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December 22nd 2009 10:40 pm
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My furiend Jojo tagged me, oh, a few days ago and mommy is finally ready to focus and pass along seven furry interesting facts about me:

1. I sleep with mommy and daddy on the waterbed. Down at their feet, with my nose toward the door in case I want to make a fast exit!

2. I'm a boy but I'm often mistaken fur a girl. I don't know why.

3. I have so many more Christmas cards than mommy and daddy that they stopped counting, BOL!!!

4. I like to watch cartoons on TV. I've seen the Charlie Brown Christmas one three times this month, BOL!!

5. I can shake hands with whichever paw you want!

6. I don't like music with bells or loud drums in it, and I will bark to let you know!

7. I'm always the furst one up in the morning!

If you're reading this and you want to play, we'll all love reading about you! Consider yourself tagged. If you don't have time right now, that's okay! Have a furry furry Merry Christmas!


A Most Unusual Day

December 19th 2009 11:48 pm
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Mommy and daddy both stayed asleep a furry long rime this morning, after their pawty last night. But finally the day got underway, and the furst thing we did was to go over to the meadow down at the other end of the community where we live. It looked so funny, because right in the middle of the grass was a big pile of white dirt! I'm serious, it was pure white, and even a little sparkly. Mommy and daddy called it snow. They said it was brought down here in a truck from the mountains. It was all covered with small hoomans, and they were picking up pieces of it and throwing it around, and building sort of peeple-looking things with it, and running and sliding on it. I wasn't allowed to play in it, but someone threw a chunk of it in my direction and when I went to sniff it, it was COLD! Like an ice cube!! Well, I just nevfur saw anything like that in my life. So, that's snow. Not at all like I imagined from what so many of my furiends in colder places have told me.

After that we went downtown to look at all the Christmas windows and lights. I'm not allowed in stores, but I poked my head in a few doorways. We saw the big tree with a bazillion lights on it in Union Square, and the furs up for adoption in the Macy's windows. We saw people sliding on a big white yard with knives on their feet! Daddy called it "skating." A lot of people stopped to pet me and take my picture. That always happens. We walked through Chinatown where there are so many smells, to North Beach and had dinner at Calzone's, where we sit outside under big heaters and they always bring me a bowl of water.

And when we got home, there were two cards in the mail fur me, and none fur mommy and daddy, BOL!!! I love my Dogster pals!!



December 19th 2009 12:35 am
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It's called the Cheeseball Extravaganza. Every year at about this time there comes a day when all the dining room chairs get moved into the living room, other chairs come down from upstairs, and mommy spends all day making sweet things in the kitchen and bringing them out. Then daddy comes home early and starts slicing up salamis and beef sticks and cheeses. The dining room table fills up with food. The sideboard fills up with food. Even the coffee table gets laid out with food. And all I hear is NO, Hershey and DOWN, Hershey and GET OUT OF THERE! Why do they put all that stuff where I can see it and smell it if I'm not allowed to eat it???

And then mommy lights all her little fires on sticks all over the house. And then people start knocking on the door. And they keep coming and coming. My Auntie Myrna, who walks me, came! And my Auntie Cecilia, who brings me toys sometimes. Some others came that I've sniffed befur, and some strangers. One was a very new little hooman. And they all got to eat my cheeses and meatz (Zaidie! Such meatz!!) and cookies, and they all talk talk talk talked.

All I wanted to do was graze, but daddy held on to me almost the whole time, or else mommy would grab my leash and take me outside. Sometimes I got to roam around looking fur dropped food, but all I got were a cracker and a couple of napkins. Everybody wanted to pet me or hold me, and there was so much music and talk talk talk and so many smells I thought I might just EXPLODE!

Finally they put the movie on (it's always the same movie, about a boy and a beebee gun and Christmas; there are some dogs in it but you don't see them much), and some of the people left and I got a bully stick and a chance to catch my breath.

My pawrents call this a pawty. It was no pawty as fur as I was concerned. It was work, and I'm glad it's over. I think I'll sleep fur the next three days!


I'm just sayin'...

December 16th 2009 6:13 pm
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Christmas card score:
Hershey 17
Mommy and daddy 7



Santa's Little Helper

December 13th 2009 4:58 pm
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You have to understand, I am a cocker spaniel of extremely refined taste and sensibilities. I know where things are supposed to be. I know how things are supposed to be done. I know, fur instance, how a Christmas tree is supposed to look. When I see something out of place I will fuss at it or growl at it or poke at it or stare at it until it is set right.

So this year when mommy and daddy were done with the tree, even though I had supervised the whole project, it ended up with four (4) ornaments inappropriately positioned. I pointed it out immediately and repeatedly, but the only response I ever got was "Hershey, get away from there."

Obviously, I had to take matters into my own paws.

So the other night, after mommy had gone up to bed and daddy had fallen asleep on the couch, I removed the offending ornaments. These were stuffed fabric ornaments--tree, wreath, candy cane and angel--this being the "toy tree" year and not the "glitter and glass tree" year. I removed them, hooks and all, and then I chewed off the strings that the hooks were attached to, just in case anyone got the idea they could re-hang them.

I did NOT chew up or de-stuff the ornaments. I want to make that clear.

When daddy woke up and found the ornaments in the place where I had relocated them (over by my toys, coincidentally), he warned me that mommy would be mad. He wasn't too happy either. I don't know why. It was a distinct improvement, as anyone could see.

When mommy got up the next morning, daddy told her I had been bad. BAD!! I had done them a huge favor!!! But all mommy wanted to know was, Where are the hooks???? It hadn't occurred to daddy to look fur them. She was way more mad at him than she was at me, BOL!!! After all, I hadn't actually harmed the tree or the ornaments. And I have a sneaking suspicion that she agreed with my revisions.

I didn't eat the hooks, BTW. Why would I eat a hook? But daddy and mommy crawled around all over the floor and looked and looked until they found them. I think I actually heard mommy growl at daddy, BOL!

Now they don't trust me. Mommy sprayed something stinky around the tree, and they're always watching me whenever I go near it. You'd think this was my furst Christmas tree!!! True artists are never appreciated in their own homes.

But Santa Paws will be pleased. Oh yes, I'm sure of that.


The tree!

December 9th 2009 11:21 pm
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Two nights ago, daddy brought in the tree that we cut down way back ...then. It had been sitting in a bucket of water outside, and now it's sitting in a bowl of water inside. Today daddy stayed home from work and we all decorated it! Daddy goes furst. He puts the lights on, and I help. Only this time, when he checked to see if they would light up, the furst string did but the next two didn't. BOL!! Daddy had to put on his coat and get in the car and go to the light store! When he came back mommy said he didn't buy enough, and she was right, so he had to put his coat on again and go BACK to the light store! ROFBOL!!!! Silly daddy!!

Meanwhile mommy was in the kitchen making pawsome smells. Things to eat and things to drink, but not fur doggies. :-(

After daddy and I finished with the lights they ate, and then mommy opened the ornament box. Oh, what wonderfurl stuff is in there!!! All kinds of little toys! They're fur sniffing, not playing or chewing, though. Most of the things smelled vaguely familiar, and some were new. There are some with my name on! Mommy would ask me where to hang things, and sometimes I would show her but mostly I let her decide. Daddy doesn't ask anyone, BOL!!

When it was all done it was getting dark outside, so it looked real pretty with all the lights shining. Mommy lit her little fires all over and daddy put fa-la-la-la-laaa music on and we snuggled down on the couch and this was a furry furry nice day!

And then mommy realized she didn't take a single picture. MOMMY!!!


Not fun anymore

December 4th 2009 6:33 pm
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Okay, I know I said I could get used to being carried up and down stairs like a prince and all. Well, that was THEN. I'm SO over it. If anyone reaches down to pick me up now, I'm history. Not interested. Here's my tail.

If they think I'm putting up with this for another week and a half, they can just think again. I feel fine, thank you furry much, and if I want to climb stairs I will climb them or not go up at all.


Today I spent the whole day at the Wag, but did I get into a play group? Oh, no. Not Hershey. Hershey is on "cage rest," and has to stay in his room and be still. Well, at least I got a personal visit and walk three times, and snuggles and tummy rubs. But don't tell my pawrents that part. I want them to feel guilty for putting me in Solitary.




December 1st 2009 9:55 pm
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Here's what happened. Two nights ago, I went to jump up on the couch as usual but--OW! I couldn't do it. Front paws okay, rear end not so much. Mommy and daddy got That Look, and the next thing you know (well, the next morning) mommy's on the phone to the vet dogter.

So this morning I had an appointment with Michelle, my groomer. But instead of going there, mommy and I went to the vet. Gab gab gab, talk talk talk, and then I got a shot. And another one, and then one that HURT. Then mommy had to walk me around and around the little room fur awhile, and I began to feel, well, sleepy and slow and dizzy all at once. Then the dogter came back and took me and mommy to another room and I had to lie on my side and be furry furry still, and I did NOT like that.

After all that we finally did go to the groomer, but I still felt really funny. I almost fell over a couple of times, BOL, and they were laughing at my droopy eyes! It was really kinda fun!

Now I notice that if I want to go up or down the stairs, or if I want up on the couch or down again, I get picked up and carried. I could get used to this!

(Mommy here: The X-ray showed calcium deposits in Hershey's spine, especially at the base of his tail, which probably caused a pinched nerve. He got a cortisone shot, and a tranquilizer for the X-ray, and as long as we were there we got his rabies shot, too. He has to take Prednisone for two weeks, and no running or jumping or going up and down stairs. It's going to be a challenge! Except for the jumping, he doesn't seem uncomfortable at all. He's his energetic, wiggly little self, and I'll have my hands full keeping him under control!)


Ho! Ho! Ho!

November 29th 2009 6:47 pm
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Guess what! Guess what! PD&PC had their Thanksgiving Day parade today. It was way cool, because there were all diffurent kinds of floats and all my furiends were on them. I love parades, but it's even more fun when you can wave at somefur on a float and they wave back at YOU, because they know you!

We also had balloons and hot pretzels and cotton candy. I got into something of a mess with the cotton candy, got my ear stuck to my nose, and while I was working on that I got a sudden itch and got it on my back foot, so I was sticking to the pavement when I walked!

We were all waiting fur the last float to come. You know, the one with Santa. We knew Santa was gonna be the Special Guest at the parade, but nofur knew who it was. Buttercup was giving hints, and it sounded pretty familiar, and then...the float came into view...and there was Santa...


And my elves! Charlie, and Teddy, and Tyler, and Duncan, and Buttercup!



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

November 28th 2009 11:11 pm
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Here's what happens the day after Thanksgiving. We all climb in the car early in the morning, and we head in the "other" direction; not where we usually go, but with the ocean on mommy's side. Mommy and daddy are going to something called a crafts fair, and I'm going to a different hotel, not the Wag. Because I only go there once a year, daddy thought we should take all my vet papers, just in case. So we left the house, and daddy had my folder in his hands and also a lot of other paper that he dumped in the recycle bin.

We drove and drove, and finally got to my hotel. They didn't need my papers, but mommy asked daddy to be sure he still had them, and that's when he realized--he never had them. All my vet records were probably in the dumpster back home! So when we all got back, daddy had to go dumpster diving! ROFBOL!!! Mommy was holding my leash in one hand and a flashlight in the other, and daddy had a long reachy kind of tool, and a lot of stuff had been dumped on top of my stuff during the day, but we found the papers. Silly daddy!!

Today we drove up the regular direction, up to where the wine dogs live. But today we were there to go to the Christmas tree farm and cut down our tree. I get to go off leash and help choose. It's a lot of fun, and I think we got a good one. The people there are really nice. They have lots of animals--turkeys and chickens and goats and pigs. I don't see that every day! From there we went to the apple farm where mommy and daddy always get chili and apple pie and hot cider. I have to be leashed there, but I always meet other dogs and their owners, and the smells there are really different from the ones at home in the city. Mommy shopped fur some more crafts and juices and jams and stuff, and then we came home.

I'm exhausted, which is just as well, because mommy has all the tables and a lot of the floor covered with things coming out of the Christmas closet and things being boxed up to go into the closet until after Christmas. She leaves me my spot on the couch, though, BOL!!!

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