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It's a Chocolate Life

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My Turn

February 4th 2013 8:27 pm
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Winkie began the month of January with a trip to the vet and a bunch of pills. That got him some extra attention, so I decided to do the same. I started February by pooping in the house, which I NEVFUR do, and then my poop got all runny. So I went to the vet on Saturday. He gave me two shots, and gave mommy two bottles of pills. Daddy gave him some of my poop to look at. I've been eating chicken and rice fur four days now!

Today mommy called and found out that I do NOT have a virus or a bacterial infection. She didn't find out what I do have, though. They said maybe a parasite? They said keep feeding me chicken and rice and pills. I like chicken and rice, AND I get the pills in yummy pockets! I feel fine and I'm pooping real poop again. All in all, I'd say this is a good way to start any new month!


Mommy Has New Tires

February 1st 2013 10:37 am
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I haven't seen them, but she swears she's re-tired now, and she's nevfur lied to us. She seems pretty happy about it! I wanted to help her celebrate, so I started two sleeps ago, leaving her some runny messes on the dining room carpet! She got furry excited, let me tell you. I've noticed since then that, if I even look like I'm THINKING about going outside, BOOM! I'm outside! BOL!!!

Winkie's helping, too. Mommy found some fleas on his belly. So many good gifts fur Mommy! So we both got Frontlined a day early, but Winkie's fleas haven't packed up yet. (Fleas don't show up so well on me. If I have them, I'm not talkin'.)



January 18th 2013 9:30 pm
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Most of the time, mommy is home with us. Daddy leaves evfurry day. "Bye-bye daddy!" after breakfast. He comes home after our din-din. Once a week, sometimes twice, mommy leaves with him. Then I have to wear my calming collar and be a Big Boy until she comes home. Sometimes I nap and wait patiently, sometimes not. Sometimes I BARK!BARK!BARK! But either way, she's always home in time fur our mid-day brush-and-walk.

So today, not long after daddy left, mommy took us out fur a business walk put my calming collar on. So I knew she was leaving. I went into my crate fur a nap.

She didn't come back. I rolled ovfur.

It got to be time fur our brush-and walk, but still no mommy. hmmmmmm..... Got a drink. ZZZZZzzzzzz....

Time went on. Where's mommy? Maybe she furgot where the door is? Here, mommy! BARK!BARK!BARK!

I kinda needed to go outside. BARK!BARK!BARK!

Then it got to be time fur our din-din, and still no mommy! Where was she? We hadn't been outside ALL DAY! No brushing! No playtime! know. And what about din-din??!!! BARK!BARK!BARK!

FINALLY she came back! OMD, we couldn't get out fast enough! And then we got our din-din. Well, okay then.

We've nevfur been left on our own at home fur even HALF that long! We were good boys, and mommy feels guilty, so that's like money in the bank! So I'm asking, what do we demand?


My Gotcha Day!!

January 2nd 2013 11:33 am
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Today is my Gotcha Day! It was a cold and rainy day in 2006, but today it's cold and dry, BOL!! Mommy took us on an extra long walk, and I got a brand-new toy to add to the Christmas ones! And I got to skip my brushing!

I want to thank all the pals who have sent me gifts and photos and spawcial greetings today. I have the best pals on Dogster!! Thank you
Bailey, Buttercup and all my pals at PDPC, where I am the Royal Member of the Day!!
Lexi, Monnie and Roscoe
The Kirk Furs and CDAC
Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey
Tinkerbelle and Natasha
Angel Whisper and Dixie
TJ, Sox and fambly
Ciao-Li, Weezer and fambly
Abby and Buddy
Walker, Alex, Molly, Pooks and all the kitties
Rubio, Blaze, Tango, Sparkle and fambly
Jeannie and Nora
Bear and Oscar
Mazy and fambly
Abby, Lucian and the kitties
Dino, Buddy and Buddy B.
Harley and Jazzi
Charlie, Abbie, Teddy and fambly
Austin and Doo
Ringo, Webster and fambly
Angelica and fambly
and Scarlett, Elise and Anya!


Back to the dark side...

December 30th 2012 6:21 pm
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I'm re-thinking my reformation. Late last night, after mommy and daddy were sleeping, I realized it's almost time fur mommy to put all the Christmas stuff back in its boxes. All that wonderful, chewable stuff! I remembered where some was waiting outside of its closet, down on the floor in mommy's office, in easy reach. And I made my move. I found a wreath with red berries on it, and I helped myself!

Only, they weren't real berries. They weren't even tasty. That made me so mad I started barking at the wreath! That was a mistake, because daddy heard me and came in and caught me red-mouthed! He was NOT happy. He took me downstairs and put me in my crate, like I was a little baby or something! Can you imagine? I mean, if that wreath wasn't there fur my chewing pleasure, why was it on the floor??!

After mommy and daddy went to church this morning, Notme visited our house. Mommy got some cooking stuff fur Christmas. It came in jars, with a pretty tea towel. She put it all on the sideboard. Notme found a way to stretch up and reach a corner of the new towel, gave a tug, and all the jars came tumbling down! They landed on the carpet and nothing broke or even opened, but mommy was NOT happy when she got home. Only, she wasn't sure who to be unhappy with. Winkie and I are not telling. It was Notme. That's our story and we're sticking to it. But mommy said no treats fur us today.

This afternoon on my walk I pooped out a few fake berries. So there.



December 25th 2012 9:41 pm
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OMD, this diary is so dusty! I can't believe mommy has let it go so long! Let's see, where were we?

Well, shortly after my barkday Winkie and I went to spend a week at the Wag Hotel. That was lots of fun, but we were glad to see mommy and daddy again. I don't think Winkie was expecting them to come back, BOL!!

Then the season of adventures began! There was the day we went fur a car ride to the Christmas tree forest to choose our tree. I picked out the best one, that's my job, and then daddy cut it down. When we got home mommy put it in a bucket of water outside the back door. I almost furgot about it.

It was about this time that I decided I'd try to get on Santa's Naughty list this year. Mommy was putting decorations around on the lamp tables and coffee table, low enough fur me to reach. I've nevfur paid attention befure, but this year they looked irresistible. Daddy was leaving things around, too. Evfurry night when things got quiet I'd start nosing around to see what I could snatch. Mommy always caught me and made me get Down! and Leave it! So one night I wated until she went to bed and daddy was snoring on the couch. That's when I made my move! By the time daddy woke up I had chewed up his wallet, cell phone and headset. BOL!!! So much fur Mr. Goody Two-Shoes Hershey!

The next weekend we went to the vet because I needed new shots. I like it there! The vet looked me ovfur and said I'm in good shape, even my teefers! *whew!*

Seven more sleeps, and daddy brought the tree inside and all the furniture got moved around. I know mommy and daddy put packages under there, and I was looking furward to getting into some more mischief, but this year mommy put a fence around it. She said she was worried about Winkie, who is a known scavenger. But the truth is, she wanted to foil ME.

She succeeded.

So the tree and all the extra lights and ribbons and garlands and evfurrything went up, and the house began to smell like cookies and apples and roasted MEATZ™. All things considered, I decided it would be better to be on the Nice list. So I began to mend my ways.

Eventually the time came fur the Big Pawty, when all of mommy and daddy's friends come to eat cheese and cookies and talktalktalk and watch a Christmas movie. There were supposed to be some toddlers coming, and I had high hopes of dropped food! But they didn't come, and the only thing I snagged all night was one Hershey kiss.

The next day we went fur a ride in the car again, this time to the place where the wine has bubbles in it, and they let doggies sit inside at the tables and give us big cookies. After that we went to the big castle. That's a fun place to explore, up and down and inside and outside! It was rainy and we saw a big rainbow!

The day after that Winkie and I went to the Wag again. Then the next day, yesfurday, the sun came out and we got dressed up in our Christmas bandanas and went downtown to look in the Christmas windows and see the lights and let people pet us. Mommy and daddy ate at a sidewalk cafe and I got more cookies and bullies.

Today was Christmas Day! My job is to make sure mommy and daddy get up early, and I did that. But I was pretty exhausted after that big weekend, and to tell the truth my tummy was upset. So I've spent most of the day napping. I also have a sore paw that hurts to walk on. Winkie and I opened pressies, though! We got some furry nice toys from Monnie and Roscoe and Angel Lexi! Mommy and daddy got us toys, too, and more treats that mommy says we can wait fur.

I'm sorry this is so long, but if you've read it all you're up to date now. BOL!!! Mommy says she'll do better in the New Year!


7 and 7!!

October 22nd 2012 9:45 pm
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Today was my Barkday!!! I'm 7 years old! It was a furry nice day, even if I did have to start it in my calming collar. That was fur when mommy went to the office with daddy. But we just napped, and she was home befure we knew it.

All my Dogster pals have been so kind and generous! I've been getting pressies and rosies and p-mail and pal requests and greetings all day long! PDPC made me the Royal Member of the Day! My BFF Lexi threw me a furrific pawty with a boat ride on a chocolate river and a real baseball park to run around in, and tons of food! Me and Walker and Winkie went swimming in the river and came out all chocolatey! BOL!! Thanks to all of you! I'm trying to send out thank-yous as quick as I can!

Mommy and daddy got me a BIG barkday cookie, and pressies too! But I thought I'd NEVFUR get to open them. See, not only was today my 7th barkday, it was also the 7th game in a baseball series that my daddy is FURRY exited about! So I had to wait until he had his lungs all yelled out, and then I got my cookie. I also got a tug toy and a squeakie toy! AND, they were wrapped in paper that I was allowed to EAT! (Mommy says the ink was made out of soy or something. I dunno. I didn't really eat it anyway. But I COULD have, if I wanted! BOL!!)

I even got a package in the mail! My pal Pepper has a blog, and sometimes she has contests. So I like to enter, and last week I won! I won a cool rope toy, and it arrived on my barkday!! (There was some flea stuff, too. That's mommy's business.)

So it was a furrific day!


Road Trip

September 1st 2012 8:55 pm
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When the days start to get warmer and shorter, mommy and daddy load up the car and we go on a two-sleep road trip. I know the drill now--or I thought I did. We drive and drive with the ocean on daddy's side of the car, and we stop here and there fur eating and pooping and walking around. Late in the day we stop at a place where mommy and daddy UNload the car, but it isn't our house. It's the place with a big meadow and strange birds, and inside there's a BIG doggie biscuit waiting fur me!

Usually we go hiking around by the ocean befure bed time. Then the next day we go look at a lot of flowers and then hike around by the ocean in a different place. But this time as soon as the car was empty the furst evening, we all got back in and drove some more. We got out at a train station, but there was no one there. We just sniffed around some and then went back to the sleeping place that isn't our house.

The next day we got up furry early and went back to the train station. This time there were lots of people there, and a couple of doggies, too! Mommy and daddy got breakfast and then we all went into a shop where daddy bought a new hat, and then we got on the train! This was a different kind of train than I've ever ridden. We sat inside, on big soft seats! A lady came by and took our picture. A man came by and sang to us! We rode fur a LONG time, through a forest and ovfur bridges. Lots of people gave me chin scritchies and played with my ears. (Hoomans always like to play with my ears fur some reason.) Winkie pretty much slept through the whole thing. Put Winkie inside a moving vehicle, he's gonna curl up and sleep, BOL!!!

Then the train stopped and we got off and I could smell MEATZ™ burning, but we didn't get any. We just walked around a little and pooped and said Woof to the other doggies and then we got back on again. Only this time instead of riding inside on the comfy seats, we rode in an open car where we all had to stand up. (Well, Winkie curled up and slept on the floor, but the rest of us stood up!) It was warm and you could smell the trees and something mommy called "steam." The man sang to us some more and one of the other doggies rode with us, too. When the train stopped again, we were back where we had started. I thought that was LOTS of fun! Mommy will be posting some pictures on my page soon!

The next day we took mommy shopping, and then we started fur home. We went a different way, not by the ocean. It doesn't take as long. We were all tired when we got home, though.

Today we got up all early again, and mommy gave us a quick brushing, and then we went to spend the day at the Wag Hotel! We played and made new furiends and had a great time! Mommy and daddy were furry tired when they FINALLY picked us up, so we're all going to bed early!


Four Years!

August 14th 2012 9:27 am
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Today is my 4th Dogster annifursary! That's right, it was four years ago today, while mommy and daddy were watching the Greatest American Dog program on TV, that mommy decided I should join Dogster. This is my mommy we're talking about. The mommy who doesn't "do" social networks. The mommy who doesn't understand confusers. Shy mommy. Tech-challenged mommy.

We started right out joining groups, and we joined a bazillion of them! Way too many to keep up with! (New doggies, take note!) Some of our furst ones were Princess Divas and Prince Charmings, and Fur Frenzy, and Paw It Forward (P*I*F).

We started meeting other doggies and making pals. Some of my oldest pals are Molly and her fambly (who joined Dogster the day after I did!), and Zaidie, and Mini, and Harley Diva-Girl. And so many more I can't even name them all. OMD, we were all having so much fun!! We started buying zealies, BOL!!!

Some groups invited me to be an admin. I didn't really know what that meant, but of course I became more active in those groups. And some groups were just lots of fun. I started making breakfast fur the gang at Billie-Bob's in P*I*F, and got to know Lexi and her sisfur Monnie, and Dino and his brofur Buddy, Pepper, and Chauncey and Tiki and their famblies. We had pawties, and went on adventures!

One of the most exciting things we've done was to go to the D/C Magic meet-up in 2010. We got to meet our Dogster pals and their pawrents in pawson! We had a picnic, and took tons of photos, and played and played! I think you can still see the photos if you click the link!

But there have been sad times, too. Some of my pals have had to go to the Rainbow Bridge. I wasn't expecting that. Furst Duncan, then Dino's brofur Buddy, then Billie-Bob, then Lexi, and since then Ernie George, Katie Lynn, Beatrix, Chauncey...oh my, so many. Just recently Banners, and Abby, and Sunny. Mommy cries ovfur each one as if they were hers.

Time marches on, pals and groups have come and gone. Dogster has gone through some changes. Sometimes it hasn't been easy, but we still love it here. There is always something going on somewhere, if you just follow your nose. I keep making new pals, even if I don't join too many new groups anymore. Mommy's learned more about her confuser, and about taking and sharing photos. We learn about doggie products here, we get great advice, we join contests. I've received honors and won prizes! And now my brofur Winkie is a member, too! He's learning his way around. I know he's having as much fun here as I always have.

We love you Dogster!!!!


Bad to the Bone

August 9th 2012 8:25 pm
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We walked past it twice today, mommy and me. I sniffed it, and she pulled me away. Twice. It smelled like heaven. It was a plasticky kind of package, and once it had held some kind of meatzy treats fur hoomans. It was back under a hedge. It was empty of acfural MEATZ™, of course, but there was still some oil left inside. I had to have it. I said, I'll wait until my daddy-walk.

Daddy isn't so picky about what I sniff. Daddy isn't as quick as mommy.

Sure enough, when daddy got home and took us out, I made a bee-line fur my treasure. And befure you could say Slim Jims, it was wedged in my mouth. I would not, WOULD NOT "Drop It." Oh, no, not after waiting all day!

Daddy thought he could grab it and pull. HA! I said. GRRRRRR!!! I said. He thought he could bribe it out of me with a treat. HA!!! I said.

When we got home, mommy thought she could mom-stare me down. Not this time, mommy! GRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I said. I'll KILL you furst, I said. So mommy told daddy to pull out the Big Guns. The cheese. OMD, real cheese, or Slim Jim ghosty oil?

Okay, I caved. But I did score a piece of cheese. That's a win, right? It must be, because daddy and mommy both said I was a furry Bad Boy!

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