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My Barkday!!

October 22nd 2013 8:08 am
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Today is my 8th Barkday! Mommy and daddy have been singing to me and hugging and petting me and making a big fuss. Appawrently there are some doggie experts who decided that 8 makes me a Senior. I don't know what that means. I still can't go to restaurants with mommy and daddy.

Dogster sent me 25 bones! Thanks, Dogster! I was named the Royal Member of the Day at PDPC, along with my pal Angel Jakie!! I also found all kinds of p-mails and pressies on my page this morning!! I have the best pals on Dogster and I love you all SO MUCH!!! Thanks to:
Angel Dino and his fambly, Flicka and the gang at PTLF, Bailey and the gang at PDPC, Redford and fambly, Harley and Jazzi, Freckles, and the Kirk Furs fur the pawsome piccies you made!

Thanks also fur rosies, stars and spewcial gifts to:

Anya and fambly
Walker, Molly and fambly
Zoe, my Barkday twin!
George and Merry, who even sang to me!
Tinkerbelle and Natasha
Zane and Angel Sunny
Tiki and fambly
Romeo Beau
The Pennsylvania Poodle Pups
Little Cas
Rosco and fambly
Coco, Puffy and fambly
Pepper and Baron
Chauncey and fambly
Abbie, Charlie and fambly
Dixie and Angel Whisper
Angel Abby and Buddy
Bear and Angel Oscar
Austin and Doo
Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey
Peanut and fambly
Lola and fambly
Berkeley and fambly
Mia Muah, Teddy and fambly
Abby, Lucian and fambly
Mazy and fambly
The Kirk Furs
Angel Lexi
Scooter and fambly
H.D. and Sophie Claire
Tessa and Fitz
Peter Parker

Thanks, too if you sent me some bones! Yesfurday I had zero, and now I have ovfur 400!!


Free at last!!!

September 17th 2013 1:07 pm
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This morning mommy took us back to the vet so I could get my stitchies out! That means I'm free of my T-shirt and the donut around my neck!! I gave the vet a furry hard time about the stitchies on the side of my neck. Mommy had to hold down my rear end, and the desk lady had to come try to hold my head. OW!OW!OW! But the vet furgave me fur trying to nip him.

All the other ones, in three other places, came out easy. But that wasn't the end of it. My allergies have been flaring up, so I got another shot to stop me itching, and now I have two new kinds of pills to take fur the next week. He promised I'll be less itchy. I wish I could stop itching FUREVFUR!!!

We're also changing our food. It took daddy a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time, but mommy and a lot of you Dogster pals AND Winkie's foster mom finally convinced him that maybe what I started out with as a puppy might not be the best brand after all. We're going to try Taste of the Wild. That's what Winkie used to eat. We've already started getting a little bit. Tastes fine to me!


It was Winkie's appointment!

September 5th 2013 1:25 pm
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Daddy had the day off today. He told me we were gonna have an adventure and go on the ferry! Oh boy!!

But furst we had to take Winkie to the vet because he's so full of itchies and swellish red places. Mommy said as long as we were there we'd have the vet look at my warts, too. I always have a few warts.

So we got to the vet and he looked at me furst. Mommy said it would be quick, just a make-sure look-see. But I have this one wart on my neck that I scritch at too much. I even made it bleed once. When the vet saw it he didn't like the look of it. And I didn't like him poking at it. And I had another one on my shoulder that mommy thought was kinda runny. So the next thing I knew I was seeing needles! And then I started feeling dopey. I went ovfur to sit in daddy's lap while the vet looked at Winkie. Not so bad. I thought we were done.

Boy was I wrong! When Winkie got down from the table, I got back up! And then I got shaved, on my neck and on my shoulder. And then I got another shot, to make me MORE dopey. Then we waited. Finally the dogtor came back and said I seemed dopey enough. He stuck me a few times in my shoulder, and then mommy was holding me and talking to me and I think I heard stuff going on back there but I didn't feel anything. Mommy said I was a Good Boy.

Then the dogtor tried to go after my neck again. He tried to stick me with the feel-nothing stuff, but I wasn't having any. The dogtor called the nurse-lady to see if she could hold me better than mommy was doing, but I still wasn't having any. He thought he might have got enough feel-nothing stuff in there anyway, but as soon as he tried to do anything I jumped and squirmed. He said he didn't want to bully me because I was a Good Boy. He said he would have to call in a General (I think that's what he said), and I have to go back tomorrow.

He gave us both treats and I wagged my tail and forgave him. The rest is kinda fuzzy, because I'm pretty looped now! But I know we went to PetSmart, and I got a T-shirt to wear. We got treats there, too. I got a pill when I got home, and now I'm crashed out on the couch with daddy. We're not going on any adventure today. I don't really care. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........

[mommy note: They'll have to take off the neck wart under a general anesthetic tomorrow, and it will be biopsied. This is the second time he's had a growth there. While he's under they'll also remove another wart and a fatty tumor, and clean his teeth, even though they're looking pretty good. He'll probably have to wear the inflatable donut, to try to keep him from scratching at the neck incision. He'll be at the vet all day, until daddy can pick him up after work. I'm not really worried about the biopsy, but we'll be grateful for any and all prayers! He looks pretty cool in his Tommy Bahama T-shirt! That's to keep him off the stitches he got today in his shoulder. I'll get a photo when he wakes up.)


How Embarrassing!!

August 15th 2013 10:15 am
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OMD, I missed my own Dogster annifursary!! That's right, it was five years ago YESFURDAY that I sniffed my way to Dogster and got myself a social life! BOL!!!

Some of the furry furst pals I made were Molly and her fambly. They joined Dogster the day after me!! We joined all kinds of groups togefur! If not fur them, I'd probably NEVFUR remember my annifursary, BOL!!!

I've had so much fun here at Dogster! I've made the best pals, and been to the best pawties, and traveled all ovfur the world. I've even met some of my pals in the fur! I've also had to bark good-bye to some of the best doggies (and kitties!) in the whole world, as they made their way to the Rainbow Bridge. Mommy has made some furry good hooman friends, too!

So today I want to say Happy Annifursary to Molly and Walker and Pookah and Alex and all the kitties, including Eddy at the Bridge! Here's to many more years togefur!!!


A Nonny-Mouse strikes again!

August 4th 2013 9:42 am
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The nonny-mouse left me a bootifur golden heart on my page! Thanks, Nonny-Mouse!!! Who, oh Who are you?????



July 18th 2013 8:00 pm
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We had company tonight! She invited herself. Here's how it happened.

When daddy came home he took us fur our evening stroll like always. We go around the block to sniff things out and do our business.

So tonight when we rounded the second corner, we saw a doggie across the big street, and she wasn't on a leash. She saw us and came running ovfur, and then she followed us the rest of the way. Just befure we got home she went off exploring, so daddy brought us in and told mommy. Mommy said he should go looking fur her. When he opened the door, there she was! And she came running inside! She went charging around sniffing all ovfur, with mommy trying to catch her and read her tags! She sniffed our beds and bowls! She really liked our toys! She picked one out to run with! *SQUEAK! SQUEAK! SQUEAK!!*

Finally mommy cornered her and took off her collar so she could read the tags. She found out the doggie's name is Zailah. She also found a phone number and daddy called. Her mommy was at work. She leaves Zailah home alone and said a door must have popped open. Mommy says Zailah looks like a puggle.

Her mommy asked daddy to take Zailah home, so he did and made sure all the doors were closed up tight. Her mommy was supposed to come ovfur when she got home, but she didn't. Daddy says that must mean evfurrything is all right.

That's the furst doggie guest we've evfur had at our house. Mommy says she's furry proud of us fur being hospitable. I'm not sure what that means, but it seems to be a good thing!


Not that much fun. But then it was!

June 29th 2013 9:18 pm
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Today was a warm, sunny day! We don't get many days this warm, so daddy said we were going to the beach! I love the beach! OhBoyOhBoyOhBoy!!

When we got there, it turned out evfurryone else had the same idea! This is a beach where doggies are allowed. Usually there aren't many people there, and even though we're supposed to be on leash, daddy lets me off when we walk down beyond where most of the people go. But today there were people all the way from one end to the other, and I had to keep my leash on. Not so fun.

When we go to the beach, daddy likes to walk down close to the water and sometimes he gets his feets wet. I don't like getting my feets wet, and neither does mommy. So we walk a little higher up. Acfurrily, I usually zip back and forth between them. Making sure evfurryone is okay, you know. But today, since I was on my leash, I stayed with mommy. Up high where we like to be. And daddy walked Winkie. Down by the water. Fast.

Pretty soon we lost sight of them, and I didn't like that AT ALL. I pulled and pulled at mommy, but she's SO S-L-O-W, and she kept telling me "NO!" and "STOP!" It was hot, and daddy had our water bottle, and I didn't know where he went, and I pulled this way and then I pulled that way and I couldn't see daddy at all and I was not having fun!

Finally daddy and Winkie turned around and came back and found us and brought the water bottle. Winkie's feets were all wet, like daddy's. We all sat down in the sand and then evfurrything was pawfect.

After that we all went someplace where mommy and daddy got din-din and Winkie and I got chews. Really I got both of the chews, because Winkie just lets me, BOL!!!


Did you get one?

June 25th 2013 10:47 pm
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I got a gold bone on my page!

It's from Nonny-Mouse. I don't know who that is!

It came with a riddle:
"We have 16 dog paws.
Allow 4 Garage kitteh paws.
All have mossy paws.
Who are we?"

*scritching my head*

If you know, don't tell me. But, did you get one?


Winkie Was Wrong

June 19th 2013 7:36 pm
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More than seven sleeps ago, mommy and daddy took us to a lady's house where we had been going to play with other doggies. It's a nice house. Evfurrything is arranged fur doggies. There are water bowls all ovfur the place, and beds and blankies and cushions and toys. We're allowed on all the furniture, and there's a nice yard out back fur playing. It's a great place to spend a day!

Only this time, we found out it's a good place to spend the night, too! Mommy filled up a bag with our food, and she and daddy took us to stay with the lady and her people. There are lots of people who live with the lady, and others who come and go. I especially like Olivia and Martha. I would sleep next to the lady's bed at night, then get up with her in the morning and follow her around. In the evening we'd cuddle on the couch and watch TV.

Winkie was pretty sure we had been re-homed. It happened to him twice befure, so he half expected it. He liked playing ball with the other doggies, and eating grass in the yard, BOL!! I kept telling him mommy and daddy would come back, but he said he knew better. Boy was he surprised when they came back today and took us HOME!!!! OhBoy OhBoy OhBoy, were we glad to see them! We wiggled and waggled and grinned all ovfur the place! NOW who's the smarty-dog??!

The lady gave us baths befure mommy and daddy came. And when we got home it smelled like mommy had washed all our blankies and even our toys! So we'll have a time getting ourselves and evfurrything to smell right again. But it's sure good to be home!


New treat!

April 27th 2013 9:30 pm
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Today we went on a wine country adventure. When we go there, one thing mommy and daddy do is have a picnic. This involves all kinds of yummy-smelling people-food that they eat outdoors. Winkie and I are not supposed to get any. We're not even supposed to want any. But, unlike when mommy and daddy eat indoors, like at home, on a picnic they tie us to the table.

If I'm gonna be tied up to a table, I want what's up there! (Winkie doesn't care, he just curls up and naps!) So I pester daddy. (It's no use pestering mommy, don't even try it!) I paw at his legs, or I try to jump up in his lap or onto the table. Over the years, I've trained him to bribe me with doggy treats and chews. He has spent my whole life looking fur chews that will keep me occupied a l-o-o-o-n-g time, so he can eat his food!

He may have found it.

Mommy bought this thing she called a him-o-layin' chew. It's long and yellow and squarish. When daddy furst gave it to me I kind of sniffed at it, but I wasn't interested. I didn't know what it was. Daddy said, "Well, that's a failure." He gave me one of the chicken-y bone-ish thingies I've been getting fur awhile. But honestly, those are kinda boring. We just left the him-o-layin' thing laying in the grass.

Pretty soon I gave it another sniff, and then a lick. Hmmmmmm, this thing had pawsibilities. I tried to get a tooth on it, but it was really hard! Hmph. So I left it, but pretty soon I tried again. And the more I chewed at it, the more I liked it! Then just when I got one end kinda softened, it was time to go home and it got put away.

When we got home we got a small din-din, because of eating treats during the day. That's mommy's dumb idea. But then, daddy hauled out the him-o-layin' chew and gave it back to me! OMD!! I'm nevfur letting that thing out of my mouf again! I trotted all ovfur the house with it! I chewed it here, and I chewed it ovfur there, and then I jumped up on the couch with it--which I've nevfur done with ANY chew befure--and when I got tired and my eyelids started drooping it was still in my mouf. Mommy says my jaw will be sore in the morning, but I'm not dropping it! I'm gonna dream about it all night! ZZZZZZZzzzslrphzzzzzzmunchzzzz..........

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