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That's more like it!

March 30th 2012 11:30 pm
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Auntie Myrna came twice this week! I can't remember if she's evfur come to walk me twice in one week, but thus week she did! AND this time mommy remembered to give her my treats!

I love walking with my Auntie Myrna, but like evfurrything else, it's different with Winkie. Now mommy comes, too. Mommy takes Winkie's leash, and Auntie Myrna takes mine, so in a way it's like it always was. Only, I have to Watch My Manners when mommy's around. I have to keep my butt on the ground when Auntie Myrna gives me a treat. And sit at intersections. Stuff like that.

We still have fun, though! I get a treat when we get to the big grassy circle, and another one fur going around once, and another fur going around twice! In fact, you nevfur know when Auntie Myrna might give you a treat. It's good to keep your eye on her, BOL!!



March 27th 2012 7:31 am
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What a surprise to come to Dogster today and find my piccie in Diary Central!! I'm a Daily Diary Pick! I wrote about our Big Walk on Friday. You can go read about it! Thanks, HQ! And thanks to Zoe, Dixie and Angel Whisper, Freckles, Coco Rose and Puff, Molly and her fambly, Harley and Jazzi, Abby, Sophie Claire, Chauncey and her fambly, Mazy and Finley fur the congrats and rosies!!


Walking With Winkie

March 23rd 2012 11:19 pm
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Today was a sunny day, so mommy decided to take advantage of it and walk us to the doggy store! It's a long walk. I knew where we were going as soon as we went up the stairs to the big street. I try to pull mommy up those stairs all the time, BOL!!

Along the way is what mommy calls a college. There are lots of people there who spend their time dropping food around on the grass fur doggies who pass by. That's furry nice of them, but mommy wouldn't let us have any. I got a cracker when she wasn't looking, BOL!!

I knew where we were going, and I was pretty focused on getting there. But Winkie is another story. Winkie is furry good at going, but not so much on focusing. He doesn't hear much, and he doesn't see much. He's all nose, and he likes to follow his nose wherevfur it wants to go. Mommy keeps him on a short leash that's fastened around her waist. Otherwise we'd nevfur get ANYWHERE! He goes this way and that way and back again, and if we do stop to sniff, he goes around in circles! And he wants to go FAST!

I got us all to the doggy store as quick as I could, and I got pets and treats and smelled all the wonderfur stuff! Then we headed fur home. I usually take it easy on the way back, but evfurrything's different with Winkie. He doesn't know "take it easy." We went back exactly the same way we had come, but you would have thought he'd nevfur sniffed it befure. He zigged, he zagged, he went here and there and back again. He probably walked twice as much as mommy and me, and he wasn't even slowing down! Until we got home. Then he got his apple and I got my carrot and we both pretty much checked out fur the rest of the day! BOL!!


Two-walk day!

March 20th 2012 6:24 pm
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Today was going pretty much like evfurry day. We got up early, sent daddy off to work, then mommy did some laundry, and Winkie and I napped until it was time fur our brush-and-walk. The walk was fine, it's kind of cold out. Not too may other doggies around. We came back home and went back to our naps.

But then, someone knock-knock-knocked on the door! I ran up the stairs to get mommy, and down the stairs to bark, and up again and down again and then around in circles until mommy opened the door and there was Auntie Myrna! OMD! OMD!!

She came in and of course she had to pet Winkie, but as soon as she sat down I was all ovfur her lap! She and mommy talktalktalked fur a while, but then I decided it was time fur a walk! So off we went, Auntie Myrna with my leash and mommy with Winkie's. It was almost like old times! Except, Auntie Myrna didn't have any treats. What???!

I'm sure it was just an oversight. She'll be back next week.


Second childhood?

March 13th 2012 9:37 pm
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Lots of things have changed since Winkie came to our house. Fur one thing, we have a big blankie that my pal Lexi sent, and all our toys are piled on it. That will be important later, so remember.

My walks are different, because Winkie comes along. And Winkie is like a little whirlwind on a leash, darting around this way and that way and pulling and getting our leashes all crissy-crossy. When we get home he's so wound up that he heads straight fur the toys and starts squeak-squeak-squeaking whatevfur he can get his mouth around.

I like toys. That is, I like them when they're brand new. I play with them fur an hour or a day or something, and then I'm done. That's how I roll.

But Winkie, he just loves all the toys! And I have to admit, he has me re-thinking my whole toy philosophy. I remember, I used to love to squeak things, too.

So tonight it was raining. In fact it rained all day, and mommy was working and it was a furry long, boring day. When daddy finally got home he took us out one at a time, me furst, so he could dry us off easier. After me, Winkie went out, and when he got back he took a dive into the toy pile and came out with a squeakie bear. And I'm telling you, he was just having so much fun, I couldn't help myself! Befure I knew what I was doing, I was jumping all ovfur him and wagging my tail and he chased me and I chased him and we bonked and rolled and OMD it was FUN! Mommy and daddy were furry happy and kept telling me what a good boy I am! Just fur playing? Pawrents are funny!

Maybe we can do that again!



March 11th 2012 9:23 am
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Don't get me wrong, I'm honored to be a DDP today! Thank you, Dogster!! But the joke is on my brofur Winkie! He wrote a new diary entry yesfurday, and I haven't written one fur a week! I guess we know where the writing talent resides in THIS fambly! BOL, BOL, BOL!!!


Good times!

March 4th 2012 9:39 pm
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This new brofur business is a pretty good deal! Yesfurday we went on lots of adventures in the car! Furst we introduced Winkie to my vet. He got stuck some, and then I got stuck some, but it didn't hurt. Dr. R said we are both Good Boys. Winkie got a new tag fur his collar.

Next we went to the other vet. We didn't see him, we just went to the desk and daddy talktalktalked and gave them a bunch of papers. And they all said Hi Winkie, Hi Hershey!

Next we went to the Wag, and I thought we were gonna stay and I got all excited, but all that happened was daddy went to the desk and talktalktalked and filled out some papers, while Winkie and I got petted and loved on.

Next we went to the office where daddy pays our rent. We had to sit and wait, and then daddy filled out more papers and talktalktalked, and Winkie got his picture taken and got another new tag fur his collar. Now he jingles as much as I do, and he won't sneak up on mommy so much, BOL!!

After that we went to the big meadow doggie park. It was a furry warm day, and lots of doggies were there. Daddy took our leashes off and Winkie TOOK OFF! OMD that little doggie loves to run!! He followed evfurry doggie and evfurry mommy and daddy and nevfur looked back! Mommy and daddy and I had to walk and run and chase him down, and then he had to have his leash put back on! BOL!! It will have to be a lot smaller place when he goes leashless again!

Today we all went to Fort Fun! Winkie will always be on leash there, because he could disappear in...well, in a wink! BOL!! But I'm good at staying by daddy, so my leash came off and we had a furry nice walk. It was another warm day. We don't really get many of those! There were about a bazillion doggies, and Winkie wanted to sniff evfurry one of them! He's not a bit shy, that one! BOL!!

I think we'll both sleep fur about the next decade!


Winkie is home!

February 26th 2012 3:45 pm
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Yesfurday we all got up furry early, even mommy! I knew something was up, because I got my brushing right after mommy ate her brekkie. Next thing I knew we were in the car and crossing the long bridge. Soon we were in the country, but not the wine country. We stopped at a house and went inside, and there was the fambly we met last week, and there was Winkie!

The people had to talktalktalk, so I ran around sniffing Winkie's house. It was furry nice and evfurrything, but I finally felt like we'd been there long enough, so I decided to poop in their entryway. Mommy scooped me right up and stopped me ALMOST in time, BOL!! She was NOT happy.

So then we got back in the car, and Winkie got in with us! I sat on my side and he sat on his side. He's pretty quiet.

When we got home we took Winkie on a walk around the block, and then we came inside to let him sniff my house. He wasn't sure how to go up the stairs, so I showed him. He moves kinda slow. We played with mommy and daddy on the floor and took pictures and all that stuff, and then he pooped in our kitchen, so now we're even, BOL!!

He has his own supper dish, across the room from mine. He eats slow. And mommy made him a bed ovfur by the couch but he didn't go into it. He can't jump up on the couch by himself, but he likes it up there. So do I! He snores.

Daddy fell asleep with the two of us on the couch last night, and when he woke up this morning he couldn't find Winkie! He looked all ovfur, and then realized Winkie was in his new bed! Mommy thinks he's pretty smart. How smart do you have to be to find a comfy place to sleep?

This morning mommy gave us each a brushing, but she was kinda kidding with Winkie because he's almost bald, BOL! Then we went on a long walk ovfur to the doggie run, where we can take our leashes off. Mommy threw a tennis ball and I was chasing it, while Winkie went around sniffing. But then he started eating grass, so we left. He eats grass.

He has a lot to learn--how to sit when he's told, and how to wait fur mommy to go out the door furst, and how not to pull on his leash--but I think he has potential. I guess it's okay if he stays.


Guess what? Guess what??!

February 19th 2012 9:42 pm
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I have a new brofur!! His name is Winkie. Well, really it's Van Winkle, but we're gonna call him Winkie. You can go to his page to read his story and all that stuff. Mommy took some photos. They're all on his page, too. We'll pick out one fur my page, mommy says.

He isn't acfurrily here at our house yet. We only met him today. I sniffed him some, and he sniffed me some. But he came with a lot of people, and they really liked me so I mainly hung out with them, BOL!!! I wonder if they're all gonna be living here?


Funday Monday

February 13th 2012 6:36 pm
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I hardly evfur go to the Wag Hotel on a Monday. Why would I go on a Monday? But I went today, and I found out that at the Wag, Monday is Funday! Some doggies go there evfurry day, and I could tell they were kind of excited. Apparently you nevfur know what a Monday will bring. Today, it brought a giant sandbox fur us to play in! I'm not a digger, but some of my playmates started digging around and guess what! There was buried treasure! Tennis balls, and things that went *Squeak!*, and ropeys! OMD we had so much fun! Here's my report card:

"Hershey had a blast today exploring the play area, digging in the sandbox and hanging with his buddy, Molly." (She's a golden retriever!)

I hope I get to go to a Funday Monday again!

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