day. She has another antibiotic,1 x a day to take and a pain pill to take 2x a day. The antibiotic came from the Pharmacy so she is registered there BOL!! After the xray and us talking with vet, we will decide what the next step is. The vet said she seems to be in good health other then the toe. So hopefully nothing has spread inside her. The vet said she has more years in her so please say a prayer for her ♥


Dog Of The DAY!!!

February 15th 2014 8:13 am
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OMD! OMD! OMD!! WOO HOO!! That is what mommy was saying when she got on line and checked the email!! Then she said real loud and ran to me and hugged me and kissed me :) We are both very, very happy!!
I have to thank HQ, but I saw some where I think on FB that a lady does pick the fur's for the honors, so I thank you Lori very much :) You are a sweet lady.
I hope Lori and John will get to keep their job's at HQ with whoever is helping dog/catster.
This is the email I got today-

Dear Carol,

Congratulations, Alexandria is a Dog of the Day and will be featured on Dogster's Community Home Page all day!

We have also credited your account with 25 Zealies to help you celebrate Alexandria's day in the spotlight! I know I know, we're barking like mad over here too! Thanks so much for running with the Dogster pack.

Much Woof!


Dogster: for the love of dog!

Dogster: for the love of dog. Please whoever is helping dogster and catster remember those words. We are important, every dog, every cat and every person here. We all have feelings and many were hurt by the announcement of closing the community. Mommy cried at night to us doggies and hugged the cats tight in the daytime. Some people even left. On Face Book a woman said she might as well delete her pages. Mommy posted, she will not, that Say Media would have to delete her pages. She wasn't leaving. Then mother's posted that they weren't leaving either. This place, dog/catster is a place of caring, loving furs and people and there isn't any place like it. We did join two other pet sites and they are good sites. Many have joined to. I am glad that the people running them care enough to help everyone here. I hope whoever is helping dogster listen's to all of us. I say it should be For Love of the Dogster and Catster community. Long May It LIVE!!!!! I love each and every one of you!

PS- If I missed sending you a thank you rosette, I am sorry, I tried though :)

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