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It's a Chocolate Life

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Did you get one?

June 25th 2013 10:47 pm
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I got a gold bone on my page!

It's from Nonny-Mouse. I don't know who that is!

It came with a riddle:
"We have 16 dog paws.
Allow 4 Garage kitteh paws.
All have mossy paws.
Who are we?"

*scritching my head*

If you know, don't tell me. But, did you get one?


Winkie Was Wrong

June 19th 2013 7:36 pm
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More than seven sleeps ago, mommy and daddy took us to a lady's house where we had been going to play with other doggies. It's a nice house. Evfurrything is arranged fur doggies. There are water bowls all ovfur the place, and beds and blankies and cushions and toys. We're allowed on all the furniture, and there's a nice yard out back fur playing. It's a great place to spend a day!

Only this time, we found out it's a good place to spend the night, too! Mommy filled up a bag with our food, and she and daddy took us to stay with the lady and her people. There are lots of people who live with the lady, and others who come and go. I especially like Olivia and Martha. I would sleep next to the lady's bed at night, then get up with her in the morning and follow her around. In the evening we'd cuddle on the couch and watch TV.

Winkie was pretty sure we had been re-homed. It happened to him twice befure, so he half expected it. He liked playing ball with the other doggies, and eating grass in the yard, BOL!! I kept telling him mommy and daddy would come back, but he said he knew better. Boy was he surprised when they came back today and took us HOME!!!! OhBoy OhBoy OhBoy, were we glad to see them! We wiggled and waggled and grinned all ovfur the place! NOW who's the smarty-dog??!

The lady gave us baths befure mommy and daddy came. And when we got home it smelled like mommy had washed all our blankies and even our toys! So we'll have a time getting ourselves and evfurrything to smell right again. But it's sure good to be home!


New treat!

April 27th 2013 9:30 pm
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Today we went on a wine country adventure. When we go there, one thing mommy and daddy do is have a picnic. This involves all kinds of yummy-smelling people-food that they eat outdoors. Winkie and I are not supposed to get any. We're not even supposed to want any. But, unlike when mommy and daddy eat indoors, like at home, on a picnic they tie us to the table.

If I'm gonna be tied up to a table, I want what's up there! (Winkie doesn't care, he just curls up and naps!) So I pester daddy. (It's no use pestering mommy, don't even try it!) I paw at his legs, or I try to jump up in his lap or onto the table. Over the years, I've trained him to bribe me with doggy treats and chews. He has spent my whole life looking fur chews that will keep me occupied a l-o-o-o-n-g time, so he can eat his food!

He may have found it.

Mommy bought this thing she called a him-o-layin' chew. It's long and yellow and squarish. When daddy furst gave it to me I kind of sniffed at it, but I wasn't interested. I didn't know what it was. Daddy said, "Well, that's a failure." He gave me one of the chicken-y bone-ish thingies I've been getting fur awhile. But honestly, those are kinda boring. We just left the him-o-layin' thing laying in the grass.

Pretty soon I gave it another sniff, and then a lick. Hmmmmmm, this thing had pawsibilities. I tried to get a tooth on it, but it was really hard! Hmph. So I left it, but pretty soon I tried again. And the more I chewed at it, the more I liked it! Then just when I got one end kinda softened, it was time to go home and it got put away.

When we got home we got a small din-din, because of eating treats during the day. That's mommy's dumb idea. But then, daddy hauled out the him-o-layin' chew and gave it back to me! OMD!! I'm nevfur letting that thing out of my mouf again! I trotted all ovfur the house with it! I chewed it here, and I chewed it ovfur there, and then I jumped up on the couch with it--which I've nevfur done with ANY chew befure--and when I got tired and my eyelids started drooping it was still in my mouf. Mommy says my jaw will be sore in the morning, but I'm not dropping it! I'm gonna dream about it all night! ZZZZZZZzzzslrphzzzzzzmunchzzzz..........


Not That Much Fun

April 16th 2013 4:00 pm
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Mommy and daddy had to go away fur a few days to the land of sleet and snow. Winkie and I couldn't go, and we couldn't stay home alone, so we had to stay someplace else. Usually we stay at the Wag Hotel, which is furry nice. But there is no grass there fur Winkie to eat, and Winkie NEEDS his grass. So mommy and daddy found another place.

It sounded nice. We'd be spending the days outdoors with other doggies, in a big fenced field with lots of grass. At night when all the other doggies went home, we'd stay at the lady's house with her and her five doggies. That's a lot of doggie-ship! Although pawsonally, I prefer hooman-ship.

We were okay with the daycare. Winkie likes to run around off-leash and play. Me, I mostly look fur a lap or other comfy place to lounge. But at night, it wasn't like being at home. We had to sleep where there were no hoomans. I don't like that, and I said so! HOOOOWWWWLLLLL!!!!!

The lady didn't like that. Her roommate didn't like it. I wasn't sure they liked me. I couldn't wait fur mommy and daddy to come back.

We're home now, and I have my own crate and my place on the couch right next to daddy, and all is right with the world! We even got new toys, because it was Winkie's Barkday while mommy and daddy were gone. We're not evfur going back to that place. Daddy promised.



April 4th 2013 8:05 am
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OMD, my pal Champ is a star again!!

Evfurry morning mommy goes to Freekibble to answer a trivia question and win some kibble fur shelter doggies. (Your mommy should do that! It's fun and mommy learns a lot, too!)

So this morning the question was about a doggie mommy who wins phodography awards, and it turned out to be Champ's mommy Candice! You can see a bunch more pawsome photos on his page: Champ.

WTG Champ and mommy!!!


Sad and sadder

March 26th 2013 12:28 pm
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Last night we heard that Brenda, Rudy Patudy's mommy, had left fur heaven. I'm sure Patches, Coco and Chester were furry excited to see their mommy at the Bridge and help her with her new wings! Now they can all cross ovfur togefur!

But down here it's a furry sad time. We're pawraying fur daddy Ken, and Rudy, Freddy and Elmer kitty. Their lives will be so different now. Dogster will be different, too. With his mommy gone, we won't be hearing Rudy's little bark and funny language anymore. We won't be watching Freddy grow up. My heart hurts.



Thanks, Nonny-Mouse!

March 14th 2013 9:35 am
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Nonny-Mouse sent me a green hat! It's right there on my page, you can see it! Only, I don't know who Nonny-Mouse is. Anywag, thanks, Nonny-Mouse! I love my hat! Erin go Bragh!!!


A Day Out

March 10th 2013 10:44 am
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Not this day, but yesfurday, we went on a little adventure. We went in the car, in the direction where the ocean is on mommy's side. It wasn't a long ride. There's a fun beach down that way, but we didn't stop there. Instead, we went the other way, up a hill, and then we stopped and got out on a street with houses. Daddy picked one, and we could smell lots and lots of doggy smells there!

We didn't go inside. We met a nice lady, and two big doggies! The doggies were both relaxing in their crates, but we touched nosies and they were furry nice. Daddy and mommy and the lady did a lot of talktalktalk, and the lady gave us treats! I think I heard them making plans fur Winkie and me to come fur a visit!

Soon we got back in the car and headed fur home. Daddy stopped at the place where they burn MEATZ™. As usual, he got lots of it fur himself and mommy and NOTHING fur us. But at home we got greenies while they ate, and then we spent the rest of the day loafing!


Well, THAT Was Different!

February 16th 2013 10:29 pm
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We went on an adventure today. It was a long car ride, to the picnic place and the castle where we usually go at Christmas. But this time it was way different. It started the same, with daddy packing our traveling bag with extra treats, and filling our traveling water bottle. But we didn't leave. We sat. And we waited. Then at last there was a knock on our door. Daddy opened it, and there was a lady there I nevfur met. Of course I jumped all ovfur her, but she didn't mind. I liked her!

Next we went to get in the car. But not our car. We got into a different car, with the lady and a man. Mommy lifted Winkie into the back seat just like always, and then she climbed inside. Then daddy lifted me (because it was too high fur me to jump), and then HE climbed inside. In the BACK seat, with ME!! OMD, Winkie and I got to trade mommy and daddy laps all the way up, and all the way back home again!! It was wonderfur!!

We also got lots of treats at different places while the hoomans were eating and all. If we ran out, I reminded daddy by pawing his leg or putting my paws up on the table. Mommy would say, "BAD Hershey!" But the man and lady said they furgot we were even there. They said they wish their dogs were as well-mannered as we are! So when we got home mommy said she was proud of us, and gave us extra big snuggles, and promised we can go on that adventure again!


A Nonny-Mouse!

February 8th 2013 7:18 pm
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My pal Freckles found a Big Kiss on his page from a Nonny-Mouse, and today I got one, too! This mouse is pretty smart. She (or he?) can quote from my favfurite movie, Lady and the Tramp! Thanks, Nonny-Mouse, whoevfur you are!!

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