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Gotcha Day #9

January 2nd 2015 7:42 pm
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Woof!! Today was my Gotcha Day! It was nine years ago today that mommy and daddy brought me here to my furevfur home. I was just a baby then and don't remember, but mommy always tells me the story on this day. She says I was no bigger than a peanut, and it was raining, and we stopped on the way home to visit my new gramma.

It's been a pretty good life since then! I spend my days with mommy. We go fur a nice long walk in the middle of the day, after I get my brushing. Then when daddy comes home I give him all my attention. On weekends we often go on adventures in the car, and once or twice a year we go a long way and sleep in a new place. But we always come home again.

A couple of years ago we went on a short adventure and came home with another doggie. I'm not sure why. His name is Winkie. He's still here. His bed is comfy, and sometimes I steal his Greenie. I guess he's okay.

I want to thank all the pals who sent me gifts and greetings today! Cooper and Droopy sent me pawsome photos!

This one's from Cooper!

This one's from Droopy!

Thanks also to the Princess Divas and Prince Charmong group fur making me the Royal Member of the Day!!!

And big thanks to my pals who sent me gifts fur my page:

Peek-a-Boo & fambly fur the heart
Angel Buddy & fambly fur the heart
Charlie, Abbie & fambly fur the adopt ribbon
Sandy, Kramer & fambly fur the snowman
Tessa & Fitzcairn fur the adopt ribbon
Romeo Beau fur the heart
Tango fur the football
Angel Sunny and Zane fur the heart
Austin, Dee and Angel Doo fur the adopt ribbon
Lola and fambly fur the adopt ribbon
Freckles fur the heart
Chloe and Cinnamom fur the heart
Angel Walker and fambly fur the cupcake
Dino, Angel Buddy & fambly fur the golden bone
Marlowe fur the big hugz
Harley and Jazzi fur the sled
Bailey fur the pupcake
Whisper, Dixie and fambly fur the adopt ribbon
Flicka and Lucas fur the gold heart
Sandy, Midnight, and angels Whiskey & Rascal fur the furevfur crown
Abby fur the pawty hat
Rosco fur the snowman
Mazy fur the football
Peter Parker fur the football
My newest pal Wes fur the big ol' layer cake
And my old, old pal Lexi fur the crown!!

It's been a wonderfur day!!


Thanks, and Our Fifteen Seconds of Fame!

November 29th 2014 10:28 pm
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I hope we sent Thanksgiving greetings to everyfur who sent greetings to us. If we missed you, it isn't that we don't love you. It was a little hard. So here is one great big THANK YOU to everyfur who sent rosies, and everyfur who tried!!

Now, I wanted to share this link to the TV Spot Winkie and I filmed last August. Don't blink, it only lasts 15 seconds! It took way longer than that fur us to get it right, BOL!!!


After the Barkday...

October 25th 2014 1:30 pm
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The furry next day after my Barkday, daddy went off to work and furgot to feed us our brekkie! I couldn't find any water either. And the next thing I knew, we were in the car and on our way to the vet. Mommy and Winkie said Bye-Bye, and I was on my own. But my friend Fran was there, and she gave me lots of pets and snuggles until the dogtor came for me. Then I went to sleep.

I sort of woke up later, and pretty soon Fran gave me a little snack to test my tummy. A little after that, mommy and Winkie came and took me home again. I have stitchies in my shoulder and behind my ear, and I have other spots all ovfur where the dogtor took bumpies off. Mommy's putting medicines on me, but I have a furry itchy spot on my belly. Now she's making me wear socks! (click to see the photo). I get them off when I go outside. I'll get the stitchies out in seven more sleeps, and hopefully my belly rash will be gone by then, too.

Meanwhile, mommy has entered me it yet anofur photo contest. She'd be really happy if you would vote fur me. Click on this if you can, or copy this to your browser: ZjLWFiYjMtOWNmYjdmMDI3ZTAy0/



I'm NINE!!!!

October 22nd 2014 10:08 am
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When I woke up this morning, daddy was already waiting to tell me I'm nine years old! I'm not sure what that means, but I know what a Barkday means! Daddy and mommy sang to me, and I got some apple slices with my breakfast! Then daddy went to work, and mommy and I sat down to start our Dogster day.

OMD, I found all kinds of pressies and messages from my pals!! So the furst thing I want to do is bark a big THANK YOU to--

Dogster, fur the bones!
PDPC for making me the Royal Member of the Day (click on it!)
Flicka and my pals at PTLF fur this pawsome piccie (click on it!) and a crown on my page!
Droopy, fur this amazing piccie (click on it!)
Bailey fur the yummy pupcake!
Abby and Lucian for the golden bone!
Charlie, Abbie, Teddy, Maggie, Sam, Toto and their fambly fur the pupcake!
Sandy (Thumper), Kramer, Kisha, Molly and their fambly fur the candy corn!
Angel Buddy, Maggie, Peanut and Willow fur the Hugz!
Harley and Jazzi fur the pupcake and POTP!
Cooper fur another pawsome piccie (click on it!)
The East Coast Hershey and his fambly fur the ghostie!
Romeo Beau fur the heart!
Angel Whisper, Dixie and their fambly fur the Hugz!
Peek a Boo and fambly fur the Hugz!
Sophie Claire and Harley Davidson fur the punkin!
Tango fur the pupcake!
Rosco, Boots and Ætheling fur the punkin!
The Binkley Bunch fur my cake! They sang to me, too! BOL!!
Angel Buddy, Dino, Buddy B. and Cookie fur the golden bone!
Cinnamon and Chloe fur the pupcake!
Angel Sunny and Zane fur the pupcake!
Max, Angel Jake, Lola and Perry fur the heart!
Krickette fur the golden bone!
Mia Muah and her fambly fur the big trophy!
Demon Flash Bandit and his fambly fur the pupcake!
Milo and Maruko fur the pupcake!
Austin, Doo and Dee fur a pupcake and big Hugz!
Peter Parker fur a gold crown!
Maizy and her fambly fur a golden bone!
Freckles fur the punkin!
Pilar fur the pupcake! (That's fun to say!)
Quinn fur the candy corn! (That is, too! BOL!!)
Sarge and all the Jo's fur the Jack-o-Lantern!
Ringo and Webbie and their fambly fur a heart of gold!
Angel TJ, Sox and their fambly fur the pupcake!

I'm doing my best to send out my Thank-you notes, but it's been a busy day! When mommy took us out fur our walk, we went up to the Big Street! I know what that means, we're going to the doggie treat store!! YAY!! When we got there I got a treat almost right away, because mommy told them we were there fur my Barkday! (Winkie got one, too, just fur being there.) Then we went to the leash aisle, and mommy got me a harness. That's my Barkday gift, so she doesn't have to drag me around by my neck any more! Then she took me ovfur to the toy section and said I could pick out anything I wanted. But I'm NINE. I don't play with toys much any more. I just wanted to go back to where the treats were, BOL! So that's where we went, and I got more treats, and I walked home looking all dapper in my brand-new harness.

We hadn't been home long when someone knocked on the door, and when mommy opened it there was Winkie's foster mommy and his foster furless sister AND his foster brofur, a furry big yellow doggie named Kilo. They were really there to see Winkie, but they knew it was my Barkday. We all walked ovfur to the little doggie run, and I showed the how I could jump ovfur things and through things. Even Winkie did some stuff! When we came back home we played some and the mommies took lots of photos and Kilo chewed on lots of toys (even thought he's my age!), and then they said bye-bye. Winkie was sad, and so was his other mommy. But we'll be seeing them again.

When daddy got home we had our din-din with extra apple slices, and then my My Barkday Pie ! I love Barkdays!!


Wait... What???!

October 19th 2014 11:31 am
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I have a Barkday coming up!! That's right, three more sleeps and I will wake up nine whole years old! I know it will be a fun day, because mommy and daddy like to celebrate! I'll get extra cuddles, and a walk wherevfur I want, and yummies to eat! I'll have to let mommy take photos, but hey, you have to take the bad with the good. (See how philosophical I'm getting as I get older? BOL!!!) I think I'm even having company! Winkie's foster mom wants to come fur a visit. She says it's to see him, but it's MY Barkday!!

But wait, there's more....

The next day, the furry next day after my Barkday, I have to go to the vet. See, I have an owie on my shoulder that won't heal. Mommy and the vet have tried washings and pills and lotions and potions, and nothing has worked. Squeeze it a little, and I start to leak! So the vet thinks there's something in there, a foxtail or a thorn or something. He wants to make me sleep and then go poking around. On the day after my Barkday!!! I won't even get any breakfast!!!! I ask you, is that any way to start a new year???!

Well, at least I'll be home in time fur din-din. And I won't have to wear a cone. I hope mommy saves me a piece of Barkday cake fur an after-surgery treat!



September 15th 2014 9:36 pm
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I want to let all my pals know that you won't be seeing me or Winkie around Dogster fur the next six sleeps or so. Mommy and daddy are going to the middle of the country to visit daddy's mommy, and we can't go with them. So we'll be staying at the dog lady's house, where we stayed last year when they went to see the eagles and whales and sled doggies.

I think they have their best adventures with us, but sometimes we just have to stay behind.

Mommy isn't taking her confuser, and she won't let us take it either. So no Dogster fur us. And we're missing Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrrrrrr!!! But our pal Bailey in the PDPC group made us these pawsome pirate photos, and we just have to share them! Mine is


You'll have to visit Winkie's Diary to see his! See you in a week!


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

September 9th 2014 10:46 am
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We went on an adventure a few sleeps ago. It was an ovfurnight road trip to a place we've sniffed befure. Was it a good idea? You decide.

Furst of all, daddy wasn't feeeling too well. His nose was cloggy and hurt so much it made his teefers hurt. And daddy does the driving. But he wanted to try. So he and mommy packed up the car, and we took off furst thing in the morning. We drove fur days or hours or something, all along the edge of the world with the ocean outside mommy's window. I love that!!

The place we stopped is called Carmel. If you look up Dog Friendly towns, you find it on evfurry list. Winkie and I can go in all the shops there, and run without leashes on the beach. Most of the hotels like us, too! Lots of restaurants have patios where we can eat with our pawrents. And there is a doggy store there called Diggidy Dog that sells EVERYTHING doggy! They even keep treats in big baskets at nose-level! Oh yes, we love Carmel!

But this time, we hardly went into any shops. We went into one fur daddy as soon as we got there, then daddy just wanted to go nap in the hotel room. We stayed with him and napped, too. Mommy went off on her own with her camera. When she came back we all went out to a dinner place, but daddy got chilly and after they ate we all went straight back to our room. Then I got the pee-pees. I had to pee so bad, I went on the floor! TWICE!! I didn't have time to scritch on the door like I'm supposed to. Mommy always brings clean-up stuff, so that was okay. But after that, mommy couldn't sleep fur watching me, and she took us outside two more times. I peed and peed and peed. ::whew!::

The next morning is when we usually go to the beach. Daddy felt better, so we went. I love running off-leash in the sand!! But the beach was different this time. It was later than we usually get there, and there was water all ovfur the place. We had to walk right through it to go anywhere. Winkie loved it, he went splash-splash-splashing right across. Me, I hate getting my feets wet. Grrrrrr.

Winkie says WHEEEEEEEE!!!

Me, not so much...

Then Winkie got too full of himself and went tearing off and up a flight of stairs he found! Daddy had to go chase him and bring him back, because you know, Winkie can't hear if you call him. That was the end of off-leash fur Winkie. BOL!!

After the beach, when we got back in the car, something happened to my back! OUCH! I went YELP!!! When I got out again, I was walking a little funny, and mommy and daddy poked around to see where it hurt. It's my back. It still hurts, but not a lot. I'm walking fine, even trotting! My tail still wags. But, I want to stay in my crate, I don't want my back rubbed and I do NOT want to go up any stairs. Mommy was going to take me to the vet yesfurday, but we couldn't get in. He told her to watch me (she was already watching me) and if I'm not better by tomorrow, then we'll go.

So it was good, and it was not so good.


State of the Community

July 12th 2014 3:49 pm
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Woof, everyfur! I think it's about time I made a new diary entry! Things are still not pawfect on Dogster. In fact there was one whole day when none of us could even get here, because the evil Cookie Monster was blocking the gate! BAD Cookie Monster!!

He seems to have got enough cookies at last, and now most of us can get here again. Winkie and I can play in our groups, and see the Community Page, and send our pals rosies fur Barkdays and Diary Awards and evfurrything. Sometimes we have to use a battering ram and make several tries, but we don't give up. It's tricky to get our posts to stick. And evfurrything is moving in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n.

We've heard that nofur can add to or rearrange their photos, so we're not even trying that. Some of our pals can't see the Barkdays or Diary Central. Some can't get into their groups. Some can't send or receive pawmail. Some still can't get into Dogster at all! It all makes us furry sad.

BUT... Lori at HQ says she is going to have FURRY Good News fur all of us FURRY soon!!!! "Soon" takes longer fur hoomans, but we're still excited!! If you're reading my diary, thanks fur being part of the Few, the Proud, the Dogster Faithful!!


Ruff Week

June 20th 2014 11:01 am
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Well, it's been a ruff week on Dogster. It might be fleas, or it might be villains, or it might just be things breaking. It's hard to get into a group or forum. And if you can get there, it's hard to make your pawprint stick. If you send a Barkday gift or DDP award, it may or may not arrive. Even pawmail may not get where it's going.

That's all the bad news.

The good news is that somehow or another, if we try hard enough and dig long enough, we can still get here! We can still sniff butts and nosies, if we just keep trying. I'm hoping my pals will be able to find out that I wrote in my diary! I want you all to know that I'm still here (Winkie, too!), and I'm glad you're still here! I know things are gonna get better! I know that, because I'm a dog and I always believe in the best possible outcome! Keep those tails wagging if you have them, or butts wiggling if you don't! Thanks fur not giving up!


Bark Park, Part II

June 6th 2014 7:45 pm
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We've been going back to the new doggie run (I barked about it befure) every three or four sleeps since they opened it. We always see other doggies there, which Winkie likes a lot. He also likes that he can chase his ball from one end to the other. But what I like is that mommy takes treats when we go there! I figured out that if I jump up on this, or ovfur that, or run through the other thing, I get treats!! Tonight when we got there we met two big doggies. The yellow one with the long hair was like Winkie, just wanted to chase his ball. The other one was black and short-haired. He didn't do much at all. So I decided to show off! I jumped ovfur the bar, back and forth and back and forth! Then I went to the little mushroomy things and hopped from one to the other to the other to the other to the other! Next I ran through the tube, once in each direction, and then I jumped through the rings, the low one and the middle one! I got treats all along the way! Mommy and daddy were so proud of me, and the other doggy daddy said I was well-trained! BOL!! I've nevfur trained on that stuff! But I'll do almost anything fur a treat!

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