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It's a Chocolate Life

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I didn't win.

May 16th 2009 6:17 pm
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Today was Dog Day at Parkmerced. They were announcing the winner of the Dog Ambassador contest. Four dogs got added to the ballot, so there were seven in all. We had high hopes, especially when only two of the other candidates weren't even there. It was a fun day, with music and food for the humans, and lots of treats and toys for all of us furs. We met people who walk dogs, and people who groom dogs, and people who take photos of dogs, and people who sell food and stuff for dogs. Some of my friends from the Wag Hotel were there, and a lot of furiends from the neighborhood.
They had other contests. One was a doggie fashion show. (I didn't enter that one. All I ever wear is my collar and leash.) One was for doing tricks. (I didn't enter that one either, but daddy thought we should have. I can shake hands!) One was called "Mini Me," and it was for owners and dogs who look alike. Mommy and I entered that one and WE WON!! It's because her long hair looks like my long ears. BOL!! I got a medal, and mommy and daddy got concert tickets and a coupon for a massage--whatever that is.
But when the time came to announce the Pet Ambassador, the winner was Buddy the Basset. We were disappointed, but he's a nice dog and it will be fun to see his photo all over. His daddy was very happy! I was very tired by that time, and ready to come home!


Big day for me

May 5th 2009 10:28 pm
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I feel so much better! Today I got to go spend the day with Michelle, my groomer. I really needed a haircut and a bath--even though it'll take me awhile to get my nice doggie odor back again. Since it's spring (even though it's rainy here this week), I got most of my long winter coat trimmed away. That'll make it a lot more fun when we go running and playing in the warmer weather. And it'll be easier for mommy to find burrs and foxtails before they do me any harm.

While I was gone, mommy got a message that I'm in the running for Parkmerced Pet Ambassador. (Parkmerced is the name of the apartment community where we live.) Two other furs are also running, and people will vote on their compooters. On May 16 they're having a Dog Day event, and the winner will be announced then. The Pet Ambassador will be the spokesfur for four-legged residents of Parkmerced for a whole year! I don't know yet who the other two furs are.

So now I'm in two photo contests! Since I don't do tricks or agility or anything, this is the easiest kind of contest for me to enter. Winning would be fun, but just getting my photo out there is a big thrill for my mom!


Busy Busy

May 3rd 2009 12:07 am
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I've been on Dogster for eight or nine months, and I've joined several groups. But I didn't really know what it was all about until the beginning of April when I started to sniff around and play a couple of games here and there. Soon I made a new pal, Mini, and she invited me to be an admin in the Furiends Furever group. I didn't even know what that meant! But I said okay, and before I knew it I had a LOT of new pals and I've been having a LOT of fun! I like word games especially, and Mini taught me how to do "hover" games. Those are not only fun, but we learn a lot about all kinds of things. Best of all, I make at least one new furiend almost every day. Now I make my rounds most every evening, visiting different groups. Sometimes I meet furiends and we play together. I've won some prizes! And sometimes someone is lost or sicky, and we pawray together or swap advice.

I've been so busy, I haven't had time to update my diary!

When I'm not on Dogster, I'm enjoying the longer spring days. We've been to the ginormous dog park at Pt. Isabel twice. Next week I'm going to the groomer to get my summer haircut. That's so I can run around and not worry so much about burrs and foxtails. (Although mommy always gets the comb out when we come back from an adventure. I don't really mind except when she messes with my feet!)

Also, mommy has entered me in a photo contest at the local shopping mall. If anyone reading this lives near Serramonte Mall (you know who you are!), I'd appreciate your vote! I'm Number 0037. You have to go there in person, so I know most of my Dogster pals can't help. Mommy says that's okay, she's just proud to see my photo up on the wall there!

Also if you're reading this, please say a pawrayer for my furiend Baxter, who still hasn't found his way home.

**Special note to my Firecracker: Are you free on May 24? I thought you might like to go to Lexi's wedding with me. ::licks::


Baxter tag

April 24th 2009 10:46 am
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Hi furs, if you are reading this you have probably received a paw mail, telling you to come and read my newest diary entry!!

Hi, my name is Baxter, I am a male Boxer! I am 3 years old! If you don't already know, I ran away 4 days ago, but if you read my previous entry, I am having a blast *wink*! I started this game to get furs praying for me to return home! Here is what you do!

Please say a prayer for me and pass this on to 10 furs! The goal is to see how many prayers we can get! I will start!

Baxter's Prayer:
Lord, please help me to find my way home safely. Thank you for all you do, I love you.

I tagged:
Lil Miss Sassy


Now that's what I call a weekend.

April 19th 2009 8:31 pm
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There is a pattern to our lives here. Five days in a row, my daddy leaves early in the morning and doesn't come back until dinner time. Then for two days, he's home most of the time. I really look forward to those two days! Daddy calls it The Weekend.
This weekend started on Friday evening. The sun is up later these days, so before dinner sometimes daddy and I go out to play. This Friday he took me to Fort Fun, and we walked and ran and ran and walked and I sniffed and peed and I got SO tired. ALMOST too tired to finish my Friday night bully stick!
Saturday morning early, daddy took me to the Wag Hotel for All Day Play. I was still playing (with the BIG dogs!) when they came to pick me up at 6:00. When we got home I had dinner and then fell asleep right there on the floor. And stayed there.
Today it got really warm outside, so when mommy and daddy came home after church we all got in the car and drove across the bridge to what I call the World's Biggest Dog Park. I had fun running around, but I was still pretty tired and the sun was so hot (and my fur is so thick!) I had to keep looking for shady spots to flop down in. I'm gonna sleep now for a very long time, and dream about running and sniffing and peeing!



April 17th 2009 10:05 pm
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My sweet Furiend Sox tagged me!

Send this to at least 5 furiends including me if you care.
Besides being my pawmail buddies You are my friend, you make me smile and truly warm my heart.
Send this to all your furiends you want to keep forever.
If you get 5 back you are LOVED!
So, to Sweet and Fun-loving Furiends who always make me smile:)
I'm tagging:
Lil Sassy
Mr. Muddles


I'm a BIG BOY now!

April 16th 2009 8:32 pm
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So here's the way it's been: Ever since I was a pup, whenever mommy and daddy have left me in the house alone for more than five minutes, I've had to go into my crate, with the door closed. Even after I proved that I'm not a chewer or a garbage raider, they were afraid I'd fuss and bark and annoy the neighbors if I was home alone and loose. It's been okay. I like my crate, I go in there myself for naps all the time. And there was always a nice treat whenever the door was gonna be closed.

But lately, I haven't much wanted to get locked in there, you know? A guy can't get a real good stretch inside a crate. And I need to patrol the house every now and then, and bark at the mailman--I can't really do my work from in there. So I've been dragging my paws when it was time for crating.

Well today, when mommy was about to leave for wherever it is she goes on Thursdays, I went upstairs and would not, would not, WOULD NOT come down. I knew what she was up to. She tried a few tricks, like opening and closing the front door to make me think she had left, and jangling her keys. That usually draws me like a magnet, but not today.

Finally she left for real, and here I was, all by myself, loose in the house for almost three hours. (I know that's commonplace for most of you furs, but it was a BIG DEAL for me!) And I was a very good boy. When mommy came back, everything was just like she left it and I wasn't upset or anything. You know why?

Because I'm a BIG BOY now!


Blessings tag

April 8th 2009 11:18 pm
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My pal Gucci tagged me:

From: GOD
Reference: LIFE

This is God.... Today I will be handling All of your problems for you.
I do Not need your help.
So, have a nice day.
I love you.
And, remember.... If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, do Not attempt to resolve it yourself!
Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box.
I will get to it in MY TIME.
All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.
Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it.
Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.
Should you decide to send this to a friend; Thank you..
You may have touched their life in ways you will never know!

Now, you have a nice day.


God has seen you struggling, God says it's over.
A blessing is coming your way.
If you believe in God, please send to ten furs who you think deserve to be blessed!.


Luc ky
Sadie Lady
and my sweet Kasey Kaye


Why I would be good at luring

April 3rd 2009 10:26 am
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My pal Spencer likes to go luring. It isn't really a cocker spaniel sport, but he loves it because you can run fast to chase something, and you don't have to fetch it back. (Spencer and I are almost the same dog!) I've never been luring, but I got to practice some yesterday. It's been REALLY windy here, and trash cans are blowing over. That lets all the trash out to blow along the street. When I see that, I take off! If it wasn't for the darn leash, I could chase all that trash all the way to the ocean! Mommy was trying to run with me, but she's so s-l-o-w.

Someday I'm going luring with Spencer.


Tagged again!

April 1st 2009 10:23 pm
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If you got tagged, copy these questions, answer them yourself and tag 6 other lucky pups or kitties!

I was tagged by Sox, so here we go!

1. What is your favourite colour for Easter eggs?

Still chocolate!

2. Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?

Bunny, for jumping and running!

3. How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?

We don't hide Easter eggs, but I'm hoping for one anyway!

4. What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for? -

A Big One filled with my favorite treats!

Now I'm tagging my good pals:

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