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Lots of excitement today

November 11th 2008 9:37 pm
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This morning in the middle of my nap we heard a lot of sirens outside. Of course I helped and added my own howls. Mommy and I smelled smoke and when she looked out front there was a big red truck hooked up to MY fire hydrant. Lots of humans in black hats and coats were running around. We snuck out the back door to see what was up, and there across the back lawn was smoke coming out of another townhouse! Some of the men in the black coats were up on the roof, chopping a hole in it and making lots of noise. We watched for awhile and then went back inside, but I could still smell the smoke and I let mommy know, all morning!

Later when we went for our walk we saw a lot of black smelly house stuff out on the sidewalk but I didn't bark at it. The humans who owned it seemed sad, but they said they were glad to be alive. I couldn't make them smile. They drove away. I wonder if I'll ever see them again.

I need to catch up on my sleep!




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