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It's a Chocolate Life

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Lots of excitement today

November 11th 2008 9:37 pm
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This morning in the middle of my nap we heard a lot of sirens outside. Of course I helped and added my own howls. Mommy and I smelled smoke and when she looked out front there was a big red truck hooked up to MY fire hydrant. Lots of humans in black hats and coats were running around. We snuck out the back door to see what was up, and there across the back lawn was smoke coming out of another townhouse! Some of the men in the black coats were up on the roof, chopping a hole in it and making lots of noise. We watched for awhile and then went back inside, but I could still smell the smoke and I let mommy know, all morning!

Later when we went for our walk we saw a lot of black smelly house stuff out on the sidewalk but I didn't bark at it. The humans who owned it seemed sad, but they said they were glad to be alive. I couldn't make them smile. They drove away. I wonder if I'll ever see them again.

I need to catch up on my sleep!


Tagged by Abigail

November 14th 2008 4:35 pm
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Now I must tell 7 things about myself:
1) I love to ride in the car, but I never lie down back there
2) I NEVER get enough to eat
3) I have a girlfriend I call Firecracker
4) My job when I'm inside is to bark at noises outside
5) The best part of my day is when daddy comes home from work
6) My birthday is October 22
7) My Gotcha day is Jan. 2

Now I will tag 4 pals:
1) Spencer my bud
2) Good ole Micky
3) Richter who's resting
4) Sweet Macy


Two days in the life...

November 15th 2008 6:53 pm
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Yesterday I got to spend the whole day playing with other furs at the Wag Hotel. I made a new friend, Akira. We had a great time! On my report card they wrote that it was a "love connection," but that's because they don't know about me and my Firecracker!

Today was even more fun, because my daddy was home all day. I never let him out of my sight! We lounged around all morning on the couch while mommy was gone, and then we all went out for human food (it smells so good, but I never get any!) and then to Fort Fun, my favorite place to roam off-leash. I sniffed a lot of new furs there, but mostly I stuck close to daddy. Sometimes mommy would lag behind and I had to stop and wait for her. She always brings a little silver box that she holds up to her eye and then clicks a button. I don't know why. But daddy just keeps on walking. Then I have to keep running back and forth between them until they're together again. I'm all worn out!

Tomorrow we're going to my (human) grandma's. Oh boy, a ride in the car!


I'm a new dog

November 19th 2008 9:40 pm
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Today I went to the groomer. I've been getting all itchy, so I was really ready to go. Only :::yawn:::, now it will take weeks to get my smell back to normal. My humans seem to like this smell :::yawn::: better. Sometimes I just don't understand them. :::s-t-r-e-t-c-h:::

I love my groomer a lot, even though she won't leave my front paws alone. I fuss about them, but she's not a softie like mommy. She just keeps cutting and trimming. :::yawn::: When she's not working on me I don't have to go into a cage like other places I've been before. This groomer just lets us furs all run around together. I don't know what I like better, that or my bath. The bath :::yawn::: is sooooo relaxing. When I get home, I pretty much just want to sleep. I think I was going to write more, but I'm just gonna close my eyes-s-s-z-z-z-z-z-z...


Something's coming

November 23rd 2008 5:03 pm
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Something about the mood around here is changing. Mommy and daddy are spending a lot of time talking and writing things down and checking their calendars. Three times in the last two weeks I've been left, either with my sitter for the evening or at the Wag for the whole day. That's where I was yesterday. (Don't worry, my lovely Firecracker, Akira wasn't there!) In the evening when they brought me home, there were all kinds of bags full of stuff that wasn't there when I left in the morning. And today mommy hauled papers and ribbons and scissors and tape out of her special closet and spent the whole day upstairs playing with all the new stuff. She calls it "wrapping." I played a little, too, chewed some ribbon and stuff for her, but I don't like the scissors. And now all the stuff is back in bags again, but it looks different. She's been changing the house, too. Some things are missing from their places, and some things have been moved.

Actually, this all seems vaguely familiar, but I can't quite put my paw on it...


Now I remember!

December 1st 2008 4:30 pm
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It's Christmas! Oh, I remember now. Everything inside of mommy's special closet comes out, and there are boxes all over the house so it's hard to find a clear path for ball chasing. And everything smells new or different, and some of it MUST be tasty but I'm hearing a lot of "No, Hershey" and "Leave it." But I also remember this: in a week or so the whole house will look different, and there will be lots and lots of new smells from the kitchen and lots of people will come over and some will bring me toys!

On Saturday we went for a long ride in the car, to a kind of forest. Daddy got a sharp stick of some kind and we all went on a hike. I got to go off-leash, and a couple of times I got so excited exploring that I forgot I was supposed to stay close to mommy and daddy. It was a funny hike, because we kept going in circles. We'd stop and look at a tree for awhile (it's the only time my humans ever take so much interest in trees, but they never mark them!), and then we'd hike around some more. We kept going back to the same trees, first five or six and then three and then two, and finally one. We all liked this tree so much that daddy used his sharp stick to cut it down and we got to bring it home! It's sitting in a bucket of water outside the back door, and mommy lets me smell it when we go for our walks. My own tree! The only thing I can't understand is how I'm supposed to mark it in that bucket--and why can't I drink the water? Oh well, it's still my very own tree, and I love it!

Christmas IS my favorite holiday!


You should see...

December 9th 2008 10:22 pm
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So mommy and daddy brought my tree inside on Friday night. My own tree, right in the living room! But I was only allowed to sniff it a little bit. There's a lot of other stuff mommy and I have been putting up around the house, too. We work as a team. She pulls something out of a box and holds it for me to sniff my approval, and then she hangs it somewhere or puts it on a table or shelf. The house looks way different, like a big party!

Anyway, on Sunday daddy made magic on my tree and now it lights up! Then we all hung shiny stuff all over it. It was a lot of work for me. I must have sniffed a hundred balls and miles of stringy stuff. I have to say, my tree doesn't look much like a tree at all anymore. And now boxes are beginning to show up underneath it. I'm keeping my distance, but it is intriguing.

We also have music playing all day, different than the usual music. This kind has more bells, and I like to bark along. AND I have new toys! They're way more fun than the glittery stuff on the tree or the stuff underneath. And I have a soft new pillow at my spot on the couch. And there are all kinds of new smells in the house. My nose is getting tired!

When I go for my walks these days, I get a lot of compliments on my Christmas collar and leash. This is so much fun!

Oh yes, Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday!!



December 12th 2008 1:57 pm
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Woof, I'm SO EXCITED! Lat night my sitter came over 'cause mommy and daddy went out. Her name is Susan and I LOVE her! She's like a grandma (except my real grandma is afraid of furs--can you imagine???). And she knows she's not supposed to, but she lets me share part of her dinner. :::shhhhh, that's a secret:::

Then this morning we went to the vet, because I've been itchy-itchy for a couple of weeks. He gave me a shot, but I didn't feel it. And I might have to take some pills later. He said "allergy," whatever that means. I like him a lot, and the lady out front, and the dog that sleeps behind her. I get SO EXCITED when we go there!

Then my Auntie Myrna came for our Friday walk. I get SO EXCITED to see her, I run around in circles until mommy opens the door. Auntie Myrna lets me jump up on her, and gives me a treat every time I do what she says. Not like mommy, who only treats me sometimes, and other times just says "Good boy" and pets me. (Well, that's good, too.)

And mommy says Susan is coming again tonight. I'm SO EXCITED!

And tomorrow I'm going to All Day Play at the Wag. Arf! I'm SO EXCITED I don't think I can stop my tail!!



December 14th 2008 7:20 pm
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Today was the best yet! We went to a pawty for furs at the SPCA, where I went to puppy school when I was little. There were lots of other furs there, and tables full of food for humans and furs, and a lot of people had treats in their pockets. Most of us furs were off-leash and we could run around all over. At one end of the room they had all kinds of play structures set up, and I found out that I could get treats by jumping over bars or through tires, and running through tunnels or up and down a ramp. It was amazing! I got treats from people I didn't even know, just by sitting instead of jumping on them. But I was SO EXCITED that I forgot my manners and jumped up a lot. Anyway, I had SO MUCH FUN! I especially loved running up and down that ramp, but daddy got really excited when I showed him how high I can jump.

I wouldn't do anything without a treat, though. Maybe once or twice, but no more. You have to take a stand.

The only bad thing was when I got home, I got NO DINNER! I'm too full and tired to stay awake, otherwise I'd let my objections be known. But right now, I'm just gonna take a little nap.....


My favorite holiday!!

December 23rd 2008 3:38 pm
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We've been having so much FUN! Mommy and daddy went out one night last week and came home with bags full of people food that smelled so good you wouldn't believe it. Cheese and meats and crackers and chocolate! I kept trying, but couldn't get any. On Friday they put it all out on trays and tables, some I could just about reach! But mommy has eyes in the back of her head, and as soon as my front paws left the floor she was all over me.

All day Friday people were coming to our house! The doorbell kept ringing and ringing, and after it got dark a lot more people came. Some I had never smelled before, but most I remembered from last Christmas. I just knew there would be someone who would give me people food! I kept sniffing and hinting--really, I put on my very best Starving Cocker eyes, but no one gave me anything. And every time I got my nose close to something irresistible, someone would sneak up behind me and pull me away. I suspect they had all been coached! But I had a lot of fun anyway, getting rubbed and held and petted and fussed over. I was so tired I couldn't even move after they all went home.

The very next day we went for a long ride in the car, and when we got out we were up north where it smells like grapes. We went to some different places where daddy bought something in bottles, and then we had a picnic. Last of all we went to a big house all made of stone. Mommy called it a castle. It was so much fun, because there were lots of rooms and hallways to explore, and everyone there really likes furs. I had so many treats that day! And I was so tired when we got home I didn't even notice that I didn't get any dinner.

On Sunday it rained and we all stayed home and rested. I hardly opened my eyes, but when I did I could see the lights on my tree, and candles everywhere.

Tonight if it doesn't rain we're going downtown to see the store windows and the big tree in Union Square. (Don't ask, you can't even get close enough to sniff it, let alone mark it!) Then tomorrow I'm going to the Wag to play with other furs all day, and then we'll all get in the car again and ride around looking at lights in the different neighborhoods.

And the next day will be CHRISTMAS!! And I know there's a present under the tree for me from my far-away grandparents, and then we'll get in the car and go to my grandma's and I'll have to be very very good but there will probably more presents there, too. And treats!

Christmas is ABSOLUTELY my favorite holiday!!!

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